More Mufi in the woodshed

I don’t know how many read all the way through yesterday’s comments about Mayor Mufi Hannemann’s performance at the state Democratic Convention, but there was one near the end from Laraine Yasui, co-chair of the convention planning committee, that’s worth a look.

Yasui basically confirms party chairman Dante Carpenter’s assertions about the behavior of the mayor and his gubernatorial campaign (see “Democratic chief takes Mufi to the woodshed”) and offers further details.

It’s extraordinary for party leaders to become incensed enough to publicly criticize so prominent a member. Following is the gist of her comment, which she also sent in an e-mail circulating among Democrats:

I know that no one from the party headquarters gave Dante’s letter to David. Also, I can vouch for the fact that Mufi’s campaign appeared to sabotage the convention events during the entire planning period. In addition to everything listed by Dante in his letter to Mufi, we lost thousands of dollars guaranteed to the hotel for food and beverage when Mufi offered delegates a free Friday reception and a free Saturday luncheon (we always have a Friday reception and a Saturday luncheon, which delegates pay for) causing our normal numbers of 400-500 for each event to drop to 200. I do not understand why he had to plan his reception on Friday night at the same time as committee meetings, when he could have done his party on Saturday night along with all other candidates, who hosted parties in their hotel suites. On Friday night, not only was Mufi’s party at the same time as the committee meetings, but right next to the meeting rooms, causing noise problems for the meetings with the loud music.

On Saturday, both Gubernatorial candidates were given 5 minutes to speak, and Neil spoke for 6 minutes and Mufi spoke for 12 minutes, ignoring Dante’s 3 warnings to stop. (The newspaper reported that Neal spoke for 10 minutes and Mufi spoke for 20 minutes, which was not correct.) 3 of Mufi’s campaign leaders specifically told me that we should suspend our business just so Mufi could speak at 3 pm. But the written agreement with Party Headquarters was that he could speak only after convention business was over, which was not finished at 3 pm.

I’m not active in any political party and wouldn’t try to pass myself off as the Emily Post of party etiquette, but the allegations against the Hannemann campaign would appear to be fairly serious breaches of good manners in any social setting.

It’s like a rich uncle showing up to your backyard family reunion and taking half the relatives you’d hoped would contribute to the potluck off to Ruth’s Chris.

If somebody from the Hannemann campaign would like to weigh in on this, with a name attached so I can verify it’s from from the campaign, I’ll see that it gets prominent display.

Note: With all the differing accounts of who spoke for how long, I sucked it up and reviewed the two speeches myself from the videos at and concluded that Democrats really have cheap watches. My count of the speech lengths from first word to last:

Hannemann: 17 minutes, 30 seconds

Abercrombie: 11 minutes, 10 seconds

The disparaged newspaper estimate wasn’t that far off. Carpenter wasn’t in the picture on these videos and I can’t speak to whether he signaled either candidate.

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36 Comments on “More Mufi in the woodshed”

  1. Bongo Says:

    Yasui confirms only that she is willing to make stuff up. I videotaped the event and Neil spoke for 11 minutes and 13 seconds, not 6 as stated by Yasui. Also, the video shows that Carpenter made 0 attempts to stop Hannemann’s speech not 3 as stated by Yasui. This is total rubbish as is Carpenter’s original Abercrombie propaganda letter.

    Dave, you are getting ridiculous. Why not just sign on with Abercrombie and work for Neenz….they’ll give you a blog.

  2. David Shapiro Says:

    See addendum above on my count of the speech lengths.

  3. hipoli Says:

    Im going to agree with Bongo of Mufi, Inc. on this one. I joked about ticking off one of the sweetest women I know, but come on, is she in Neil’s camp? And are you, Dave? I took Ian to task on his blog & same question applies to you, especially now since this is your very own blog. You sure do seem like youre picking on Mufi, Dave. I ask: Are you?

