The LG candidates: From bright beacons to space cadets

The latest fundraising letter for Norman Sakamoto declares that he’s not running for lieutenant governor to get in line to become governor, but to be “focused on the job he’s running for — lieutenant governor.”

It raises the question of what the heck the LG’s job is, with few real responsibilities other than to be ready to stand in if the governor decides to summer in China or spend the fall on the presidential campaign trail.

Sakamoto’s letter says the job “can be as important as (the occupant) makes it,” but the fact is that few Hawai’i LGs have managed to make it important because few governors have been willing to share power in any meaningful way.

I thought it would be interesting to see how the six major Democratic candidates describe the job, and here’s what I gleaned in order of how they finished in the latest Hawaii Poll by the Star-Advertiser and Hawaii News Now:

  • Brian Schatz (27 percent) is offering “a bright beacon of hope for Hawaii’s future” and promising “to work with the governor, the Legislature and the public to implement common sense approaches to the challenges ahead.” No real specifics on how the office would make him a player.
  • Sakamoto (21 percent) focuses on his experience as Senate education chairman and   “would like to take on education as his prime responsibility, if the next governor sees fit to use him that way.” No clear hint of what he’ll do if the governor doesn’t see fit.
  • Robert Bunda (11 percent) presents himself as an experienced hand as former Senate president who can act as a “working link between the governor, the state Legislature and the public.” Again, only if the governor sees fit.
  • Gary Hooser (10 percent) wants to use the office for “the power of the soapbox, the power to convene and the power to shine a light,” but if we’re being honest, he could have done all of those things with more real authority by staying on as Senate majority leader. Hooser talks the most openly about using the office as a steppingstone to governor or Congress.
  • Lyla Berg (7 percent) pushes her experience in education, but she’s also the only candidate to prominently cite an actual duty of the LG, saying she’d use her oversight of the Office of Information Practices to open up state government.
  • Jon Riki Karamatsu (2 percent) says his short-term goals are to make Hawaii a top 100 economic power, grow 40 percent of our food, produce 10 percent of our energy and reduce violent crimes by 40 percent. He also lists “long-term and far-fetched goals for the world” that include reducing the violence in the world by 75 percent, uniting 90 percent  of the world’s countries and expanding space exploration beyond our galaxy.

I guess if there’s any elected official who could spend a few years on a space mission without being missed, it’s the lieutenant governor.

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47 Comments on “The LG candidates: From bright beacons to space cadets”

  1. the LG job in anywhere is usually worth the same as what John Nance Garner considered his VP job: ‘a bucket of warm (he didn’t really say ‘spit’)

    but one must guard the mooring lines at night on the ship of state, lest rats sneak aboard when the watch is dozing.

    If Mufi gets elected, and he probably will, the LG better be in the bull pen and warmed up, because Mufi is dreaming of three point shots on the White House basketball court, his stepping stone to immortality.

  2. Nikki Heat Says:

    Yeah, LG is a nothing job without the Governor giving #2 something juicy to do. But it’s still a fun race for political junkies because of the six “major” Democrats.
    What’s your take on the numbers reported in the Hawaii Poll (Schatz 27%, Sakamoto 21%, Bunda 11%, Hooser 10%, Berg 7%, Karamtasu 2%)? After pouring some $$ into the airwaves (with some pretty effective talking head don’t quite know what he’s saying but nice tone overall content), Sakamoto has certainly increased his presence in the race (I hear he was in single digits at the end of the last session and still had name recognition problems). On the other hand, Hooser apparently hasn’t moved and has been absent from TV (unless you go on his website and “preview” “new” TV ads). I’ve begun to see Bunda’s old guy been around piece, Berg’s looks like Hanabusa’s special election congressional ad, and Schatz’s campaign to be DOE Superintendent. With 21% undecided, you would expect those numbers to break among the leaders (and if you subscribe to the old adage that AJAs don’t disclose preference and the old ethnic appeal, then towards Sakamoto) so isn’t Hooser just a spoiler at this point for the nice young man seen bouncing through the school corridor? I did get the tweet from @GaryHooser informing me the poll was taken before HSTA and Local 5 endorsed Hooser and the Pave Hawaii Ohana (trade unions and Building Industry Assn) went with Sakamoto (ILWU and HGEA have endorsed Schatz).
    I like to think that grassroots presence on the neighbor islands can make a difference but it looks like media and $$ will decide the Primary.

