Mufi’s Rock ‘n Rollman

Keith Rollman has been a shadowy figure in local politics for much of the last 25 years, a behind-the-scenes operator whose job is to draw attention to his candidate, not himself.

He worked mostly for Republican candidates before hooking up with Mufi Hannemann’s mayoral campaign in 2004, and when he’s surfaced publicly in the political arena, it’s usually been to be accused of negative campaigning.

His flair for the negative has now made Rollman a highly visible issue in the increasingly bitter governor’s race between Hannemann and Neil Abercrombie after the Hannemann campaign admitted that Rollman was responsible for the Atomic Monkey website that made crude anonymous attacks on Abercrombie.

The attention that has forced Rollman out from behind the dark glasses he favors is feeding much online speculation about him, some of it fair and some not. Here’s a profile intended to help answer the question buzzing around the Hawaii political world: Whodaguy?

Rollman currently works as a high-level information technology adviser in the city administration and is a self-described “volunteer” in Hannemann’s campaign for governor.

He insists he created his Abercrombie parody website on his own time, used no city equipment and that Atomic Monkey had no official connection to the Hannemann campaign, which asked him to take it down.

Rollman’s assertion in a KITV interview that “the campaign didn’t know anything about it” raised eyebrows since Dean Okimoto, Hannemann campaign chairman, was a “fan” of Atomic Monkey on its now-defunct Facebook page, as were other officials in the campaign and city administration.

Arguments over what’s city time and what’s personal time can get to be hair-splitting when it involves a salaried city employee and mayoral confidant like Rollman, who was a paid consultant to the 2004 Hannemann campaign before taking an $85,000 city job after Hannemann defeated Duke Bainum.

He claims a close personal and professional relationship with Hannemann that extends beyond what you would expect between a chief executive and the No. 2 guy in the IT department. Rollman said in a post on Ian Lind’s blog: “Mayor Hannemann is not just my boss he’s my friend. That relationship is based on 8 years of working closely on a near daily basis.”

Critics argue that between his job and personal relationship, everything he does in the political arena reflects on the mayor.

The Atomic Monkey website was registered under the fictitious name of “Bob Wiesel.” By acknowledging that it was Rollman, the Hannemann campaign potentially linked Rollman to further online attacks on Abercrombie and other Hannemann rivals.

A multitude of aliases tied to “Bob Wiesel” or variants such as “Robert Wiesel,” “Bob W” or “rwiesel” have been active in numerous online forums advancing the administration’s views or bashing the mayor’s critics.

On the Volcanic Ash blog, at least a half-dozen aliases registered to a “Wiesel” e-mail address have been used to post comments.

At one time, they came mostly from the city hall IP address,, and were often posted during normal working hours. More recently, they have avoided work hours and have come from non-city IPs.

“Bob Wiesel” addressed this in a post on the Hawaii Free Press: “Blog participation at City Hall tapered off after Dave Shapiro started publishing IP addresses in an attempt to suppress his critics. Several individuals at City Hall asked Charles Totto (ethics commission) for a reading on whether it was ‘against the rules’ to participate during our lunch hour, breaks etc. He recommended that we play it safe and just not do it at all from the city network and it pretty much stopped at that point.”

Rollman has defended Atomic Monkey as an expression of his sense of humor, and the few examples that are still around after the website was taken down depict some pretty nasty bite, such as a picture of Abercrombie’s face transposed on the head of a pig.

“Bob Wiesel” said in the Hawaii Free Press post that Atomic Monkey proudly calls Abercrombie a “flailing gasbag,” and conceded applying a description of a “witch” to Abercrombie’s wife, Nancie Caraway, because she’s a feminist.

Abercrombie isn’t the only Hannemann rival who’s been a target of the “Wiesel” venom in online forums.

In one noteworthy example, the Twitter account @Polystalker registered to “Robert Wiesel” had this to say shortly after the tragic death of Duke Bainum: “Now that the phony, over-blown eulogies are dying down…wasn’t Duke Bainum sort of a carpetbagging dilettante?”

The concern is that such anonymous character assassinations reduce political campaigns to the intellectual level of the locker room interviews on professional wrestling shows. Partisans of other campaigns are guilty of the same thing, but when the Hannemann camp is seen as giving more than it gets, it runs the risk of enhancing a reputation for bullying.

In a post on the Hawaii Reporter website, Rollman once described himself as “a marginal Republican working for the moderate Democrat (and fiscally conservative) Mayor Mufi Hannemann, and loving every minute of it.”

