Where does Calvin Say live?

House Speaker Calvin Say is facing new allegations that he doesn’t live in the Palolo district from which he is seeking re-election — and this time the complaint is coming from some of his fellow Democrats as well as Republicans.

A statement issued by Van Law and Laurie Cicotello on behalf of what they say is a bipartisan group of more than two dozen people, claims that Say hasn’t lived at his house at 1822 10th Ave. in the 20th District  for years and actually lives with his wife at 2477 Star Rd. in Pauoa in the 26th District.

They’re asking it the city clerk rule him ineligible to vote in the 20th District and the state chief elections officer to invalidate his nomination papers.

The complaint was circulated to the media by Jo-Ann Adams, chair of the Democratic Party’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender caucus, which has endorsed Say’s primary opponent, Dwight Synan.

Say earned the ire of gay and lesbian groups for failing to call the House into special session to try to override HB 444, the civil unions bill. He’s also in hot water with public worker unions for refusing to support tax increases to protect their pay and benefits. Both groups have indicated they’ll support efforts to remove Say as speaker if he’s re-elected.

His residency has been a source of persistent controversy, with the previous complaint that was rejected coming from the Republican candidate in the 20th District, Julia Allen.

Law and Cicotello said previous investigations relied on affidavits from the Says and urged a deeper look this time.

They said Board of Water Supply bills from September 2009 to May 2010 show no water usage at 1822 10th Ave. “despite Calvin Say’s claim that he spends 60% of his evenings there.”

A neighbor from across the street “claims she never sees anyone at the house, no lights at night, no slippers on the porch.”  Van Law said he saw no potted plants, no personal property in the carport and no garden hose attached to the home.

“Calvin Say is not without options,” Cicotello said. “He can move back to 10th Avenue if that’s the district he wants to represent.  He can run for office in the 26th district if that’s where he wants to live.  He can run for island-wide office, like mayor, or statewide office, like governor.  What he cannot do, is live in the 26th District and represent the 20th District.”

Attorney Robert Thomas has a relevant earlier post in his inversecondemnation.com blog about the latest Supreme Court ruling on residency in the Kaho’ohalahala case on Lana’i.

The bottom line: “The Hawaii Supreme Court held that in order to register to vote as a resident of a district, a person must have a fixed habitation in the district in which he is attempting to register, as well as a ‘physical presence’ there.  … Intent to return is not enough.”

Note: For those interested in reading the full complaint against Calvin Say, I posted a copy here.

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49 Comments on “Where does Calvin Say live?”

  1. hipoli Says:

    I give it exactly one weekend and a hose will now show up on the Speakers stoop. Desperate much, Laurie and Van?

    Speaker has dedicated his entire life to the State of Hawaii. Maybe it wasn’t pretty, mate it wasn’t exaclty the way you/we wanted it, but HB444 passed out of the Hose of Rep, under Speaker Say’s watch! Back off! He did the right thing!

    Spend this venom, this energy on Gabbard, on Sakamoto, on Finnegan, and on Aiona! Those are the people who are the real threats to any future or your cause!

    As for the GET, again, Speaker lead with wisdom for the benefit of the overall party. The Unions will always want and demand. I know they think they earn total power because of their influence during campaigns. That is certainly a legitimate position to maintain. But Speaker, any Speaker, and Senate President, must maintain the biggest picture of our State. In this case, the Hawaii State Legislature agreed the time was not right for an increase of the GET. Maybe if it didn’t come on the heels of the increase for rail, that would have been a different discussion, but that wasn’t what was.

    In summary? Back off Speaker Say. He’s a good man who works hard and trys, in his ways, to navigate this State. Noone can say that Say has anything but the heart and soul of Hawaii in his own heart.

  2. charles Says:

    I can’t see this going anywhere except to serve as a nuisance factor.

    This issue has been investigated and a judgement was rendered. The material facts have not changed.

  3. jaded Says:


    I completely agree 1000%, and also want to remind the pro-HB 444 folks to help Neil Abercrombie and Blake Oshiro win their respective races. You will not get another chance for a very, very long time unless these guys, especially Neil, come out victorious. Remember that Mufi and Gary Okino (along with everyone Hipoli mentioned) are the real threats to your cause, NOT Speaker Say.