  3. ppcc Says:

    from fontaine:

    “If Mufi gets elected, and he probably will, the LG better be in the bull pen and warmed up, because Mufi is dreaming of three point shots on the White House basketball court, his stepping stone to immortality.”

    I don’t know about this. When Dan Inouye is PUBLICLY speaking out against Mufi’s “haole go home” campaign tactics; excluding the union and ethnic vote (people who “look like” Mufi), Caucasian, moderate Demo & Repub’s AND now Inouye supporters of all ethnicities are becoming increasingly ABM (anyone but Mufi) which defaults to a vote for Abercrombie for the Demos and Aiona for the Repubs.

  4. Richard Gozinya Says:

    One would think that, in these dire economic conditions, this office could be eliminated and the money saved or at at least re-directed to better uses.

    Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah….just foolin’.

  5. Michael Says:

    LG sounds like the green stuff that grows in stagnent ponds.

  6. David Says:

    Also remember: LG becomes governor if governor dies or is permanently incapacitated. Another thing to keep in mind, “old boys”. 😉

  7. hipoli Says:

    Given the fact that Mufi’s not binding himself to sticking around and the other fact that Neil ‘aint no spring chicken, Im paying attention to the LG race, plenty.

    Let us be clear: how a person conducts their campaign is a good indication of how that person will manage state government policy and our State’s finances.

    In this case, both Hooser and Sakamoto, I am blown away by the amount of money they both have blown through. What, donations are growing on trees nowadays? Its not like taxes now, you cant just raise it and the money will magically appear.

    While Sakamoto says he made the strategic decision to spend SO much early, when you only go so much to spend, you end up pretty broke in the end. I actually do hope his coffers stay drie, namely because of his position on HB444. Hand it to Bunda, what little he had he’s saved up for the end and hes got the prettiest signs of the season. Again, his position against HB444 is concerning, too. But its Hooser that gave me the most cause for concern. What the heck did that man spend all his campaign donations on? As far as I can see, he’s got one commercial, and its the worst one of the season yet. His inability to manage his campaign shows me exactly what I worry most about him: impulsive and clueless.

    Its the messages coming out from these campaigns and from campaign supporters that I am very much watching. Recently, Sakamoto sent out a campaign e-mail blast where he extensively quoted a former BOE member, in essence agreeing with the points she makes. In this, this person states that the recent Ms. Leonard was more qualified for Hawaii’s SC than Ms. Kagan was for our federal SC. Whatchusmokin’overthere, Norm? You agree with that? The author further bemoans the fact that HSTA failed to endorse Norman. Given how Norman is touting his extensive education-related legislative experience, one wonders what the heck happened there? And yet, instead of addressing this letter, Norman shrugs, sorta like when Lucy steals the ball away from Charlie Brown, and falls on his back. Im sorry, but first, dont agree with a comparison of Hawaii’s failed LINGLE SC nominee to OBAMA’s SC nominee (hello?!) and then why point out that the exact organization you say you worked to help has let you know, well, you didnt. Anyone got another football for Lucy, please? Finally, has anyone borne witness to one of Sakamoto’s famous rants? I hear he recently went richter-scale on a bunch of early education professionals. Oh, how I wish we could get one of those on YouTube. He puts Howard Dean to shame! It’s actually kinda funny because you can almost see the steam coming out of his ears, but when you stop to think – seriously – this man with this temper want to be LG? And he’s carrying a bible in his back pocket, too? Scary, folks.

    Moving on to Senator Hooser. Now, i heard he’s told people, and I do quote “going negative works”. I say – GROSS! His supporters have been down-right mean to other campaign volunteers. We know that they tried – and failed – to plant a smear email against Brian Schatz with Ian Lind. Again, if Hooser is so courageous as he and his campaign are seeking to make him out to be, I think they should focus on campaigning on the strength of his candidacy.

    Instead, if Hooser and by extension his supporters ‘go negative’ with gorilla tactics and attack emails as written by Joann Adams and others, he shows me the cowardliness beyond all others. How he can, in good consciousness, allow anyone in his campaign to attack a fellow supporter of HB444, an issue he says he cares so deeply about, is beyond my comprehension.

    We already all know that the Mufi vs Neil race is going to be a bloody, brutal battle. I do not want to see this at the LG level too. Do you? I, personally, am watching for this poor campaign messaging.

