Carlisle gets SHOPO’ed

The police union SHOPO’s endorsement of Kirk Caldwell for mayor is a blow to city Prosecutor Peter Carlise, the assumed frontrunner in the September special election to replace Mufi Hannemann after he resigns to run for governor.

Carlisle’s main asset is his popularity as a law enforcer during his 14 years as prosecutors, and voters will naturally wonder why he didn’t get the nod from police officers.

Also expect some grousing about Carlisle’s management style to start coming out of the prosecutor’s office as soon as he steps down to enter the mayor’s race.

The apparent strategy from the Caldwell side is to keep Carlisle busy defending his record as prosecutor before he can even get started outlining what he’d do as mayor.

Carlisle has been perceived as a good friend to police and it remains to be seen how the endorsement will play with the rank and file, but the union leadership is politically close to Hannemann, who wants his managing director Caldwell to succeed him.

Carlisle’s early advantage is far greater name recognition and familiarity to voters. Caldwell is a former House majority leader, but didn’t leave much of a footprint there. As managing director, he’s mostly been seen grinning in the background at Hannemann appearances.

But he’s piling up endorsements from Hannemann allies and building a big lead in campaign donations to pay for a major media blitz — much of it coming from the same rail vendors and other city contractors who are fueling Hannemann’s campaign for governor.

Caldwell will have two months to build visibility as acting mayor after Hannemann resigns next week, and it doesn’t hurt that his wife, banker Donna Tanoue, is a longtime associate of senior Sen. Daniel Inouye.

City Councilman Donovan Dela Cruz and rail opponent Panos Prevedouros are also mounting energetic campaigns for mayor, but it’s uncertain if either has broad enough support to challenge the big two.

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12 Comments on “Carlisle gets SHOPO’ed”

  1. Kolea Says:

    I had liked Kirk when he served in the House. But once he threw his lot with Mufi, his individual identity has been replaced to the point I no longer know who he is. He will have to do something to establish his own identity in the mind of voters if he is to have a chance against Carlisle.

    For now, he is indeed, the man “grinning in the background at Hannemann appearances.”

  2. haole Says:

    i would not count out dela cruz.young,good on his feet.tireless campaigner.

  3. Shaloha Says:

    I think it was a huge mistake by SHOPO. The endorsement of a Party Apparatchik such as Caldwell vs. Tireless Anti-Crime Crusader will only damage their credibility and cement the perception of SHOPO as a collection of the Democrat Union hacks.

    As you said – rank and file are a different matter.

  4. kailuaresident Says:

    Caldwell is a good leader and a great person. SHOPO wouldn’t fool around with something like this and they have no stance on rail. They obviously just think they would have a better working relationship with Caldwell.

  5. Shaloha Says:

    Caldwell’s candidacy has a feel of Jeremy “Out of control spender” Harris. He was a shoe in too, touting his expertise as a “manager of the city’s complex government structures”.

    Mr. Apolitical Technocrat then proved to be a traditional Democrat “tax and spend” liberal. His legacy will be a debt load that, as of today, makes city’s debt load payment larger then the HPD’s Budget!

    The non partisan elections allow Democrat party hacks like Caldwell to hide their true philosophy and pertend to be mere ‘Technocrat/Managers” instead.

    Our police department is grossly underfunded. The new Police chief, by all accounts is nicest man in the world and is belowed by the rank and file, but he replaces someone who was pushing lazy patrolmen’s asses to work more and more and not less and less as demanded by SHOPO.

    So SHOPO won and Honolulu lost.

    Now SHOPO wants to ensure that no one rocks the boat and Caldwell is their man. SHOPO wants to go back to the 4 day workweek – plain and simple, and Caldwell will give it to them by selecting a police comission of the Democrat party dupes and stooges that will make sure SHOPO gets its way.

  6. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    Remember that of the five major mayoral candidates, only PP opposes the rail system. If his base holds and the others split the rest of the vote, that means we’re liable to have a geeky dork with no sense of humor and zippo de nada understanding of how City government works as Mayor of Honolulu until 2012. Maybe he’ll hire Keith Rollman as Managing Director.

    Actually, that’s not such a bad idea. At least Keith wouldn’t bring in the figurative front-end loaderrs driven by local TeaParty activists to destroy city government operations.

  7. Michael Says:

    Caldwell will do best to distance himself from
    being a puppet to hanneman.

    If anyone elected
    to Mayor will have a big debt to settle first.
    There won’t be any money left for rail. Money went to the dumps or the cost of shipping.

    Carlise would be best at staying Prosecutor.

    20 miles of ha han ne man.
    Round and Round we go, like on a Merry go Round.
    Why hold a mayors election, hanneman is not going anywheres? hanneman sounds too much like lingle. Pass the Buck or should I say Bill. Bill to fix this and that too. Fine with hanneman, not in his hands or so he thinks so. union controlling strings.

  8. charles Says:

    Dela Cruz is still in the race?

  9. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    Yes, Donovan is definitely running; however, the seat is not yet vacant because Mufi hasn’t resigned so there’s no listing for the race on the Office of Elections website.

  10. ccpp Says:

    “…..If his base holds and the others split the rest of the vote, that means we’re liable to have a geeky dork with no sense of humor and zippo de nada understanding of how City government works as Mayor of Honolulu until 2012….”