  4. WooWoo Says:


    Your argument on Say is essentially “He’s a good guy, ergo it’s not materially relevant whether or not he lives in the district.” I do respect his ability to not be a complete tool for the unions, but I think we have to be more careful about selective rule following.

    I’m more interested in how Adams got a cop of his water bill…?

  5. Earl of Sandwich Says:

    The last attempt at this was slapped down. The fact that this attempt comes from the chair of the organization that endorsed Say’s opponent immediately makes the allegations suspicious.

    Say moved the civil unions bill. Why aren’t Adams and the others hanging outside the Governor’s office trying to slander her instead?

  6. Keori Says:

    Earl, the governor is a Republican. We expect them to be soulless bottom-feeders trying to pander to extremist hate voters. We expect better from our elected Democrats, whose 2008 party platform, I might add, specifically included a plank for equal rights for gay and lesbian couples. The fact that Say tried to kill the bill in the House, and then made a backroom deal to not override the veto while he and Lingle were in China, says that he is a hypocrite, a coward, and not willing to uphold his own party’s position. That he doesn’t even live in his own district also makes him a liar. That’s why he is being targeted.

  7. Michael Says:

    Nothing is without Say.

  8. Earl of Sandwich Says:

    Keori, I appreciate that first comment – thanks for the laugh! However, a “backroom deal” with the Governor in China? C’mon – where in the world did you hear that? Consider the source.

  9. David Shapiro Says:

    There appear to be issues about Calvin Say’s residency that he needs to take care of, but what strikes me is the mean edge this has taken. All Say really did was count votes and conclude they weren’t there to take it all the way. Even Oshiro conceded as much. This is obviously intended to scare the stuffing out of those who don’t toe the rigid line, but it could have the opposite effect of terminally pissing them off. If you’re going to go after a guy in this manner, you’d better be sure you can take him out. Say has shown impressive survival skills over the years.

  10. ccpp Says:

    Say is NOT in public service to serve his fellow man. I think it is accurate to say 99.9% of the career elected officials working in the State Capitol are in it for themselves and the special interest they represent. That goes for both Democrats and Republicans. At this point ANY change is better than the status quo. I would agree with Shapiro, if you want to take out Say, go all out to defeat him and spend serious dough for media time for a viable candidate with a clear message that can defeat Say.

    As others have mentioned elsewhere a completely Democratically controlled City and State gov’t has done more harm than good for the State of Hawaii (ie pathetic DOE, train to nowhere, outrageous raises for elected officials, etc) but what is troubling to me is the upcoming Republican candidates challenging current Democratic incumbents are highly religious and more concerned about defeating Civil unions in the State of Hawaii instead of focusing on the economy and eliminating waste, graft and corruption in gov’t.

  11. hipoli Says:

    Sorry about all the typos on my earlier post. Very embarrassing. iphones do not allow one to scroll up to check ones work in the tiny box that is given to type in for blog responses, or at least I havent figured that out yet.

    Im glad to see that most people are agreeing with me on this. Speaker is a good man. You might not agree with everything he does as a Speaker. I certainly dont. But he does not deserve what these people are trying to do here.

    Those that are campaigning against and attacking Speaker with such nasty venom should consider their other candidates. It should be noted here that Laurie is in Abercrombie’s race and Van, a vocal and ardent supporter of HB444, is in Hoosers race.

    I would suggest to Laurie that she consider Speaker Say’s long-standing support of your employer. Im positive you and your fellow employees continue to enjoy your employment as a direct result of Speaker’s willingness to fight for HMSA and their interests. If you are in with Abercrombie and company, perhaps you might consider getting a job with HMAA and then proceed with your attacks on Speaker Say? Indeed, people who exhibit bullying behaviors towards others do suck – but what do you call the tactics you are employing here, Miss Laurie?

    Van, a gay man, readily and openly calls Say a ‘coward’, attacking him in ways that are unprofessional and disrespectful of a man who has dedicated his life to this State. I dont recall Speaker, ever, attacking any gay man, in any way. He may have worked HB444 in ways we might not all agree with, but I have never heard Speaker slander another human being. Van, have you looked Speaker in the eye and called him a coward to his face? Otherwise, who exactly is the coward?