  8. Hooserdaddy Says:

    Keep in mind the phone calls for this poll were done before Hooser got the HSTA and Sierra Club endorsements, also Hooser’s new TV ad on civil issues. There’s also been a negative trend starting to happen with Brian in the past week or two. The campaign has changed in the past week or two and that is not reflected in this poll. What does show up in this poll is that about a third of the survey respondents don’t know who any of the candidates are. Plus the poll only had about 400 respondents. Show me a poll of 1000 LV and then it’ll mean something.

  9. Doug Says:

    Whoa. What is this talk of going negative with “gorilla tactics?”

    That slur is very unfair to our simian ancestors, Hipoli. I hope you meant to say “guerilla” tactics.

    Although, if things continue down the present track, there may eventually be feces thrown…

  10. Kolea Says:

    Wow, Hipoli. What’s with the venom against Hooser?
    You “heard” Gary said “going negative works”? WHO HASN”T said that? I’ll say it right here:”Going negative works.”

    I will also say it is an unfortunate fact and that WE aren’t going to engage in it. Did your “source” say Gary was advising his people to “go negative”? I doubt it, or you would have said so.

    I am a friend of both Gary and Brian. But I am supporting Gary. I can criticize Brian, but I have challenged people whenever I have heard rumors along the lines which appeared on Ian’s blog. Those rumor’s do NOT come from Gary.

    You specifically mention Jo Ann Adams. Jo Ann has accomplished some important things, but she is also a loose cannon who has hurt her own cause a number of times and caused splits among HB444 advocates as people scramble to distance themselves from her. You know some of that history. If the GLBT community is unable to control her, why do you assume Gary Hooser can? I have not seen the email to which you allude, but why is Gary responsible for anything she says? Do you really think he is using her as a proxy agent for launching attacks on other candidates?

    Come on. You are smarter than that.

    And–MOST TIMES–fairer than that as well.

    warm regards, but….

  11. hipoli Says:

    Hooserdaddy? Isn’t that a PIMP-related saying? Who’s Your Daddy? Wonderful. Very classy. Note to self: Hooser’s supporters are male chauvanist

    The only campaign that’s negative around these parts is Hoosers. His campaign has negative
    cash flow, his campaign people are trying to go negative on the blog heading towards a negative viral campaign, and his commercial is, without a doubt, the worst one of all of them so far.

    Hooser and his team are attacking a fellow supporter of HB444. Why? Only because he’s winning. What they don’t see Or just refuse to accept is that if Brian doesn’t win, the reality is it’s going to be either Sakamoto or Bunda.

    Is that what HB444 supporters want?

  12. Hooserdaddy Says:

    Man, I don’t know what your talkin’ about @hipoli. You in the far outfield, @hipoli.

  13. hipoli Says:

    I’m not out in outfield.

    First, Ian’s blog, now Derrick’s.

    So Not Cool.

  14. shaftalley Says:

    this is not an endorsement for hooser,but man he’s got great exposure by having his campaign quarters right on the corner of nuuanu and king,in chinatown.the traffic that goes down king st. especially during the morning and evening rush can’t miss hs posters thru those big ,wide ground level windows.and as i mentioned before,hooser is there early mornings at his desk,usually by himself.very well positioned.and the heavy traffic on nuuanu st.great location.he doesn’t need to useany money.too bad i don’t shre his politics.who cares?

  15. hipoli Says:

    Kolea – go check out Derrick’s blog. J-Adams is the one who has gone off the deep end. And, Im sorry, the smear attempt on Ian’s was Hooser’s side, too.

    Hooser is campaigning on the ‘courageous’ message. How courageous is this b.s.?

    And if Civil Rights and Civil Unions is truly a cornerstone of his campaign, he should keep his eye on making sure he doesnt hand this seat over to Sakamoto or Bunda.

    Fight a good, clean fight – or get out – lest we lose the LG seat to an anti-Hb444 candidate.

  16. Kolea Says:


    At your recommendation, I have just read the exchange on Derrick’s blog. You are probably aware I have sometimes disagreed with JoAnn Adams, sometimes pointedly. And in reviewing her remarks on that blog, I would have been less harsh in criticizing Brian.

