The Hannemann campaign answers

I encouraged the Hannemann campaign to address issues arising from the state Democratic convention and wanted to direct attention to a detailed comment on the previous post, “More Mufi in the woodshed,” from Keith Rollman.

Rollman, a senior city IT advisor, Hannemann campaign volunteer and Democratic convention delegate, argues that the convention was stacked from the start by supporters of Hannemann’s major Democratic rival for governor, Neil Abercrombie. Part of his comment:

There is little tollerance for any “Democrat” not willing to tow the liberal mantra of the Neil Abercrombie zealots who have taken over the party. What used to be the “big tent” is now a rather ingrown clique with some very radical views. I don’t think they represent the more patriotic AJA Democrats I know, the typical union workers or a majority of the more moderate and independent individuals who still consider themselves Democrats. To quote an old adage…we didn’t leave the party, the party left us.

You can read Rollman’s entire comment and enter your own at the above link. I’m closing this post to comments to keep all responses on the matter together over there.

Feel free to debate the substance vigorously, but please avoid personal insults. I’d like everybody who posts here to be treated with personal courtesy, and feel especially strongly about it for those who put their real names behind their comments.

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