    If the candidates, including Dwight Synan, are going to condone these tactics and these attacks by their campaign volunteers, I would suggest that is a reflection of the characters of the candidates themselves.

    Campaign on the issues and on the proposed strength of your leadership capacities.

  12. Kolea Says:

    I am a bit stunned at how clumsily this is being mishandled. Say’s residence is a legitimate issue. Hipoli might be willing to ignore the law because she likes Speaker Say. But that shouldn’t be the standard.
    OTOH, it is STOOPID to for HB444 advocates to say they are going after Speaker Say’s residence problem BECAUSE they dislike his role in dealing with the bill. You are doing Dwight Synan. A decent man & strong candidate, NO FAVOR by identifying him with your rude tone and tactics. re-read Dwight’s earlier comments and either adopt his tone or stfu!

    You are forcing me to repeat what I have written before. You are looking for a convenient demon on which to blame the failure of HB444. Speaker is NOT the appropriate target for your rage. If you think his actions were out of sync with the House Democratic caucus, you have bad sources of information.

    Lingle, obviously, though you have been singularly ineffectual at punishing HER for her betrayal.

    If you really want to help Dwight Synan, work behind the scenes. You are not ready for primetime.

    And, though this is inconvenient, Colleen Hanabusa, who has played you for chumps.

  13. Kolea Says:

    I also had problems editing my comments on the iPhone. It is almost impossible to scroll the comment window when the comment gets lengthy.

    So my Hanabusa comment at the end appears to be an orphan. I meant to say that Hanabusa has more responsibilty for the death of HB444 than Speaker Say, but you guys find her an inconvenient target for your wrath. It is also inconvenient for me to keep pointing this out, as I want her to defeat Djou this fall.

  14. Michael Says:


    An article by ddpledge.

    Reading a different article to his nonresidency in his district brings new light.
    I still feel something is not right but I share his concern for his mother.

    Sorry Say.

  15. David Shapiro Says:

    @iPhoners Try compose your comment in whatever notes app you use and copy and paste into the little comment box. Or write shorter comments. 🙂

  16. hipoli Says:

    Im not ignoring the law, Kolea. Charles is right. Its been investigated.

  17. WooWoo Says:


    I agree that it’s silly to be attacking Say when it was really about Hanabusa. But as you point out, it’s “inconvenient” for them to attack Hanabusa.

    It never ceases to amaze me that people can so easily carry around obvious contradictions in their head. As one commenter says, “We expect them [republicans]to be soulless bottom-feeders trying to pander to extremist hate voters.” But there is certainly no shortage of hate on the left (and to those same people, anybody that opposes civil unions is by definition an extremist hate voter). The left has done an excellent job (with the aid of the main stream media) of defining opposition to liberal causes as hate. Of course, its completely acceptable to hate Republicans.

    Meanwhile, the “good guys,” the Democrats, are somehow absolved of all the sins of both commission and omission… in particular in this state, which nobody disputes that they control.

    So a few people want to actually hold a democrat accountable for not supporting strongly enough the civil unions bill. First, they pick the wrong guy. Then, they hurl hate at him. Finally, people here comment that hate should only be hurled at Republicans.

    But never mind all of this… I ask again, how did they get a copy of his water bill? Is there any way to do this without blatantly breaking the law?

  18. David Shapiro Says:

    WooWoo, I believe water usage by address is a matter of public record.

  19. Kolea Says:


    When I lived in Speaker Say’s district years ago, I had the privilege of taking Aikido classes at the Dojo next to the 76 Station on Waialae. I never got very good at aikido, but eventually, through osmosis, I learned something about political strategy and the virtue of remaining centered in combat.

    What is the proper role for “hate” or anger in politics? What is “hate”? If someone works to deny you equality because of your race, your gender or your sexual orientation, but does it with a smile on their face and a light heart, do you have a right to get angry at them? Is it accurate to say they “hate” you? Is it accurate to say they are “bigoted” because they harbor a prejudice against you which blinds them to your equality?

    Finally, while I am unsure if one can legally get access to another’s water bill, I believe their is no violation of an expectation of privacy if someone reads the water meter outside the house to see if any water has been consumed. I can see where THAT info might be transformed through the grapevine into talk about a “water bill.”