    But in broad outline, here is a great deal of truth in what she has said. Brian did advise some civil union advocates behind the scenes, but he did maintain a low-profile throughout the skirmishes, except for his initial testimony at the House hearing. But once the battle started heating up, he kept his head down, undoubtedly because he feared it might harm his prospects in the LG race.

    And I disagreed with his efforts to de-rail the reprimand of Senator Gabbard. He was responding to behind the scenes requests from powerful players. Fortunately, Brian was unsuccessful in his lobbying efforts on Gabbard’s behalf.

    This is Brian. He prefers the behind the scenes negotiations. That MAY be effective on some issues, under some circumstances. But there is also a place for the strong advocate, like Gary Hooser, who is willing to stand up for basic decency in the face of a lot of legislative hypocrisy and double-dealing. You know, the sort we saw with HB444.

    JoAnn’s attack on Brian, a fainthearted friend of civil unions, is probably counter-productive and coming from frustration rather than a more somber assessment of where things stand. Attacking Brian is more likely to help Norm Sakamoto at this point rather than Gary.

    But because I know JoAnn well, her strengths and her weaknesses, and because I know both Gary and Brian well, I think it is wrong for you to hold Gary responsible for her actions. JoAnn does what she does. Nobody controls her.

    You say you want a “clean fight.” I agree. I don’t know what motivates your anger at Hooser. I think it is misplaced and unfair. I think you are besmirching a very decent man. Just as you are unhappy with what you see as unfair and counter-productive attacks on Brian, I am hoping you will cool down with your attacks on Gary. The rightwing hates Gary of all the LG candidates. I hate to see you line up with them in attacking him. Just as you hate seeing JoAnn attacking Brian.

    Warm regards.

    This is Brian’s nature.

  17. Kolea Says:

    The final line: “this is Brian’s nature” was not intended to appear there. It is an orphan from a bad edit.

  18. charles Says:

    How does one run for Lt. Gov.? If the message is “Vote for me and I will do whatever the Governor allows me to do; nothing more, nothing less”; well, I suspect while it’s truthful, it’s not exactly a winning message.

  19. hipoli Says:

    Kolea –

    Sorry, youre wrong. Ian hasnt had to write a blog entry about smears and then out what he received about Hooser. Derrick hasnt received a blog entry trying to take Hooser out at the knees. Whats next? This is Hooser’s people trying to use the popular political blogs to start a negative viral campaign. Period. So dont make him out to be a not-so-young-prince when hes not containing this. From what I can tell so far, no other LG candidate is doing to this to anyone else.

    I DO know that Hooser and Joanne did screw it up and then blamed everyone else, BUT themselves. It ticks me off (yes, Im more than fired up right now) that they blamed Hanabusa – and now theyre trying to blame Schatz, too?! If Brian ducked, who the hell blames him? Except for the people that apparently wanted Brian to clean up the damn mess they made. Thats just not right. So if it sounds like Im ticked off at him and his people, its because I am.

    As for Gabbard, Brian is up against two men who, if they win, will be like as if Gabbard himself had won the LG spot, but with a far more powerful platform to spew their religious and anti-equality message.

    Again, I ask, WHY attack the good guy and risk handing the LG seat over to one of them? Is Joanne NUTS? Is your friend Hooser that much of an egomaniac not to see how this plays out?

    Im not trying to be mean. Im being realistic. I really dont want Sakamoto or Bunda to win this. And if I thought Gary stood a sliver of a chance to win this, I wouldnt be being such a bitch. But Im sorry, Kolea, Hooser is not going to win this race. He managed his early donations poorly, hes now practically broke, and with what money he did have he produced, Im not kidding, one of the worst commercials Ive ever seen. His commercial feels like he’s practically begging for votes and hes on-line practically begging for money, too. HSTA and Lari are going to carry him only so far and the Sierra Club endorsement means, what 10 votes, total?

    If these lame blog posts we’re seeing (and not seeing) are any indication – is Hooser trying to take Brian down with him? Is this a case of ‘if I dont get to be LG, you dont either’? Can you imagine handing this over to Sakamoto or Bunda as a result of Hoosers negative campaigning against Brian?

