flASHback alert

Today’s “flASHback” column in the Star-Advertiser: “Gubernatorial candidates twisting up campaign trail.”

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3 Comments on “flASHback alert”

  1. shaftalley Says:

    just found out today that congresswoman mazie hirono is a card carrying member of the socialist party.she’s a vice chair of the caucus of democrat house members who are socialists.man, that is so far out and cool but also kind of dumb.i’m surprised that there are politicians who believe in that loser,low quality of life economic and social system like socialism.oh well.good luck comrade mazie!

  2. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    Congratulations, ShaftAlley, you’ve been put on the DBTRNB List

  3. shaftalley Says:

    capitolist/wassupdoc: if that’s anything like being put on the s–t list,i’m in trouble!!!

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