The skin grows thin

I got a kick out of U.S. Rep. Charles Djou’s attempt to turn Rep. Barney Frank’s tongue-in-cheek request to see his birth certificate into a fundraising opportunity.

Instead of taking it for the joke it was, Djou climbed on his high horse of self-righteous indignation and declared that Democrats are “already launching attacks” on him and asked GOP donors for $100.



Heck, I made three jokes about Djou in my last “flASHback” column; if he gets supporters to pony up $300 to soothe his booboo feelings, I want a cut.

When I noted that in a Washington speech Djou had called himself “the maker of laws,” but that he’s known better locally as the maker of A, one of his backers called me a “complete moron” and suggested I “move to San Francisco where your liberal BS will be appreciated.”

Actually, I thought Djou’s bush-league response to Frank’s friendly ribbing proved my punchline.

If he wants to play in the big leagues, he’s got to learn to stop swinging at the wild pitches.

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21 Comments on “The skin grows thin”

  1. LINDA KATO Says:

    Good morning, Dave. Thank you for continuing your blog. I will look forward to your interesting posts. Have a great week!

  2. el guapo Says:

    I wish Djou a successful stay in Washington as it is in the best interests of Hawaii. And in January I hope to welcome him back to local politics.

  3. charles Says:

    What’s pinging? You can tell how ancient my flatulence is for sure.

    As far as Djou goes, he’s not even swinging at the wild pitches, he’s swinging at pitches that aren’t even there.

    Frank was making a joke. As it is with all humor, some will think it’s funny and others won’t. For some reason,Djou’s supporters think Frank was stating the gospel truth.

    If Djou wanted to show he could roll with the punches (I know, I’m mixing metaphors), he could have responded by saying, “I’ll show Barney my birth certificate if he’ll show me his contributor list. I need the money!”

  4. Makakilo Says:

    Glad to see you continuing the blog here, Dave. A day without Dave is a day without…uh, Dave.

    If this kind of crocodile tears is what we can expect from Djou for the next 6 months, we’re in for a painful experience. Would it really hurt his ego that much to get the joke and roll with it? Good grief, man, get a backbone.

  5. Scott Goold Says:

    Aloha David ~
    Sheeshz … take time off for some surfing and relaxation (no computers) and my blog world is turned upside down. Congratulations on your move and I’ll look forward to many more stimulating conversations.


  6. Comma`aina Says:

    Worst thing Djou could have done in his first week — show his true colors and his not-quite-with-it nature. Now Capitol Hill is tipped to what we’ve known for years.

  7. WooWoo Says:


    I’m glad you’re out on your own.

    Djou is going to take every opportunity he can to ask for money, because that is what he is going to need to win again in November. There are many, many people across the nation and in Hawaii that are ardently anti-Barney Frank. Djou is just taking a stab at getting some money from them. If he gets $100 from the 3-minutes he spent (or a staffer spent) typing out the email, he is already ahead. I suspect that he will get quite a bit of money as his swipe at Rep. Frank circulates among individual GOP donors on the mainland.

    Let’s focus on Djou’s legislative actions, not his fundraising rhetoric. As promised, he voted against don’t ask don’t tell and co-sponsored a balanced budget amendment.

    On don’t ask don’t tell, he was one of only 6 republicans that voted for repeal. There goes the “controlled by the national party” meme.

    Also, his committee assignments show the respect he is getting on the Hill. Budget and Armed Services are big time committees. The GOP leadership clearly has more respect for Djou than the Democratic leadership has for Mazie.

  8. Jim Loomis Says:

    Excellent move! You will continue to be prominent among my “Favorites”.

  9. zzzzzing Says:

    Good to see you out & about on your own here, Dave.

    I hope some of Djou’s supporters let him know that it was a joke… egads.

  10. Keahi Pelayo Says:

    Djou thin skinned? My goodness Barney (not the purple one), always dishes but doesn’t seem to be able to take it.
    PS-Congrats on the new site.

  11. Dave Reardon Says:

    Maybe Chuck should’ve responded with a jab about paying for sex. Just a joke, of course.

  12. Seawalker Says:

    Congratulations, Mr. Shapiro!

    Come on, cut the man some slack. You remember your first day on the job, trying to make a good first impression and to score as much points as possible.

    Djou is in his honeymoon phase. Emotions are entwined with logic. Sometimes. Let him talk through his a$$. Just makes it necessary for him to work harder for the people of Hawaii.

    Just shows that his Punahou swagger is sometimes missing. Or on the streets of Kalihi, the buggah lolo.

  13. Maxcat Says:

    Very happy to know where you will be Dave. Think this is a good idea.

  14. shaftalley Says:

    wow,dave!a great move and a smooth if only our gov’t. can do things as efficiently.the best to you!

  15. cloudia Says:


    Heartened that the”new” paper’s poo-bahs are smart enough to hang on to you, and pleased you are “blogging free.”
    I need your insight AND da laughs!

  16. jayz43 Says:

    Okay, Charles Djou messed up, but as they say in Hawaii, “Just small kine”.

    I voted for Charles and I will again in November. Having said that, I find him brash & naive at times, but a quick study. His ill-advised comment, “the election’s pretty much over” cost him some winning percentage points but he’ll learn from that. After reading that article, it brought back memories of, “No, Danny, no!” You would have to be an old-time Redskins/Cowboys fan to understand the analogy.

    In the long run, I sincerely believe he will be an asset to Hawaii because his heart is in the right place. We shall see.

  17. charles Says:

    It’s not so much Djou’s heart. Anyone who runs for office and willing to subject themselves to public scrutiny has heart.

    It’s Djou’s head that’s in the right place.

    The far right.

  18. David Shapiro Says:

    jayz43, what side of the Cowboys/Redskins divide were you on? I was working in DC back then and remember watching Danny White’s bonehead play in a co-worker’s basement.

  19. jayz43 Says:

    I lived in Reston from 1979 to 1995. I was ALWAYS a Redskins fan. I remember that game because the Redskins never won a game in Dallas stadium while I was in Virginia, up until that game. I believe that was the year they won the Super Bowl against Miami. They won 3 championships while I was there, with 3 different quarterbacks, Theisman, Rypien & Williams.

    Washington lives and dies with their team. I wish Colt could have worked out better there. Who knows, maybe he still can. I miss that haole boy, he could sure play.

  20. David Shapiro Says:

    Jayz43, I was next door to you in Herndon when that game was played.

  21. jayz43 Says:

    I liked Herndon, golfed there a lot, Redskin park was there, too. It’s such a beautiful area. Half hour’s drive & you’re in the blue ridge mountains. Beautiful. I LOVED going to a little Crab House right outside of Vienna and grinding on jumbo blue crabs. I believe they had the BEST of every ethnic restaurant I can think of in No. Va.

    In Falls Church next to Joe Theismann’s restaurant was the BEST dim sum restaurant I ever ate at. A lot of good memories, and I’m thinking of, “You’re NEXT, on Sports Call”, ha, ha. I believe that was the best sports talk show, too.

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