  20. Nikki Heat Says:

    Hipoli & Kolea:
    If you’re afraid that anti-Civil Unions candidate Norman has built momentum in moving from single digits to second place (and can parlay that move to fundraising advantage over the last month of the campaign), then it’s certainly tempting to impugn Gary’s quixotic campaign (he announced early but has never been able to raise the money to get on television effectively) which may only hurt Brian.
    Consider that Gary simply thinks he can still win (that he seriously believes the Sierra Club paper endorsement and the HSTA nod can somehow help make up 17% in the last weeks of the campaign– which require Brian and Norman to lose some support and for the undecideds to break decidedly Gary’s way). Far-fetched perhaps but elected officials are notoriously optimistic folk.
    It’s the nature of the beast.
    Even Lyla Berg and Jon-Riki Karamatsu must feel they can win, if things break their way (i.e., Brian, Norman, Bobby and Gary do something really stupid in the next couple of weeks and folks suddenly think those two are viable).
    Do you seriously believe that blogs can make as big a difference as regular media buys in the last month of the campaign?

  21. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    What is/are the dates of the blogs you are talking about? I am really jammed up at work and dealing with political stuff not connected to any particular campaign so sometimes I just read what the host has to say & skip over the comments. I don’t recall DDP attacking Brian.

    As for me, I am going to wait to decide who to vote for – ABB or N.

    Kolea: So what do you think of Ed Case now?

  22. Scott Goold Says:

    Aloha ~
    The saddest part of this conversation is that the poll numbers are highly suspect. I’m not even talking about the timing issues raised by Hooserdaddy.

    I do a great deal of work on the theory behind this type of polling or survey research and am professionally concerned about this methodology. For these statistics to be reliable, the sampling frame (various phone numbers) must be drawn both randomly and proportionately. This is difficult enough with land lines. It is virtually impossible with cell phones.

    As younger people are more likely to shun land lines and rely solely on cells, bias within this group is highly likely. Thus, a sample of 425 respondents is likely convenient rather than random and scientific. This makes all the findings suspect, including the 4.5% margin of error.

    I argued in my dissertation work on this subject that these preliminary polls can do injustice to democracy. People who see a candidate such as Berg with 7% support may now decide not to donate funds or time to the campaign. They may change their vote preference – not wishing to waste it on a projected losing candidate – and support one of the candidates who appears to have a better chance of winning.

    As it stands, this is very dangerous information to our democratic process!


  23. James Says:

    Kolea, for your reference,

    Hipoli may be a bit emotional, but she’s correct.


  24. hipoli Says:

    Gee, thanks, James? I think.

    Got all your attention though, didn’t I?


  25. Hooserdaddy Says:

    The recent Star-Advertiser poll tells us the following:

    * 50% of the population either has not heard of or does not have enough information on any of the LG candidates.

    * The poll was conducted prior to the Hawaii State Teachers Association endorsing Hooser over Sakamoto.

    * The poll was conducted prior to Sierra Club Hawaii endorsing Hooser over all other candidates.

    * While Sakamoto and Schatz have already spent thousands on television advertising, with minimal effect, the poll was conducted prior to the Hooser launch of television ad campaign which just started last week.

    * This type of poll which contacted only 425 voters statewide, under-represents the neighbor-island vote and that combined with the large number of undecided make it very unreliable predictor of the election outcome.

    * All four of the major candidates are within striking distance.

  26. Kolea Says:


    Thanks for the link, but I read those comments at the time. They do not show the attack came from Gary’s campaign. That leap requires a hostility towards Gary in order to complete the logical chain.

    I doubt I am spilling any secrets when I say there are some nasty tensions within the Democratic Party and some folks have a disproportionate hostility towards Brian. (Kinda like Hipoli’s antipathy towards Gary!)

  27. Kolea Says:

    (Sorry, my keyboard started typing numbers instead of letters, so I had to cut it short and re-boot.)

    There was a variant of the Helping Hands nonsense being circulated several months ago. Except it was directed at Brian’s alleged mismanagement of Youth for Environmental Service. It was total cr@p and I told that to the people who were circulating it. I first met Brian when he was heading YES and he did a remarkable job. After he left, the new directors tried to expand the program dramatically and took on sponsoring an international youth conference in Honolulu. So the organization got into financial trouble. But this happened well after Brian left. And, if anything, it demonstrated the Brian possessed administrative skills and common sense which his successors did not possess.

    The YES smear was being circulated by a prominent Democratic Party activist on Maui who is extremely hostile to Brian. That individual is now supporting Gary, but also Neil and others.