A professional colleague described Rollman this way: “In social settings, a nice guy … pleasant and personable … but when it comes to politics, he turns Dr. Hyde, with a very, very nasty streak. Takes great delight in embarrassing opposing politicians … almost nothing out-of-bounds.”

Rollman defends his rough-and-tumble style with a quote that originated with Lenin and was passed to him by his Hawaii political mentor, saying “Frank Fasi taught me that an unchallenged lie becomes the truth.”

The persistent criticism has been that the Hannemann group regards any honest disagreement with its own views as a “lie.”

Rollman came to Hawaii with his military family in 1968 and stayed to attend the University of Hawaii when the family redeployed.

He first made a name for himself as a political consultant working in Fasi’s mayoral campaigns; Hawaii Business credited Rollman for the “negative campaigning” in 1984 that helped Fasi make a comeback as a Republican convert and regain the city’s top job from Eileen Anderson, who had taken it from him four years earlier.

In 1994, Rollman stuck with the Republicans and their candidate for governor Pat Saiki as media adviser when Fasi left the GOP and ran a third-party campaign against Saiki and Democrat Ben Cayetano.

In that race, Hawaii Business said Rollman’s negative style that had helped Fasi may have backfired when employed on Saiki’s behalf.

The magazine’s analysis said, “The (negative) strategy resurfaced this year, with Saiki commercials portraying Fasi as a shakedown artist. In this year’s race, though, the result by early September was that Saiki had engaged Fasi in a mudslinging battle, with Ben Cayetano above the fray.” Saiki, who started the campaign with a big lead in the polls, ended up finishing third.

Rollman backed Republican Orson Swindle’s campaign to unseat Abercrombie from Congress. Swindle ran campaign ads that featured unflattering images of a younger Abercrombie sporting longer hair and a bushier beard — a theme that would later reappear in Atomic Monkey.

Rollman was quoted as a media adviser for Peter Carlisle when he first won the city prosecutor’s job in 1996 and for Republican Gene Ward in his 1998 run against Abercrombie, of whom Rollman has said, “I have known and disliked Neil Abercrombie since before Mufi Hannemann was out of high school.”

In the late 1990s, Rollman relocated to Austin for several years, saying in a later interview that he went to Texas to “immerse” himself in technology.

Rollman re-emerged in Hawaii in 2000 when he established Hawaii Ventures Corp., which Pacific Business News described as “a new Web-based venture, showcasing Hawaii’s high-tech companies to potential investors and customers in the booming Houston area.”

The listing for Rollman and Hawaii Ventures on the online business network Spoke listed Mufi Hannemann as a vice president, but didn’t specify the role or whether it was a paid position.

Rollman initially commuted between Hawaii and Texas, but returned to Hawaii for good in 2001 to continue his online venture and take a job as vice president for technology services with McNeil Wilson Communications, which is the Hannemann campaign’s current public relations agency.

Technology was the rage in 2001 and Rollman landed with a splash upon his return. Honolulu Weekly described him as an “example of the kind of talent Hawai‘i needs to retain” and Hawaii Business featured him in an article called “Cyberspace Cowboy.”

The Weekly reported that while in Texas, Rollman helped launch an Internet startup called that “grew from one to 370 employees in less than a year.” The venture now appears defunct, with the domain name held by a food blog.

Hawaii Business said of Rollman’s local venture, “Although he wouldn’t reveal any revenue figures, Rollman does say that started turning a profit almost from the start, and he now earns more than he did as a high-level executive at a large Internet startup.” also appears currently defunct with its domain name being offered for sale.

Within a few years of his return to Hawaii, Rollman was shifting his attention back to politics. The Spoke listing said he did a stint as chief of staff for former state Sen. Melodie Aduja, and Rollman became a paid media consultant to Hannemann’s 2004 campaign for mayor. Ian Lind posted Campaign Spending Commission records indicating he received payments from the campaign of about $75,000.

After Hannemann narrowly beat Bainum, he hired Rollman to an $85,000-a-year job in February 2005 as director of the city Office of Economic Development, an appointment that was sharply criticized by Pacific Business News.

PBN said in an editorial: “Rollman has bounced around in a variety of tech jobs over the past decade and served as a media adviser to Hannemann’s campaign. Since he has no apparent experience in economic development, Rollman’s appointment to an $85,000 job seems to us a business-as-usual payback to a campaign worker. We expected better of Hannemann.”