  20. Kolea Says:


    “It never ceases to amaze me that people can so easily carry around obvious contradictions in their head.”

    Fu;;y agree! Fortunattely, you and I are able to avoid that completely. Unlike the DC Republicans, like Djou, who claim that eliminating the deficit is their top priority. And then want to continue the Bush tax cuts for the weathiest 2% even though that makes the deficit much worse! Or who vote to continue to throw money at the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan (Indonesia?, Southern Philippines?, Somalia?, Venezuela?, yada, yada), even though the federal government’s record at solving THOSE problems is a heckuva lot worse than things like Social Security, Headstart, food stamps, etc.

    No worry, I got your back on this one!

  21. Michael Says:

    lingle had the last Say!

    Never learned that a good offense is
    a good defense.

  22. Kolea Says:

    Hipoli and Charles,

    Both you guys know more than me, but I think you are mistaken to think the complaint against Say has no merit or “has already been decided.”

    I know and like Sol Kaho`ohalahala. And I think Maui’s County Council election scheme is a bit unusual: live in the district but have to schmooze with voters county-wide cuz that’s who is voting for you. But I think the court was right to decide Sol did not live on Lanai.

    And while the Board of Registration (or whoever ruled earlier on Speaker Say) might have been convinced that Speaker Say both maintained some sort of physical presence in the Valley at that time AND had the “intent to return,” it appears that he had not been taken even the minimal steps of maintaining the pretense in recent years and the credibility of his “intent to return” has worn somewhat thin in the intervening years.

    It would be awkward to disqualify the Speaker so soon before the election. Both because of who he is and because of the timeline. So maybe the Clerk, the Board and or the court might seek to sidestep the matter. But that does not invalidate the matter as an issue for the campaign. Voters in the district have a right to weigh in their minds whether it is important to them whether the Speaker lives in the district AND whether they believe he has knowingly failed to comply with the law and whether THAT non-compliance by a haighranking lawmaker matters to them.

    Speaker Say is such an effective politician on the face-to-face level, knowing people’s names, asking about their families, problems, etc., that he probably is better plugged into the Valley than Synan, regardless of where he actually lives. But the issue has the potential to open voters’ minds to replacing Say. Unless their minds close up again because they think Synan’s supporters are rude, radical know-ir-all newcomers. Which is what will happen if this issue continues to be so badly misplayed as demonstrated here today.

  23. ppcc Says:

    from Kolea:
    “Fu;;y agree! Fortunattely, you and I are able to avoid that completely. Unlike the DC Republicans, like Djou, who claim that eliminating the deficit is their top priority. And then want to continue the Bush tax cuts for the weathiest 2% even though that makes the deficit much worse! Or who vote to continue to throw money at the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan (Indonesia?, Southern Philippines?, Somalia?, Venezuela?, yada, yada), even though the federal government’s record at solving THOSE problems is a heckuva lot worse than things like Social Security, Headstart, food stamps, etc.”

    Talk about contradictions, Obama has been president of the US for well OVER a year and with a democrat super majority for both the House and Senate could have pulled American combat troops OUT of Afghanistan and Iraq a long time ago. Instead as soon as Obama was elected, retained Secretary of Defense Gates, who was appointed by Bush-2, and has INCREASED the number of combat troops in Afghanistan.

    Regarding tax cuts and Republican Djou, it is a nice talking point about how Republicans want to maintain tax cuts for ONLY the top 2% income earners in the US however the reality is come Jan 2011, Obama and the Democrats will allow the end of tax cuts/breaks for not only for the super rich but ALSO for many in the middle class as well since many middle class families will now be required to pay for the alternative minimum tax and/or lose many tax credits and breaks that currently are available to them.

    I agree the war in Afghanistan is a losing battle as both gov’ts in Afghanistan and Pakistan are corrupt and two-faced that constantly conspire against the Americans. In that situation it is a NO WIN scenario. The key in Afghanistan is to continue the hunt against Bin Laden and Al Qaeda but the policy of nation building for both Iraq and Afghanistan is a failed policy. But then Obama has willingly continued that failed policy, that has continued to cost American lives and resources, that Bush-2 & Cheney started.