  4. Keith Rollman Says:

    Hello Dave,

    I’m a volunteer with the Hannemann campaign and was also a delegate to the Deomcratic State Convention. From the precinct meetings through to the state convention, the party has been dominated by Abercrombie supporters, including Dante. They have done everything possible to keep Hannemann supporters from being credentialed. After the precinct meeting where I was elected as a delegate, my name disappeared from the file and I was replaced with an Abercrombie supporter who was not even in the Islands that day! It took a real battle to get them to be fair. Dante and others contantly thwarted Hannemann’s attempt to schedule events and or speaking opportunities. The “leaked” letter from Carpenter, and now, the one from Ms Yasui are nothing more than extensitions of the same process. And, that is one of comandeering the party for the exclusive use of the Abercrombie campaign.

    There was even talk of attempting to “endorse” Neil at the convention, even though it is supposed to be a neutal stage for all candidates.

    There is little tollerance for any “Democrat” not willing to tow the liberal mantra of the Neil Abercrombie zealots who have taken over the party. What used to be the “big tent” is now a rather ingrown clique with some very radical views. I don’t think they represent the more patriotic AJA Democrats I know, the typical union workers or a majority of the more moderate and independent individuals who still consider themselves Democrats. To quote an old adage…we didn’t leave the party, the party left us.

    I think this years Democratic prmary will be a test of whether Hawaii’s citizens are willing to reclaim the Party and return it to representing our true values as a community.

    I thought about resigning by card in disgust, but I decided to stay and fight.



  5. charles Says:

    Oh, my. Will Rogers comes to mind:

    I don’t belong to any organized political party. I’m a Democrat.

  6. jason Says:

    this is my first time posting, so go easy on me. just a couple of quick questions that i hope people can answer without getting personal.

    #1 – i remember seeing in either one of mufis speeches or ads he claims that his executive experience, and his ability to collaborate with people was one of his qualifications to become governor…doesnt seem like he was able to collaborate with members of his own party…

    #2 – if mufi and his people have such a problem with the party, how is he going to act if he is elected and becomes the titular head of it…

    #3 – some of the pro-mufi people here said the delegates were “stacked” in abercrombies favor. since everyone knew mufi was running for over a year (as noted by his website and fundraisers raising millions of dollars, why didnt they go out and participate in the precint and district caucuses to elect thier delegates to the convention? it sounds like they were just out-organized byt the abercrombie people and were trying to play catch-up

    #4 – why is it that only mufi had these problems at the convention? sen. inouye, sen. akaka, rep. hirono, ed case, sen. hanabusa, the two other guys running for congress (cant remember their names) abercrombie, and miles shiratori all seemed to play by the rules. is everyone against mufi? or is he just used to playing by his own rules?

    #5 – everyone is nitpicking about the time. can we agree that both candidates went over their alloted time? although the fact remains that mufi did speak for over 6 minutes more than abercrombie did.

    if yasui and dante made a mistake in their time keeping – lets call them out on it, but dont deflect and discount what the underlying point was…that mufi spoke for more than his alloted time and much longer than abercrombie did.

    can bongo or anyone else point to anything except the slow timekeeping (which was equally inaccurate to both abercrombie and mufi) as a reason to dismiss all of the other things that happened?

    i was a delegate to the convention and was stuck outside the hall while a “divided house” vote was taking place. to protect the intergrity of the vote, delegates were not allowed to enter or exit the hall until the vote was manually counted. outside i witnessed mufi and his entourage literally try to force themselves past the sgt. at arms to gain entry into the hall. im surprised no one has brought up this episode, or if just no one who has been posting witnessed this.

  7. jason Says:

    oops – forgot one more point. where was sen inouye in all of this. do you really think he would have allowed abercrombie to hijack the party as some people have alluded to? lets give our senior senator a little more credit than that! if he thought something was really awry, he would have stepped in…

  8. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    Keith: What else can I do to get you to resign from the Democratic Party. I am sick and tired of so-called Democrats like you who would be in the Republican Party were you living in Utah or Texas.