    I can’t say this is the source of the most recent smear, but that’s where I’d look first. Or, if you already hate Gary, blame him. That’s easier. It’s a counter-smear, which I guess we can now attribute to Brian Schatz because it is CLEARLY coming from his supporters?

    You guys know me. And you probably know I am very close to Gary. And I am probably one of the most active, pro-Gary people on these blogs. Gary has never suggested to me that I should engage in such tactics or that he would consider such tactics appropriate.

    Color me naive, but I trust Gary and tell you these attacks are not coming from him or from anyone he has any control over.

  28. hipoli Says:

    I dont know if ‘antipathy’ is the right word. Its more like pity for him and anger about how nasty his peeps are, both on-line and to others in person.

    I looked at the link from HooserDaddy (still an offensive alias) from this special ed teacher now lawstudent kid. Apparently, this guy is a big Sakamoto supporter, being encouraged by some organization called ‘hawaiidemocraticunderground’.

    Who dat? Anyone want to enlighten me to what and who that is, please?

  29. hipoli Says:

    Kolea – you got it.

    The most you’ve heard from me is that I think his commercial is awful (it is!) and I dont think Hoosers as really ‘courageous’ as he portrays himself to be. I see a political opportunist, who thinks he’s wearing a Superman cape, or something.

    The point is do you see or read anything sneaky-smear-crap from Brian’s camp? Nope. He’s running a clean, well-managed campaign. My ultimate point is that Hoosers people need to stop attacking Brian, or neither will win, and we will end up with Sakamoto or Bunda. And if Mufi jumps or Neil croaks, then what?

  30. David Shapiro Says:

    Hooser has been the target of some of this garbage as well as Schatz. There have been several attempts to tarnish Hooser in the comments on this blog with distorted views of old baggage that I didn’t let through moderation.

  31. hipoli Says:

    Could Senator Inouye be reading our little blog, too? 🙂

  32. Hooserdaddy Says:

    No @hipoli, doubt Dan’s takin’ a que from us, he’s responding to Mufi and Ed.

  33. Whodat Says:

    Different subject matter, @hipoli:

    With long-held antipathy; Inouye finds opportunity to respond to Case

  34. Factchecker Says:

    You are correct @whodat:

    Brian Schatz was Democrat State Party Chair from May 2008 through Dec. 2009.

    During the first half of 2009, Schatz raised for his personal campaign committee $91,250.00
    During the second half of 2009, Schatz raised for his personal campaign committee $118,708.72
    That is a total of $209,958.72 in 2009 Schatz raised for his personal campaign committee while the State Party Chairman and before formally declaring his Lt. Governor candidacy. In the first half of 2010, Schatz raised an additional $160,181.26 for his personal campaign after resigning the State Party Chair.

    The Democratic Party of Hawaii started 2008 with $26,973.47 cash on hand. Schatz took over in May 2008. By Sept 5, 2008, the Party had $68,211.20 cash on hand.

    From the State Party Convention in May, 2008 – Sept. 5, 2008, the Party took in $65,402.00 in contributions. From Sept. 6, 2008 – Sept. 20, 2008, the Party took in $6,660.00 in contributions. From September 21 – October 20, 2008, the Party took in $8,155.07 in contributions. From October 21 – November 4, 2008, the Party took in $10,544.00 in contributions. From November 5 – December 31, 2008, the Party took in $14,596.36 in contributions. That is a total of $105,357.43 the Party took in during 2008 under Schatz’s Chairmanship.

    During the first half of 2009, the Party took in $48,579.00 in contributions.
    During the second half of 2009, the Party took in $38,283.00 in contributions.
    That is a total of $86,862 the Party took in during all of 2009 under the rest of Schatz’s Chairmanship.

    Schatz oversaw a total of $192,219.43 raised for the Party during his Chairmanship. At the end of Schatz’s Chairmanship, the Party had $15,082.34 cash on hand.
    At the same time, Schatz raised a total of $209,958.72 in 2009 alone for his personal campaign committee (an undeclared candidacy) during his Chairmanship of the State Party, more than twice what the Party raised during the same period under Schatz’s direction.

    It should be clear where Schatz’s priorities lie.

  35. LoyalDem Says:

    Hey factchecker,

    You forgot the federal side, where the Dem Party cash balance was around 51 k for a total of 66 k.

  36. