Some candidates for governor we can like

Surprise, they’re the three leading contenders we already have — James “Duke” Aiona, Mufi Hannemann and Neil Abercrombie.

So says David Thielen (son of Cynthia, brother of Laura), a Hawaii ex-pat now living in Colorado who did interviews with the three candidates for the Huffington Post that are interesting reading and listening.

Distance often has the advantage of perspective, and the perspective Thielen brings is that he finds a lot to like about all three candidates. We here in Hawaii who are bombarded by the daily give and take often see only things to dislike.

I found it telling that people with loyalties to the different campaigns suggested  I check out these interviews. They all thought their guys came across well, and they mostly did.

Thielen can be a little wide-eyed, but if you don’t like his summaries of the interviews, he provides links to the recordings so you can listen to the candidates for yourself.

All in all, a good way to get an early take on the substance of these men who seek to guide our future — and to start raising the political discourse to a higher level.

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10 Comments on “Some candidates for governor we can like”

  1. Michael Says:

    Civil Union will play a role in who will win the next governship. Next governor will have to deal with it and the people have to vote on it.

    hanneman won’t win. The city is in too much debt without hanneman creating more.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if it were none of the above, but someone unknown and unsupported by unions.

  2. Shaloha Says:

    A predictable Liberal take on the Hawaii politics.

    Mentioning words “character” and “Neil” in the same sentence is laughable at best. I recently travelled from the Big Island and sat next to the “people’s candidate” in the First Class no less!

    Neil started his political life by organizing a violent takeover of UH by a group of thugs and it went downhill from that. If “character” means sticking to the corrupt Left wing ideology for life, then Neil is well endowed with “character”.

    So, the opposition to the Gay Marrige is “Bigotry”. I love the “apolitical” and “independent” point of view of David Thielen that Dave Shapiro finds so appealing. Who wants to listen to the extremists and ideologues? Unless, of course, it is a Left wing extremist like David Thielen who just accused every Christian, observant Jew and a Moslem of being a “bigot”. Nice!

    My vote – none of the above. We need to get beyond political solutions – it is a delusion that there is a political solution to the school underperformance, for example.

    The state is a Democrat party bantustan – no more and no less. Since Democrats have purged all White Moderate candidates from their ranks (Sorry Ed Case!) and Neil is a slave to the Union interests, no change will come at the end of any political “sausage making”.

    Goodby Linda Lingle. Hello Neil O.!

  3. David Shapiro Says:

    Shaloha, that’s some bachi paying for first class and having to sit next to you.

  4. Earl of Sandwich Says:

    LOL, Dave!

  5. cloudia Says:

    So he’s cool, Cynthia has character, Why did Laura turn into such a cold bureaucrat?

  6. Alan R. Spector Says:

    @Michael. Not very likely that the people will be voting on civil unions. That would take a constitutional amendment which requires a 2/3 majority vote in House and Senate one year or a simple majority two years in a row before ever reaching a public ballot. Not impossible but highly unlikely. Civil rights don’t belong on the ballot.

  7. David Shapiro Says:

    Cloudia, lots of people differ with Laura on policy and politics, but I’ve seen nothing about her character to cause concern.

  8. David Shapiro – Thank you for the nice plug.

    Shaloh – There are many Christians, Muslims, & Jews who do support gay marriage. Do not assume all devout people share your bigotry.

  9. Vicki Viotti Says:

    I find it interesting that Mr. Thielen calls his Boulder software biz “Windward Studios.” You can take the boy out of Kailua, but…

  10. Michael Says:

    I didn’t vote for lingle.
    As mayor or for governor.
    Let the public decide said Pilate.
    They chose Barabas.
    History may be different if they chose Jesus.
    Judas hung himself.

    One has a choice.
    Take the high road or the low road.
    I make my own.

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