    Lets review Mufi with his massive “experience”, knowledge and understanding of how city gov’t works as Mayor of Honolulu.

    1) As mayor of Honolulu, Mufi promised to close the Ewa landfill but broke that promise and the landfill continues to grow and grow.

    2) As mayor of Honolulu, Mufi hired a contractor to ship out garbage to the mainland however neither he nor his administration bothered to verify if the contractor had valid permits to actually ship the garage to the mainland. Result is a growing pile of stinking garbage bales at Campbell industrial park.

    3) When Mufi was first elected Mayor of Honolulu in 2005 he inherited a bad sewage system. Current wastewater staff and the EPA warned Mufi to take care of the bad sewage situation where the EPA demanded Mufi present a sewage action plan, which he did in San Franciso in 2005 on how he would update the aging Oahu force main sewage system AND address spill response. Mufi presented a spectacular action plan to the EPI and to Honolulu residents, unfortunately he did SQUAT regarding improving spill response and one year later from the day he presented his plan to the EPA, the worst case scenario occurred with an Ala Wai force main break and he and his sewage staff were completely ill-prepared to handle the break. What should have been a multi-thousand gallon spill ended becoming a 48 MILLION gallon raw sewage spill into our surrounding oceans.

    3) While Mufi was mayor his police chief ran HPD from the bedroom of his home. The fact the chief had serious back problems that left him bedridden for a very long time is NOT the issue. The fact Mufi and the rest of his executive staff was completely clueless of what was going on IS and issue.

    4) While Mufi was mayor a simple indoor police firing range was greatly delayed and went way over budget.

    5) While Mufi was mayor a simple outdoor skateboard park that consisted of a parking lot, skateboard rink and walkway between the parking lot was greatly delayed and went way over budget

    6) While Mufi was mayor one of his departments illegally dumps tons of construction waste into an Ewa stream that contains endangered birds, possibly on overtime paid with taxpayer’s moneys and to date NO one in the City has been held responsible for this completely illegal and unethical action. The only reason the public knows about this is because a whistle blower reported it.

    7) While Mufi was mayor and under the nose of Yoshioka, a low level parking manager ripped off taxpayers over $500,000 in a parking lot skimming scheme and ONLY was only caught because of a honest parking lot manager who came in a discovered the discrepancy.

    8) While Mufi was mayor he tried to blame Lingle on holding up a rail EIS EVEN when the EIS was not even submitted to Lingle because of a screw up in the airport rail station and the issue of height restrictions due to planes taking off & landing at the airport. Mufi and Yoshioka tried to blame Lingle and her staff for the screwup by saying they were never informed or key information was withheld from them and the next day State transportation officials publicly present documentation in which State administrators such as Haraga clearly warned City administrators of height restrictions near the airport.

    9) With Mr “experience”, the list goes on and on………….

    Is this the kind of “experience” that Hawaii needs in both City and State governments? I don’t know about Panos but seems ANYTHING is better than the continuation of our out of control rail and sewage spending to bankruptcy. Also I think I have asked you this question before, has an HONEST independent analysis been performed on the most cost efficient and appropriate method of upgrading Oahu’s 2 sewage treatment centers from primary to secondary WITHOUT regard to the capability of local contractors and their limited knowledge and experience with upgrading sewage treatment centers? Knowing that every year there is constant improvements in dealing with sewage treatment & that many third world countries and cities have been able to upgrade to secondary treatment levels WITHOUT spending $1.2 BILLION dollars, I have no faith that what Mufi and local contractors propose to upgrade the 2 Oahu wastewater facilities is what is best and MOST cost effective for Oahu residents. For much less than the $10 million in taxpayer monies Mufi spent on lawyers to fight the EPA and Sierra club on upgrading the treatment centers, Mufi could have hired a group of the best sewage consultants from around the world to come up with the most cost effective and appropriate design to upgrade the sewage facilities.

    My point is these are the kind of discussion our elected officials should be having among themselves and the public. HONEST discussion of the pros and cons of gov’t work projects such as how we should upgrade our wastewater systems or how we would implement and build a rail system. Instead we are all talking about how so and so has the most “experience” or that so and so looked idiotic with a ponytail or that so and so looks like a geeky dork.

  11. ccpp Says:


    I don’t know how that happy face came up but it should be an ‘8)’

  12. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:


    The landfill is not in Ewa but in the Wai`anae District just after H-1 ends and turns into Farrington Highway. Ewa & Ewa Beach are at least 15 miles away from the Waimanalo Bulch Landfill. BTW – I support keeping Waimanalo Gulch open until such time as 1) alternative waste management technologies are affordable and realistic, 2) major reductions in solid waste occur. Our organization has been battling the Hannemann Administration and certain members of the City Council about shipping trash for the past five years.

    Same thing with homelessness.

    Re the sewer system upgrades: There are more than 5,000 pages of documents that are attached to the case – including ones prepared by the EPA. Although they do get technical in places, you can also get a layperson’s evaluation prepared by the Sierra Club’s Executive Director.

    I get it – you can’t stand Mufi. If you really want to make change in How Things Get Done Around Here, then you have to get off your butt and go out & walk the walk by running for the City Council yourself. Fulminating on a blog doesn’t do anything except waste time.

    Again, I repeat: I hever have and never will vote for Mufi Hannemann because of his values and his morals that I find personally offensive. And yes, I’ve run for political office myself.

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