    Therefore Djou is not the problem. Rather Obama and Congress men/women who support him are currently the problem. Also using the same logic, Djou is the best choice to be re-elected since Hanabusa will only perpetuate the failed policies put forth by Obama

  24. Kolea Says:


    I have finally read the complaint against Say. It is clear they DO cite his actual water bill, so my “evolutionary grapevine” thesis, while fun specualtion, was wrong.


    Glad to see you are starting to oppose the war in Afghanistan. Yes, Bush-Cheney started it, but Obama has made the war his own. You call it a “failed policy” and waste of “American lives and resources.” Agreed!

    So there was a vote on cutting off funding to the war last week. Mazie voted AGAINST the funding and Djou voted FOR it. 12 Republicans voted against, along with 102 Democrats. The “NO” votes doubled from a year ago, so Congress is starting to reflect the public’s growing opposition to the war. And somehow, the lesson you draw from this is people should vote FOR who voted FOR funding Obama’s failed war policies?

    Sorry. Does not compute.

    Now I don’t know the nuances of Hanabusa’s position on the war in Afghanistan. But she has expressed a great deal of skepticism about a “military solution” over there. Hanabusa is much more likely to vote against the war than Djou, un;ess or until the Republicans in Congress turn against the war en masse. Djou pretended to be independent, went to Washington and now votes again and again with the hardline, obstructionist wing of the Republican/Tea Party folks.

    The more Hawaii voters know about Djou’s voting record, the more they will turn against him in the fall. Thanks for reinforcing the importance of the Afghan war as a factor for voters to consider in the fall election.

  25. OahuSophist Says:

    I have to admit to not understanding the reasoning behind this move against Speaker Say. As an activist and strong supporter of the gay rights movement here in Hawaii, I have to say that the Speaker has been a strong supporter of House Bill 444. Those who suggest the January deferral of HB444 was the sole responsibility of the Speaker seem to forget there was virtually no objection from House Members. Only Representative Bertram stood and voiced opposition. And, despite the deferral, the House ultimately passed the bill. Where was/is the thanks to the Speaker.

    So, it seems that when things go well, certain Civil Union supporters Speaker Say has nothing to do with it, but when things go wrong, he gets all the blame. The simplest and most immediate justification for this is that some of these activist have it out for the Speaker and will overlook the support he’s given the given the bill and the movement.

    While I won’t suggest the Speaker to be so petty as to change his position on the issue, what kind of message does Law and other Civil Union supporters intend to send with this?

    I also find somewhat laughable the notion that Speaker Say and Governor Lingle ‘struck a deal’ to kill the bill. The logic of the argument escapes me, except that its clear that those who agree with such a silly rumor aren’t thinking logically, but emotionally.

    Finally, I have to agree with Kolea. Colleen Hanabusa, whose bid for Congress I support, did more damage to the bill than Speaker Say did. I guess some in the movement are more motivated by their own agenda than by what’s best for the cause. Its sad, really.

  26. Alan R. Spector Says:

    @OahuSophist. Very well said. Please note that the actions of Jo-Ann, Van, and Laurie are not representative of the entire LGBT community or HB444 advocates.

    You are correct. Speaker Say did support HB444. He voted yes on it in 2009 and 2010. The entire House was part of the 1/29/10 voice vote to postpone the bill, however, they redeemed themselves on 4/29/10 by reviving it and passing it (with Speaker Say voting yes).

    It seems as if energy would be better spent going after our opponents; that is those legislators who voted no on HB444 or Gov. Lingle who vetoed it.

    Instead, a few select activists have gone rogue and are scapegoating Speaker Say while at the same ignoring the actions of others.

  27. paLOLOman Says:

    I’ve lived in Palolo most of my life, and I acknowledge Calvin Say’s contributions to our community and our state over the years. But it’s no secret — people who live near his “home” know he really doesn’t live there. Maybe back in the day, politicians could pull strings and get away with things like not living in the district. But today’s voters and residents are savvy, and expect more from our elected officials. Calvin Say should just come clean already. If he wants to still run for office, that’s fine — he should just be honest with the voters and run for the Pauoa district where he resides. Simple as that.

    I used to be a Calvin supporter, but not so much anymore. Especially over the past few years or so, it’s become more and more apparent that he is just a stereotypical politician. For him to introduce and vote for legislation to benefit himself as a business owner (HRPT Properties), or to help his friends like Jerry Chang (land deal)… that’s just wrong.