The assignment didn’t last long; in May 2005, Hannemann shifted Rollman to the job he still holds as special adviser in the city’s Department of Information Technology.

Since joining the city, Rollman’s few appearances in the news have been more about politics than computers. He was accused in the 2008 mayoral campaign of posting a derogatory website about Hannemann opponent Panos Prevedouros. Rollman strongly denied any ties to the website.

This year, he was in the middle of a dispute over the Hannemann campaign’s allegedly high-handed behavior at the state Democratic convention, which caused party chairman Dante Carpenter to rebuke the mayor.

Rollman, who was a delegate to the convention, posted a stinging retort to Carpenter on this blog: “There is little tolerance for any ‘Democrat’ not willing to tow the liberal mantra of the Neil Abercrombie zealots who have taken over the party. What used to be the ‘big tent’ is now a rather ingrown clique with some very radical views. I don’t think they represent the more patriotic AJA Democrats I know, the typical union workers or a majority of the more moderate and independent individuals who still consider themselves Democrats. To quote an old adage…we didn’t leave the party, the party left us.”

More than a few Democrats found it cheeky for a guy who spent all those years working to elect Republicans to present himself as the voice of old-line Democrats.

Expect to hear more from Keith Rollman and “Bob Wiesel” as the campaign pushes on. Whether by design or happenstance, Rollman appears to have taken on the role in the Hannemann administration and campaign of trolling online forums to smack down “lies” — and to plant shots at the opposition along the way.

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32 Comments on “Mufi’s Rock ‘n Rollman”

  1. Scott Goold Says:

    Aloha ~
    Excellent investigative journalism, David! This is Washington Post, Pulitzer prize quality research. As I wrote recently on your blog, I do not know Keith or his work so I am thankful for this insight.

    This is one reason I support transparency and full disclosure when posting to blogs and the Internet. I do not oppose Mr. Rollman’s right to express his opinions – yet he should have the courage and ethical principles to stand by his words. Clearly he has neither!

    It’s easy to take pot-shots at people when hiding under rocks. This is Al Qaida behavior and shouldn’t be tolerated in America.

    This tells me a great deal as well about the dark and hidden side of Mufi Hannemann.


  2. hipoli Says:

    Holy crap, Dave! My jaw hit the ground at about 5am this morning and I havent been able to get it back up since.

    I read this and my impression was less that this was a piece of good journalism and more that its a therapeutic blog entry, allowing years of your pent up frustration and even anger about Keith to finally see the light of day? A personal blog sure is a perfect place to let it all hang out, no question about that.

    I get it. We all get it. You really really dont like Keith. Hes the asshole of all assholes. And now he’s Mufi’s asshole. We get it.

    But this was still pretty harsh, Dave.

  3. Keith Rollman Says:

    I agree with Hipoli on one thing: “a personal blog sure is a perfect place to let it all hang out.” And I’m happy for Dave that his is still publishing and defend his constitutional right to say whatever he wants. Now if he were to reciprocate my jaw would also hit the floor.

    Dave, I’m not sure that I would have picked you to be my biographer, nor do I think one is even needed. However, since you have taken on the job, let me clarify a few things.

    Your tone would seem to bode ill. For instance, couldn’t you describe anyone who isn’t by choice a public figure a “shaddowy” one?

    Over the years I have worked for both Replicans, Democrats and Independents. I have developed a rather cynical view of all partisan politics and find extremists on either end of the political spectrum to be dangerous and intollerant. I prefer making voting decisions on, and professional alliances with, individuals I trust and admire rather than ideological allignments. I hope this help makes sense of my diverse political history.

    Atomic Monkey was a personal blog that the Hannemann PR people were concerned would be attached to the official campaign, so I took it down. As far as the style of humor goes it was “edgy,” but G-rated. Nothing that couldn’t have been on network TV. Your example of my placing Neil’s face on a pig doesn’t mention that the story it ran with was about his being nominated as “Porker of the Year” by Citizens Against Public Waste. Should I have depiced him as a rabbit?

    You also misrepresent the Atomic Monkey “witch” statement. The actual reference connected Pat Robertson’s statement about feminists potentially being witches (among other things), and Nancie Caraway’s self-described “feminist” standing. All in order to make fun of an Abercrombie statement about his appeal to faith-based communities. A bit more complex than what you have presented.

    My main question remains: why are we now talking about the content of a Web site that’s been down for almost a month? Where was the critiism when people could see it for themselves?

    Mufi was never a “Vice President” of You picked that up from some dumb robot Web service that cobbles together random junk listings.