    Again, I am not supporting anyone for governor and I certainly am not in Neil’s camp because I still haven’t forgiven him for walking out on 20 years worth of seniority in Congress.

    However, I am a political progressive and proud to be a REAL Democrat. If Neil falls into that category, it’s fine with me.

    REAL Democrats are pro-choice, pro-labor, and pro- public education, public transportation, and public participation in the political process.

    If you think that Mufi Hannemann has the crtical moral and ethical values to be governor of Hawai`i, then the only thing I can hope for is that you are in an itsy-bitsy, teensy-weensy polka dot minority.

    I remember watching you at the Sustainability 2050 Task Force meetings. From my perspective, you didn’t contribute anything to the group’s final product. Assuming that you were there at the behest of your boss, then it’s pretty clear that you were doing as you were told. Nada de nuttin’

    Mahalo, David, for continuing this discussion.

  9. David Shapiro Says:

    Aw, c’mon hipoli. Not you too with the “why is everybody always picking on me.” Dont make me find that old Coasters song on YouTube again.

  10. hipoli Says:

    You are! Youre picking on Mufi! And thats fine – but at least say it. Or else, I know there stuff you could be pointing out about Neil’s less than perfect campaign record so far. Wheres that?

  11. Mahina Says:

    There are two sides to the story, but Mufi didn’t act like he was trying to get fair treatment, but expected special treatment.

    It was beyond disruptive to have his party during committee meetings and invite us to leave our resolutions to attend. It showed that he thought the whole convention was a showcase for himself, not a time to do our work together of clarifying the objectives and values of the party.

    I’ve never seen Mufi at an Oahu county meeting, but Neil has spoken many times, when he was running and when he was not. He participates.

    It’s called respect, and it’s called community. The lack is really hard to ignore, and that’s why so little aloha among Democrats for Mufi, and so much for Neil.

  12. Lari Yasui Says:

    Okay, I admit that my time estimates on the speeches were incorrect and that the newspaper was more correct than I was. And as for the convention planning committee, we have supporters of different candidates, but our main concern is planning a successful convention that won’t go in the red. We try very hard to be fair to all candidates. The only thing at convention that Hanneman participated in was an exhibit in the foyer. His campaign selected the best location for his campaign display, because it was on a first-come-first-serve basis. We offered suites to all candidates for their Saturday hospitality parties, but Hanneman’s campaign did not request any suite. Both Abercrombie and Hanneman agreed to host the 2 breakfasts, but Hanneman later decided not to host, so we had to look for another sponsor and Senator Inouye hosted the second breakfast. We were asked by both campaigns to reserve meeting rooms, but only Abercrombie paid for theirs. Hanneman’s committee never confirmed, so we had to release the room after holding on to it for them. David, thank you so much for your fairness and your honest opinions.

  13. Bongo Says:

    Hipoli found a funny one. Neil gets nailed for a campaign spending report violation before his charges against Hannemann bear any fruit. How embarrassing. But, the best part is he says he’s keeping the $3,500 he raised at his event. The event was a six thousand dollar per person fundraiser! That’s even more embarrassing. I guess those defense contractors don’t have much use for him anymore.

  14. Bongo Says:

    I enjoyed Capitol -ist/WassupDoc snarking treatment of Rollman. Welcome to the good old, all inclusive REAL Democrat Party…now get out!

    Where’s our civility cop Dave to ward off the nasty anonymous bad-mouthers beating up on people who use their own name when we need him?

  15. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    David is my neighbor – and not only knows my real name and has my phone number, but he can also come & get (to) me if needed.

    Furthermore, all of the progressive regulars who post here know who I am. As for the Republicans and the PsuedoDems, I won’t give my real name to anyone with whom I’d not leave alone in the same room with either my purse or my 11-year-old grandson.

    That was my grandfather’s test of whom to trust in the political arena more than 40 years ago. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  16. jayz43 Says:

    As an AJA and retired union worker, I concur with Keith Rollman’s hopes for a leader “representing our true values as a community”.