    But in addition to these political shenanigans, it also is about leadership. When times are tough, that’s when true leaders emerge. And sadly, I don’t see Calvin Say as a leader any more. He’s past his prime. Rather, I see him as a career politician who is out-of-touch with reality.

    There shouldn’t be change for the sake of change — but in this case, it’s clear my district needs new blood.

  28. Michael Golojuch, Jr. Says:

    Say has broken the law plain and simple.

    He does not live in the district that he is representing – plain and simple.

    Is he being targeted because of his actions and in some cases lack of action on HB 444, could be but at least these people are are standing up for the law.

    To everyone that is complaining about the charges filed against Say, get over it! If Say had not broken the law then there would be no basis for the complaint.

    We need more people to stand up and support the laws.

    If Say did not like the law then he should have worked on getting it changed. He has had 34 years to make that happen.

  29. hohoho Says:

    Dwight Synan? Let’s get real.

  30. charles Says:

    I obviously don’t know all the facts as some in here do but Say has not broken the law until a judgement is rendered.

    Has there been a decision in this latest complaint? I must have missed it.

    Anyone can file a complaint. Anyone can accuse someone of a crime.

    It doesn’t necessarily mean one is guilty, however.

  31. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    Calvin Say is not the only elected official whose family lives in one district but votes in & represents another. Since 2002, another official’s family has lived on the current boundary line even though the house was well into another district right from the time it was first built. The boundary line shift happened after the last round of reapportionment.

    The 2001 State Reapportionment Commission “dissolved” one House District in Windward O`ahu in order to expand the number of representatives out in Leeward O`ahn. The dissolved district was chupped up into three other districts.

    This is very likely to happen again as the population grows & shifts – again out to West O`ahu.

    Although City Council Reapportionment Commission will change boundaries significantly, House & Senate boundaries don’t usually move that much, but still it puts a real burden on people who lived and represented District X and wind up living in District Y after the reapportionment process is completed.

    What can legislators and the public do to address these issues besides gerrymandering the process and allowing a small block where someone’s house is located to be included in the old district?

  32. OahuSophist Says:

    @Michael Golojuch, Jr.

    A similar complaint was filed previously and it was determined he did meet the legal requirements of living in the district. As such, @charles makes a good point; YOU may believe Speaker Say has broken the law, but unfortunately for you, you’re not the one that gets to make that determination.

    What’s more, I never complained the the complaint’s been filed, but rather that certain leaders of the GLBT movement have chosen this, in my opinion, poorly calculated action to occupy their time. And if you’re so high-minded as you make yourself out to be, why not file a complaint against every candidate who may not live in the district for which they’re running to represent?

    Your attempt to appear righteous is transparent in its inconsistency. Speaker Say may or may not live in the district, but its clear to anyone paying attention that those who’ve filed the complaint (and those who support said filing) simply have a bone to pick.

  33. shaftalley Says:

    it doesn’t matter where these politicians live.what matters is that if we keep voting the same ones back in,to the same office or not,we will not get any improvements in hawaii.no matter how many promises they make.the same can be said for the democratic party of hawaii.if they maintain a majority this election cycle,there will not be any economic improvement in our state whatsoever!there will be more deficit spendingand borrowing and higher tax rates for all of us.no prosperity.and the republicans??they have a love fest with law enforcement agencies.who needs that?

  34. PeteBRH Says:

    I am a member of the gay community and embarrassed by the actions of these three supposed leaders, so much so that this has prompted me to post on this blog for the very first time. Talk about political naivete and downright political suicide. Judging from all the comments above, it appears as if most people agree.

    This certainly doesn’t help their preferred candidate, Dwight Synan. And if Speaker Say wins re-election and his Speakership, these leaders will not be able to effectively advocate for the GLBT community or their organizations (GLBT Caucus and Pride Alliance Hawaii).

    To make matters worse, this appears so hypocritical. Jo-Ann Adams attacks Speaker Say yet at the same time appears in Senator Hanabusa’s TV ads. As I remember it, Senator Hanabusa was responsible for stalling HB444 in 2009!