    You mention other internet-based disinformation. The accusations about my supposed involvement in the “FirePanos” site was fueled by a forged email blast sent from the offices of John Carroll, which he shared with numerous anti-rail zealots at the time.

    Yes, I often use negative messaging in political campaigns. It can be really effective. But negative doesn’t automatically mean “smear” or even unfair. Things like voting records, public statements and published reporting are valid subjects of discussion. I would suggest that a web site like Atomic Monkey that provided documentation of everything it discussed and illustrated it’s offering no more “crudely” than the average political cartoon doesn’t rate the false indignation being conjured by our political opponents.

    Dave, I am sure you will be among the first to scrutinize the campaign spending reports at the end of August. Please do me the favor of also being the first to announce that you could not find one cent paid to me for any campaign services this year.

  4. Keith Rollman Says:

    Mr. Goold, Suicide bombing is “Al Qaida behavior,” not free speech.

    Anonymous blogging, especially political commentary is protected by the U.S. Constitution and has been re-affirmed by numerous Supreme Court decisions.

    I find it very revealing about you that you think that it “shouldn’t be tolerated in America.”

  5. Kolea Says:

    Thanks for the history, Dave. Clearly, my motivations are more “ideological” than Keith’s, but I suggest that term needn’t have the negative connotation he attaches to it. What if we were to say my politics are rooted in my “vales” instead?
    Keith wants to frame his politics as arising from a more balanced, centrist philosophy. But let me suggest the “center” in his framework is not arrived at by balancing philosophical concerns, so much as aligning with the center of power and the wishes of monied interests.

    That is not intended as a personal critique of Keith, a man I have only met in passing, but as a dispassionate appraisal of the default “logic” of a political system which expresses the interests of big money and incumbency rather than the social vision of “philosopher kings.”

    As an active Demcrat deeply involved in internal Party debates over competing visions of alternate “preferred futures” for the state & country, I find myself most annoyed by Rollman’s persistent attempts to alienate AJA Demcrats from Abercrobie and those he tries to portray as “hippie haole radicals.”

    I have been a Democrat for about as long as Rollman has lived in Hawaii. He appears to have only joined the Democratic Party recently, and only to facilitate his work as a “Mufi-bot” within that venue. The “traditional” “AJA” Democrats Rollman now pretends to speak for faced their own accusations of being “radicals” in an earlier attempt to drive a wedge between them and the “communists” in the ILWU. Given Rollman’s M.O., I expect he would have been right at home red-baiting the Dems in those days.

    People join the Democratic Party, or the GOP, for divergent reasons. There is a range of authentic philosophical views competing within both organizations. But it gets even more complicated and divisive when freelance hired guns enter into the fray motivated less by an authentic social vision and more by “loyalty” to whomever is paying them this time around.

  6. kailuaresident Says:

    Whats one of the frequent comments made about the Dem party in the past decade? That its not attracting younger members and the convention looks like a senior citizen convention.
    So Mufi convinces new people to join the party and thats a BAD thing?

  7. Scott Goold Says:

    Aloha Mr. Rollman ~
    I’m fairly well versed in constitutional law and agree your anonymous work is protected speech. Corporations can legally offshore their home offices to by-pass U.S. tax laws. Yet I don’t believe we should tolerate this business practice.

    One of the great founders of this nation, Thomas Paine, anonymously published the popular (and effective) monograph, Common Sense, which I’m sure you are familiar.

    Those were extraordinary times and anonymity likely kept Paine alive.

    We don’t face such conditions today and I simply believe we can set a higher bar for ourselves. Yes, you have the legal right – but why not stand in front of your work. I mentioned I have never seen any that I am aware. It may be bold and clever; it may be political muck.

    Either way I continue to fight for your right to publish the work – and would not ask you to delete it as Hannemann has done. Yet I would respect you more if you would simply come out from the shadows. Terrorists must hide; I see no reason you should.


  8. hipoli Says:

    Knock it off, Keith. Dave atomic bombed your monkey okole in ways you could only wish you could accomplish – and you know it. Just as I get Dave and Ian and others on being honest – so should you. Kolea nailed it – your social vision and loyalty is to whoever is paying your monkey okole.

    That said, perhaps because I continue to blog with relative anonymity, I’ll be honest and say that I am a little taken aback at the harshness that Dave has come after you. It goes to show me that ‘coming out’ has its definite perils.

    Im going to crawl back into my dark little cubbyhole now and stay there just as long as I possibly can. You coming with me, Sir Charles?