    But I and many in our community have issues with Hannemann’s bullying behavior and lack of contrition for mistakes, which certainly does NOT represent the AJA community or Hawaii’s local values or the community at large. And the staff he has surrounded himself with tends to emulate this same obnoxious behavior.

    Mufi Hannemann stated, “At the end of the day, it’s who can effectively manage & implement, & that’s where I think I’m a quantum leap ahead of Neil & Duke.”

    But Hannemann’s history tells us otherwise: Honolulu’s massive sewage spill was the worst in our nation’s history, along with the $1 billion EPA fine. Our third-world pot-holed roads are STILL an embarrassment & the homeless problem Mufi allowed to fester for over 5 years is now a homeless EPIDEMIC today.

    And what of Mufi’s Rail? He used lies, deceptions & secrecy to “spin” an illusion that all-is-well with rail, but through Sean Hao’s “due diligence”, which prompted Brennon Morioka’s revelations, we discovered all is NOT well with rail.

    Hannemann’s mismanagement of this rail project, with over A HALF BILLION DOLLARS in cost over-runs, is a testament to his INABILITY to “effectively manage & implement”.

    Simply put, Mufi Hannemann lacks integrity and represents everything that is WRONG in Hawaii politics today.

  17. Lari Yasui Says:

    @Jason: this is also my first time participating in Volcanic Ash blog… you pose some very thoughtful questions/observations. Yes,our Sgt at Arms, a small Japanese guy, had to hold both his arms up to stop Mufi from entering the convention hall during the vote lockdown. Mufi and his people assumed that he could speak at 3 pm (when they demanded that he speak), without any consideration for the program agenda.

  18. Bongo Says:

    Mufi was told to speak at 3:00 by the convention organizers, but they decided to hold long dragged out votes on grammatical changes to various plank wording instead, nothing substantive. It was just one more insult intended to “send a message.”

    A bus load of Abercrombie supporters were allowed on the floor prior to Neil’s speech without credentials and paraded around chanting something incoherent for several minutes. They did leave before his speech but shouldn’t have been allowed past the sign that said “delegates only.” More selective gatekeeping.

    I have it all on video.

  19. Bongo Says:

    I’d like to take issue with Jayz43’s specific hits on Hannemann:

    1. The sewer spill in Waikiki was indeed bad, but it was the result of years of neglected infrastructure repair, not a new Mayor less than six months into his first city budget. Hannemann had two choice after the break, let it flow into the Ala Wai, or plug it up, let it flow through the Hotel lobbies and streets and Waikiki and THEN into the Ala Wai. Which would you have chosen? He then dedicated more CIP money to fixing the sewer infrastructure than any previous mayor.

    2. There is no $1billion dollar EPA fine.

    3. Again, there are potholes on the freeway and most other state maintained roadways. Make sure you are blaming Hannemann for the right potholes, or better yet call the Pothole Hotline and report them so they get fixed.

    4. Homelessness is a community problem not an exclusive city problem. The state is primarily responsible for social services and many of the homeless are “clients” of their welfare, mental health or justice systems.

    You may have your reasons for disliking Hannemann, but your current list is not going to convince anyone else to join you.

  20. Bongo Says:

    5. Since construction hasn’t started on the rail transit system yet, there can’t be any overruns.

  21. masaru shirai Says:

    I just one ‘poor’ worker on the neighbor island and it feels like Mufi is a Democratic ‘Lingle”! A bit ‘head-strong’/bullying at times; for the good of the people… on O’ahu. Get unions’ support from their leadership on O’ahu( what about the neighbor island workers?); both candidates with short-term goals but nothing said about way into the future. I’m hoping that the next Governor will plan for alternative modes of travel like supporting the establishment of electrical recharging sites to promote electric cars/trucks using power produced by alternate energy plants(wind/solar/biofuel). Electric vehicles are cleaner; don’t go as fast so less fatal accidents(maybe). I digress I think so aloha now.