  35. hipoli Says:

    Welcome, Pete.

    Well said.

  36. New Dish Says:

    Why are these folks making enemies out of someone who voted to pass HB444 out of the House in 2009 & 2010? Why are they risking gay support if Say wins? If they’re going to file a complaint, they really shouldn’t do it on behalf of a community that still has to rely on legislative support (and friends) to achieve comprehensive equality. “Bi-partisan?” – it was entirely political.
    Why not simply support Dwight Synan proactively? Why jeopardize his race only to satisfy revenge? I agree with a previous poster: they’re not doing him any favors, nor are they doing the gay community any favors. In fact, judging from these responses, I think they’ve generated a gay backlash.

  37. PeteBRH Says:

    Good point New Dish. I think their actions will generate a backlash from others including members of the gay community. It certainly motivated me to speak out. I have never been involved with their respective groups and I certainly would not now. But I do vote and I do donate to candidates. I don’t live in Say’s district and know little about him or Synan, however, I might just send Say a donation as a result of Adams, Law, and Cicotello. These blog postings have been very informative.

  38. hipoli Says:

    Im very pleased to see positive responses and support for Speaker Say from other members of the gay and lesbian community here. I know it wasnt perfect, but Speaker ultimately came around on HB444. If they didnt see the tears in his eyes when HB444 passed from the House, then they arent just dumb, they are also blind.

    Adams, Law, Ciotello, and others (you know who you are) are indeed hurting the future of this legislation tremendously. Keep pushing, you ignorant-think-you-know-better-dummies, and watch the House’s collective response next year, with or without Speaker Say at the helm. Dont believe me? Shall we go back to what happened in the Senate? The Hawaii State Legislature, as a whole, has its way of punishing those who piss them off.

    Like this.

    Im more than willing to suggest to the vast supporters of civil unions to take you three out of the equation if it means that the next version of HB444 is not jeopardized by your actions. Im sure there are others who would agree.

  39. PeteBRH Says:

    @Hipoli. Agreed, it looks like some retirements are in order, and not Speaker Say’s! As I said, I avoid the organizations that those three represent, especially when Ms. Adams is involved. She is a poor strategist that is impulsive, emotional, and known for temper tantrums, including before legislators. She is blind to the fact that her conduct actually harms the community she claims to represent.

  40. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    Well, at least Ms. Adams isn’t Hannah The Witch. I saw – and heard – her go after the Board of Regents on the student athletic fee & couldn’t remember where I’d seen – and heard – her before. It turns out she’s a member of the GLBT group headed by Jo-Ann Adams.

    I’ve known Calvin Say from the days when Sigoth and I lived in Lower St. Louis Heights and had not yet moved to Windward O`ahu. He was working as a busboy at the Flamingo Restaurant while running for office for the first time back in 1976.

    How time flies when we’re having fun.

    When he chaired the House Finance Committee before taking on the Speaker’s position, I found him to be calm & even-handed – even when things weren’t going so well back in the mid-nineties.

    It’s not likely that Calvin Say will lose the Primary election; still, what will the Dems who oppose him now do come November 2?

  41. Concerned Citizen Says:

    Calvin Say did, in fact, support HB444 as it passed though the house–that is a fact.

    Lingle vetoed it–that is a fact.

    Calvin Say, as Speaker of the House, had the duty to call a special session and call for a special override vote on Lingle’s veto–that’s a fact.

    Even though I’m not a supporter of HB444, I find it interesting that a so-called supporter would not follow through with his beliefs and duties.

    In regards to this article, the complaint against Calvin Say has the backing of small business, unions, gay activists, republicans, and democrats alike. As a life long resident of Palolo Valley, to me, that’s a true cross section of Hawaii, with the absence of big business.

    I believe that the writer has erroneously guided the readers to believe that Calvin’s opponent has been endorsed by the lesbian, bisexual and transgender caucus. Or maybe the democrats endorse certain candidates over others during the primary, then again, that’s something I could see the democrats doing.

    After reading this blog, I went ahead and read the complaint. It’s very solid and I find it disheartening to realize how arrogant Calvin is. The complaint says that through her attorney, Mrs. Say relinquished her residency at 1822 10th Ave after the last complaint was filed. It also goes on to mention that while he supposedly lives there 60% of the time, he did not use any water for over six consecutive months ending in May 2010. This reminds me of the same hubris demonstrated by Nixon during Watergate.

    Calvin has had numerous opportunities to take away the basis of these allegations by simply flushing the toilet.

    As for all the hot air about dis or dat, fortunately it’s the residents of my district that decides, not you politicos.

    In my book it’s three strikes, you’re out. Next batta!

  42. Kolea Says:


    Just as I suggested it is wrong to demonize Speaker Say over HB444, maybe it is not a good idea to “witchify” his critics?

    I think your “Hannah the Witch” comment mighta gone a little too far.

    Just sayin’….

  43. Earl of Sandwich Says:

    @Concerned Citizen

    You said, “Calvin Say, as Speaker of the House, had the duty to call a special session and call for a special override vote on Lingle’s veto–that’s a fact.”

    Sorry, that is your opinion, not a fact.

  44. Alan R. Spector Says:

    @Cap/Doc. I agree with Kolea. Please let’s try and refrain from name calling and stick to the issues. Hannah is a friend.

  45. Michael Says:

    Someone passed Bill HB444. Say who?

    Someone vetoed the Bill
    after it was passed. Say what?

    Someone had the final decision. Say why?

    Someone said it was a decision
    no one in her office could make
    alone and let the public decide. You don’t Say!

    Not my opinion it happened.

  46. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:


    I actually cleaned up the word used to describe her by many in the audience who heard her yell, scream and swear at the Board of Regents. According to others who sat by her, she cursed and swore – albeit in a much lower level – at individuals who got up to speak on the issue.

    Although I knew I’d seen her somewhere before, it wasn’t until I was describing to a staffer at the Legislature what had happened at the meeting that I was able to make the connection. Evidently, her behavior at the meeting was not unique according to both legislators and staffers who’ve had other interactions with her.

    I certainly would not want to have her advocate for or against anything I supported or opposed. Calling decision-makers incompetent axxholes is hardly the best way to get them to support one’s cause.

    You strike me as someone with sense & sensibility. If she is your friend, perhaps you might want to talk to her about the difference between strongly advocating for/against an issue and attacking the decision-makers.

  47. Alan R. Spector Says:

    Thanks for sharing this with me Cap. Wow, I haven’t witnessed this. I hope this hearsay isn’t true. No matter what we think of others or their opinions, I do believe in the value of trying as best as we can to keep things civil…….and this applies to both sides. That said this goal can be challenging to achieve at all times given the emotionality of the issue. It is not easy to be a gay person and have our opponents spread lies about us and witness them engage in conduct designed to prevent us from being treated with social dignity and legal equality.

  48. Most Gentle readers:

    1. I mirthfully note that “Witch” rhymes with another word that begins with “B.” Thank you for calling me that, as it puts me in the company of women like Hilary Clinton, Ann Richards, and many others who have threatened the gender standards of someone obviously insecure about their gender.

    2. I spoke forcefully at the Regents meeting, but I used only “parliamentary” language. If I attracted especial attention, it was only because I was the first to add my name to the speaking list, because I am an older student, and because I was more articulate and forceful than the hearer expected from a woman. Thank you for your compliment!

    3. I had a right to be intemperate, since I am one of the students that will be forced to pay $100 a year to support UH Athletics, which is about 1% of my TOTAL ANNUAL INCOME, as it is for most UH student. How many people would stay calm when someone imposes the equivalent of a 1% tax to pay for someone else’s sports fun. No Tea-Party protester is being forced to pay for a losing football team.

    4. The Star-Advertiser reporter used my comparison of the Regent’s decision to being forced to pay for someone else’s “Steak and Champagne Dinner” in the lead of his front-page article.

    5. Two most felicitous quotes:

    “Well-behaved women seldom make history” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, 1976

    “I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a door mat or a prostitute.” Rebecca West, 1913

  49. David Shapiro Says:

    I’ve been keeping only half an eye on the blog while working on my column for tomorrow and missed the part where Hannah was called a witch or I would have zapped it. That kind of personal name-calling isn’t the kind of discussion I care to host. Let’s please let Hannah’s response be the final word on the subject. She didn’t make any attacks against anybody that need to be refuted. Thanks.

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