  9. Scott Goold Says:

    Aloha kailuaresident ~
    You wrote, “Whats one of the frequent comments made about the Dem party? … its not attracting younger members and the convention looks like a senior citizen convention.”

    Did you confuse Republican and Democrat? Democrats are doing well with young people. It’s the Republican convention that looks like a nursing home full of White people.


  10. David Shapiro Says:

    Keith, I didn’t mean anything derogatory by the use of the word “shadowy” – just saying that it’s the nature of political consulting that the candidate is in the spotlight and the consultant is in the shadows. I don’t find anything inherently dishonorable about the profession of political consulting. I would argue, however, that one who has made a living working to influence the outcome of public elections is a public figure whether by choice or not. On your final request, I’ll say right now that I don’t believe you are currently receiving income from the campaign.

    kailuaresident, Keith was only a couple of years behind me at UH and I hope he got the same smile I did about you describing him as one of the “younger” members recruited to the party.

    hipoli, does this mean you won’t be taking me up on my offer to trust me with your secret identity and let me buy you an acai bowl at Lanikai Juice?

  11. hipoli Says:

    This entry against Keith really did alarm me, Dave. You’ve completely butchered Keith. This is the price for being public? No thanks, I’ll pass.

  12. WooWoo Says:

    Great post, Dave.

    If the attention on Rollman continues (and if I were in Neil’s camp I wouldn’t let go of this), we will see if loyalty is a two-way street for Mufi.

    Will he stand by you, Keith? Will you be pushed off the island in Mufi’s game of Survivor?

    On another note, I think this has interesting insights for political campaigning. Political “black ops” work is too risky for anything but hail mary attempts by major underdogs; the chances of being outed are too high. IMHO, an extremely tight communications strategy works best in Hawaii’s environment. The last thing any real candidate needs is a freelancing zealot being connected with the campaign.

    BTW, Keith, you’re not a freelancing zealot. You’re a hired gun, with your payment coming in the form of future sinecures. I also noticed that you didn’t refute Dave’s assertion that Dean Okimoto was aware of your Atomic Monkey activities.

  13. Shaloha Says:

    I have to say, these exchanges are a perfect microcosm of Democrat party: comparing opponents to the Al Quaeda, openly racist comments about “white people”, use of profanities (“asshole”) – Neil’s supporters (which, let’s be honest, everyone in this forum judging by the vehemence, sheer hatred and vulgarity) is only matchd by their idol.

    Neil is a radical from birth and the worst human being on the planet judjing by his supporters in this forum.

    I cannot fathom why Dave had joined the ranks – he seem to be a Left wing Democrat but he was at least interested in the good government practices.

    Keith Rollman is a minor figure in the local political circles. He is hated primarily for his support of the Republican candidates – no more and no less. His “tactics” are common place in the Democrat circles – Saul Alinsky’s smears and venom are the core Democrat tactics in every campaign since Democrats will not discuss their real believes and convictions.

    Who cares?

  14. Michael Says:

    Let’s see come election who wins.
    Let them make a decision lingle could not make.
    Vote on one who is a lingle or vote for one who is not.

    Republican or Democrat won’t make a difference.
    Reopen Pandoras box and see what is what in our future.

  15. Jim Loomis Says:

    Shaloha, you’re so full of irrational venom, it would by appropriate for you to find another anonymous name to hide behind.

  16. Keith Rollman Says:

    I went to the Spoke website that Dave used to source his statement about Mufi being a vice president of Hawaii Ventures. Spoke is obviously a total mess. It also lists me as a founder of H.E.B. the largest grocery chain in Texas. I wish. Under the category of Keith Rollman’s coworkers it features a random list of names and titles that the Spoke web spider conjured up from the internet. This includes, “Bill Richardson, Partner and Jeffery Au with a tilte of ‘early to later’ (whatever that means). This random list also has Mufi Hannemann, Vice President..probably from when he was with C. Brewer.

    You have to be kidding to use such an obviously bogus source, Dave. Atomic Monkey was a humor and satire blog and it wouldn’t have touched this turd.

  17. Keith Rollman Says:

    I know it’s 2:15, but I didn’t get to take lunch until 1:30.

  18. David Shapiro Says:

    Keith, not to be argumentative, but the difference between this and Atomic Monkey (one of them anyway) is that I wrote it under my own name so people could assess my motives and personal interests, provided links to the source information so people could judge the validity and whether I interpreted it fairly and provided full opportunity for people to comment on the validity and my fairness. On the Spoke listing, which is out there for anybody looking up Hawaii Ventures to see, I decided the fairest thing was to simply note its existence while not making a big deal out of it.