  22. ccpp Says:

    from Bongo:
    “1. The sewer spill in Waikiki was indeed bad, but it was the result of years of neglected infrastructure repair, not a new Mayor less than six months into his first city budget. Hannemann had two choice after the break, let it flow into the Ala Wai, or plug it up, let it flow through the Hotel lobbies and streets and Waikiki and THEN into the Ala Wai. Which would you have chosen? He then dedicated more CIP money to fixing the sewer infrastructure than any previous mayor.”

    It was Mufi’s fault.
    Lets review the FACTS:
    – One year PRIOR to the 48 MILLION gallon Ala Wai raw sewage spill Mufi was summoned to the EPA office in San Diego to address the ticking time bomb of Oahu’s force mains that Mufi was clearly made aware of when he became mayor. In his action plan that he presented to the EPA and previously published on the City website, he specifically talked about how he was going to have the City address “spill mitigation”.

    – One year later when the Ala Wai force main broke it was clear Mufi and his wastewater department DID NOT prepare for spill mitigation and as a result were completely caught “flat footed” since at the time the Ala Wai force main broke, they lacked the necessary equipment, specialized fittings and expertise to repair the break in a TIMELY manner. Mufi is NOT to be blamed for the Ala Wai force main break, HOWEVER he did NOT address working on spill mitigation according to his EPA action plan, which he said he would, which resulted in a completely unacceptable spill response time that would have made the difference from an acceptable thousand gallon spill to a 48 MILLION gallon spill disaster since it took Mufi and his team days and days to eventually repair the break.

    Guarantee this will come in a gubernatorial debate and it would be well worth Aiona & Abercrombie camps to research what I presented and be able to respond to Mufi when he uses Bongo’s talking point that it was all Harris’ fault for the poor condition of Oahu’s sewer force mains and that Mufi had ONLY two options to either let the sewage flow into the Ala Wai or let the sewage backup into people’s homes.

    Going beyond the facts I presented, my opinion is that Mufi’s ONLY concern is his rail project and EVERYTHING else in City gov’t was irrelevant to him. Lets get back to some FACTS:

    1) While Mufi was mayor, under his own nose his former police chief ran an entire police dept from the bed of his home.

    2) While Mufi was mayor, one his depts dumped illegal construction waste in an Ewa stream and only because of whistleblower did this become know to the public.

    3) While Mufi was mayor, simple projects like a North Short Skateboard park and an indoor police firing range went WAY OVER budget and seriously delayed.

    4) While Mufi was mayor and under City transportation director Yoshioka, a low level City transportation parking manager bilked Oahu residents close to 1/4 of a million dollars. Only because of a whistleblower (ie the new incoming parking manager) was this scam made know to the public.

    4) list goes on..
    Like the tip of the iceberg what are the stuff going on in City gov’t that the public does not know of?


    Mufi’s record as Mayor of Honolulu is far from stellar. Last point for this message. Someone mentioned a “true” Hawaii Democrat is for public transportation, strong unions, etc. Well it is clear, assuming people are not in complete denial or stand to benefit from the rail project, that Mufi’s $10 BILLION rail (with the delays, problems, change orders, etc it will be at least this amount) that given finite resources, Mufi’s rail WILL divert money away from other gov’t departments/services which will equate to continued/increased furloughs, more job cuts in other NON-rail related gov’t union jobs. Therefore Mufi’s rail project will NEGATIVELY impact most HGEA, UHPA, UPW, HSTA unions. I am sure Mufi will promise Union leaders that he will work on raising the GET 1% but given the $1.5 billion expected from the Feds is NOT assured (ie Obama has to have a 2nd term and both sides of Congress remain Democrat); that Parsons has greatly underestimated the REAL cost of Oahu’s rail, the REAL financial picture is that there will not be enough money to maintain the cost of current gov’t employees (both City & State) at current levels. To verify, search online for the 4 mile Las Vegas monorail that is bankrupt to the tune of 1/2 to 1 BILLION dollars. The LV monorail is a Parsons/Bombardier project that like LV is similary ill-conceived for the City of Honolulu (ie does not address the Oahu school commuting crowd, etc). This is the exact same team that will be building the Honolulu rail project. Like LV, Parsons gave rosey projections of how the LV monorail would be financially self-sufficient and completely ‘affordable’ just like predicted for Oahu’s elevated train.

  23. ccpp Says:

    The EPA office is in San Francisco not San Diego. The link to what Hannamen presented to the EPA officials in March 2005, is the following:

    The sewage spill occurred in late May 2006.

    The time difference between when Mufi submitted his sewage action plan to the EPA and when the spill occured is ONE YEAR. I re-read Bongo’s statement and he/she cleverly uses the time span of “less than six months into his first city budget”. True if you go by fiscal year Mufi was less than 6 months into his first budget. HOWEVER he became mayor over 1 yr prior to the spill and a full 1 yr passed by when he was summoned to the EPA office in San Francisco.

    from Bongo
    “5. Since construction hasn’t started on the rail transit system yet, there can’t be any overruns.”

    This is a completely false statement. Because of the error of the airport station and the need to relocate the station and track away from the vertical runway exclusion zone, this cost taxpayers an additional $65 (about) million. Therefore rail construction has not started yet a cost overrun of $65 million for the rail project has already occurred. That was an idiot mistake and does not even take into account the change order/cost overruns due to hidden problems for the in-town section of the train where there will be Iwi, having to contend with poorly laid out/mapped underground sewage, water, gas infrastructure; soil problems, etc.

  24. ccpp Says:


    Ala Wai force main break occurred in the last week of March 2006 not April 2006

  25. hipoli Says:

    There sure is a lot of Mufi-trashin’ going on.

    Still, it must suck for Neil that even though his crew is obviously doing its best to trash the hell out of Mufi, people STILL arent liking Neil better.

  26. Shaloha Says:

    Although it makes me feel soiled I have to agree with Capitol -ist/WassupDoc: I was not aware there were moderate Democrats in Hawaii.

    Also, of course you are a Dave’s friend and a neighbor; all of the participants in this forum are Democrats. Dave purged all Moderate Democrats, Independents, Conservatives and Republicans from his blog a long time ago.

    I stayed on just to annoy everyone and to provide a note of cognitive dissonance.

    Mufi or Neil? Let me see. Neil has not one iota of executive experience unless you call a violent takeover of UH “an experience”.

    Mufi, on the other hand, can sing, baby!

    Neil is the only Congressman to support Hezbollah.

    Mufi attended Israeli birthday celebration.

    By the way, I flew with Neil in the first class from the Big Island the other week – it was an insult to any working man to have someone who has not worked a day in his life luxuriating with the hoi poloi.

    I think the disagreements within the Democrat party shall be resolved with real guns. Another espresso, anyone…

  27. ccpp Says:

    from hipoli:
    “There sure is a lot of Mufi-trashin’ going on.”

    Speaking only for myself, the only reason I wrote what I did is to correct half-truths and outright lies others have posted regarding Mufi’s history as Mayor of Honolulu. This has nothing to do with attacking Mufi personally rather his performance as City Mayor of Honolulu and it “ain’t” nothing to be proud of. Actually I don’t think Abercrombie or Aiona are that much better than Mufi to be our next Governor. The governors race, in my opinion has become choice for the lesser of all evils. I would bet that Parson’s and other rail special interests have or will cover ALL bases and provide serious campaign funding to not only Mufi, Caldwell, Apo, Dela Cruz, etc. but also to Abercrombie, Aiona and everyone else w/ some mild name recognition running for office EXCEPT Panos. Even then I bet they would throw a thou’ or two to Panos’ campaign, just for the heck of it. Why not given they are receiving so much of taxpayer monies related to the rail project, they can afford to support all candidates, so no matter who is elected, they are all covered.

