It’s my birthday and I’ll politic if I want to

We’ve had dueling gubernatorial birthday bashes this week with Neil Abercrombie celebrating his 72nd with supporters at the Bishop Museum last night and James “Duke” Aiona marking his 55th tonight at Sam Choy’s Breakfast, Lunch and Crab.

I haven’t heard what Mufi Hannemann plans when he turns 56 on July 16, but I wouldn’t put it past the mayor to surreptitiously troll for votes at both of his opponents’ events, as in 2004 when he showed up for both the Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney rallies to hit up Democrats and Republicans alike for support.

Call me old and grouchy, but I get uneasy about the self-glorification of one’s arrival on this Earth as if you’re George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr. or the Son of God.

But it’s a time-honored political tradition pioneered locally by the late Mayor Frank F. Fasi, who actually did put himself in the class of some of those icons. Fasi held his first gatherings at the old Hilton Dome for the then-astronomical ticket price of $100.

I don’t know how to end this except in song with the ultimate political birthday tribute — and to wish a good one to Neil, Duke, Mufi all. May they live long and not prosper too much at our expense.

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  1. Michael Says:

    hanneman may have on his birthday a look a like Marilyn Monroe pop out his cake.
    At least the air will be fresher at a cost.

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