  19. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:


    I found your blog post extremely interesting for a number of reasons – not the least of which in learning more about Keith Rollman’s background. Until a few minutes ago, I assumed that he was a chunky little nerd who was desperately trying to get Mufi to like him a lot so that come December, he could get a real job as a member of Mufi’s cabinet.

    Instead, he’s our very own Karl Rove!!

    Actually, I may be insulting Mr. Rove – he’s not a hired gun like Mr. Rollman.

    Fasi AND Saiki AND Hannemann?!? Maybe he’s going to submit his resume to Sarah Palin – the Teabaggers’ (Wet) Dream Girl – when Mr. Hannemann crashes and burns in September or November.

    Hey, Paul Manner is beginning to look good – all things considered.

  20. Doug Says:

    Dave, don’t feel bad. Hipoli wouldn’t meet with me in person either. Ironically, this demurral came after giving me a lecture on courage… Whatever.

  21. David Shapiro Says:

    Doug, that’s too funny. Hipoli gives me a sore okole a lot, but I find it hard not to like the passion in the beliefs even when I don’t agree with the belief. We all should care so much.

  22. hipoli Says:

    Oh, Doug. Youre so not going to go there again, are you? Afterall, its not your blog. But I’ll gladly give you a good dose of okole-kicking too, if you insist. You’ve been long overdue, anyways.


  23. Doug Says:

    I’m about to pull off a “blog Lazarus.” REAL soon now. Promise.

  24. charles Says:

    The difference between Rollman helping Repubs and Hannemann is thismuch.

  25. charles Says:

    Oh, and Ms. hipoli, like you, the shadows are fine with me as long as it’s not my own. Seeing my own shadow scares the natural fertilizer out of me.

    Maybe one day our paths will cross. . . but then again we’d probably miss each other since there’s so little light.

  26. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    Major Change Of Subject:

    Please recommend on-line newspapers – am even willing to pay – to keep current with national and international news that go beyond just what’s happening on either side of Punchbowl.

    Since the Star Advertiser is now the only daily game in town and it barely covers national sports, let alone national politics, I find myself way out of touch.

    The only tv news show I watch is Washington Week on Friday nights. I probably watch maybe three hours a year of local news programs.

    That’s why I was completely caught off guard last Friday when the panelists on Washington Week talked about the Russian spy ring bust. I hadn’t read, seen or heartd anything about it until then.

    Based upon a couple of normal people’s recommendations – not political junkies – I tried MSNBC, but the site is way too time-coonsuming to navigate given the emphasis on celebrities and scandals.

    Any suggestions? Accessible, knowledgeable, accurate, timely and politically akamai is all I want – or am I asking for too much?

  27. hipoli Says:


    I hit up a lot. Simple headlines. Good articles.

  28. neilfile Says:

    Dave, the only significant difference between our blogs is that I had pictures and took myself less seriously.

  29. David Shapiro Says:

    Cap, you can set up a personalized page on or Google News that will give you an extensive daily report on national and world news from some of the most reputable sources, tailored to your interests any way you want. You get a quick headline summary and can drill as deep as you like. I use this as my home page. You can also get Google News to e-mail you daily headlines on subjects and categories you specify, from which you can click on any story you want to read in full. These are easy to read on your iPhone on the bus. Speaking of which, there are free iPhone apps for AP, NYT, USAT, CNN and others that are easy to peruse.

  30. Michael Says:

    An Extra Ordinary League of Gentleman.

  31. haole Says:

    great i will make sure that both of my bumper stickers will be on the car until election day.mufi for governor and vote polynesian.

  32. Keith Rollman Says:

    I had almost forgotten about that PBN editorial. Larry Fuller, the publisher, basically wanted the City’s Office of Economic Development to be disbanded and the funds used to support Enterprise Honolulu instead as the “partner” for citywide economic development. Larry was on their Board of Directors. I will leave it to others to evaluate how effective that organization proved to be.

    I always thought it was a cheap shot for Fuller to say, “he has no apparent experience in economic development,” after running a story five years earlier (which you cite) about me doing exactly that…and on behalf of Hawaii’s fledgling technology companies. He probably didn’t read his own publication. The Hawaii Business story your also link gives a little insight into just how seriously I studied the Austin economic development model while I lived there. Fuller apparently didn’t read that one either.

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