    Personally I am already disappointed in Aiona and his campaign staff. He could have delineated himself from both Mufi and Neil by speaking out against rail as it stands under Mufi’s direction. Instead from what I read he is wishy washy with rail as Case was with tax increases (ie “mixed nuanced view of (blah) taxes). Aiona could have sided with Panos and created a solid front of clearly being against Mufi’s rail project, NOT because they are anti-jobs or anti-union, rather the project as it stands is ill-suited in addressing Oahu’s traffic problems AND will bankrupt the State of Hawaii. With such a platform, when Mufi or Neil attack Aiona or Panos as being anti-union, they can say they are actually looking out for the people of Hawaii, including all NON-rail gov’t employee unions who will be hurt by the massive cost and debt the rail will entail to the State of Hawaii. They can always cite “the Man” Inouye” comment that a one billion dollar upgrade of Oahu’s sewer system will bankrupt the State of Hawaii

    It is not too late.
    Aiona, Panos and both their election team need to get together and figure out how to combine forces and bring the growing pool of disenchanted Hawaii voters who are against the Aloha train to nowhere onto their side. This includes Outer island Demos & Repubs, most non-rail related private businesses and all non-rail gov’t union workers who will be hurt by the rail. They don’t even have to agree with each other. Aiona can be anti-abortion, anti-civil union while Panos can be pro-choice, pro civil union. Kind of like two independent stock car racers who unexpectedly join forces and work together as a team to utilize “drafting” aerodynamic principles to catch up or move away from the rest of the stock car racers.

  28. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:


    Is this true?

    Dave purged all Moderate Democrats, Independents, Conservatives and Republicans from his blog a long time ago.

    If so, how did you do it? I’d like to pass the information along to other blog hosts who are having trouble keeping outsiders from taking over their blogs.

    Perhaps you might want to set up a business helping blog hosts around the world get rid of the pests.

  29. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    Sorry for the double David in my post – I don’t know where the second one came from.

  30. zzzzzing Says:

    @dave’s neighbor – no one’s taking over Dave’s blog that i can see, (even though scott gould should get his own blog, i swear), and it’s funny that you should call anyone who doesn’t agree with “you” -and perhaps that isn’t on the same ‘team’ – a pest. gosh what a boring blog this would be if we all agreed & just posted “attaboys” like some of the blogs i’ve seen. o & not everyone on here is a democrat, much less a moderate one. I’m a social conservative & vote accordingly – regardless of the party.

  31. ourrainbeaux Says:

    Let’s look at a few things here and get real. Both Dante and Lari claim both candidates were given 5 mins to speak, Neil spoke for 6 and Mufi spoke for 12 and ignored Dante’s 3 warnings. NO regard for the truth here, just a weak attempt to make Mufi look bad. When were Dante’s 3 warnings? At the 6, 8 and ten minute marks? Was Neil warned for what was actually using more than twice the given time. Of course not, because Dante is in his corner. Dante and the party tried hard to make everything difficult for the Hannemann camp at the convention. I happen to know about events that led up to and included the convention. Dante failed to provide within the required 72 hours a list of convention delegates to the convention, despite repeated requests. When there was a delegate shortage as late as the month of the convention, Dante sent an email to district chairs providing instructions on how to creatively select more delegates. I myself attended such a meeting, and it was so pro-Neil and disorganized it was a complete joke. The Party wanted Mufi to speak at 11:00 am. In fact, even the day before, members of the media believed that was his slotted time. The Party had been informed that Mufi would be on Maui at that hour. Debi Hartman told the Hannemann camp that Dante would send an email confirming the 3 o’clock time. That email has yet to arrive, as has the Dante letter that Dave claims Dante wrote. In fact, it wasn’t until Thursday of convention week that Hartman acquiesced and agreed to allow Hannemann to speak at 3, though members of the media were never provided that info, the hope among Dante and company that they would “miss” Mufi’s address and only be there for the set in stone 1:00 pm Abercrombie time. The Friday night event was moved by the Mufi people in a compromise that supposedly had the agreement of the Party. The start time was moved from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm Dante did not complain that night, the next day or any other time. Only now can we see that Mufi was set up by the party so that this letter, most of it untrue and exaggerated, could detract further from his campaign. Shame on the Party, not on Mufi..

  32. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:


    I take it that you don’t recognize sarcasm in my post to David.

    At least one of the benefits of being a “social conservative” is that you will never have to be in the actual physical company of people like me except on formal occasions such as testifying in a public hearing. I cannot imagine developing any kind of personal or business relationship with people whose values, morals, and ethical standards are profoundly different from mine.

    And why would I want to do so? It’s not that we sit around agreeing with each other. Yes, most progressives have the same goals, but we have many different pathways to reaching them. That’s what makes it fun to be with them.

  33. Bongo Says:

    Dear CCPP,

    The constant corrections you make to your own comments tends to show that you don’t know what your talking about. You may not know, for instance, that the city goes through a mandated budgeting and procurement process. The Mayor proposes a budget (2 mos.), the City Council approves it (2 mos.), DDC designs the project 6-12 mos.), drafts an RFP (3 mos.), review bids, awards the contract and then hunkers down for what could be a 6-month challenge process. Then the construction starts (which could take a year).

    In spite of this reality, you want us to believe Hannemann is somehow negligent on the Waikiki sewer break because he didn’t do all the above, including completion of the construction in SIX MONTHS!

    And you have the nerve to say YOU are correcting half-truths and lies! When you arrive in Hell may it be run by the combination of Aiona and Prevedouros that you propose.

  34. ccpp Says:

    I least I admit my mistakes. Instead of talking about IRRELEVANT issues of budgeting and approval talk about the timeline and sequence of events that I laid out. Over one year prior to the Ala Force main break, Mufi was REQUIRED by the EPA address the seriously degraded force main issue and he said he would address to the EPA and the people of Hawaii. You don’t seem very knowledgeable regarding addressing spill mitigation since that has NOTHING to do with hiring a contracter, reviewing bids, etc. What it entailed was getting the current wastewater staff, having all of the force main maps that identify pipe diameter, layout, etc and figuring out “if one of the force main ruptured, what equipment, tools, specialized fitting will we need? In the discussion that would have realized that each force main on Oahu are of differing diameters and material alone would have required specialized adapters to reroute a section around the break until it could be repaired. Equipment & materials such as this should be covered under the normal maintenance budget. Are you saying the current wastewater staff are so ignorant and helpless that they have to hire external contractors to figure this out? I know for a fact the force mains around Oahu are of differing diameter and without the proper fittings would pose a problem enacting a timely repair just by reading a article by the former Advertiser a few years ago. Did you not read the same article?

    Actually having Aiona and Prevedouros as Gov and Mayor respectively is probably a whole lot better than Mufi and Caldwell as Gov and Mayor. Why? At least Aiona and Prev are not so ‘bought’ by special interest and don’t have overinflated egos that require them to irresponsibly spend taxpayer monies on ill-conceived and inappropriate projects that are not based on what is best for the people of Hawaii, rather dictated by special interest groups intent on gouging large sumes of money from taxpaying citizens. Right now we need non-flashy and BORING ‘Harry Kim types’ to do cross the ‘t’s and dot the ‘i’s in maintaining our gov’t by keeping gov’t size in check and reducing the budget by eliminating gov’t waste, graft & corruption. Your boss’s Aloha train to nowhere is the EPITOME of gov’t waste and spending at taxpayer’s expense.

  35. Michael Says:

    hanneman brings his woes upon himself. hanneman is very Educated, since Graduating from Harvard. His downfall is he will trip on his ego.

    A democrat won’t win this year. Seems that Governors though few are mostly republicans and the rest of legislature are democrats. Majority is democrats but the true power lies in one person or two that are republicans. Then again I have always said I would vote for the best person who is capable. Not by party. If not one qualifies, then my vote is blank.

    United States has become the Divided States. Pending on party that will oppose the other even if one party comes up with a solid plan to benefit the people. It is not about parties but for the people.

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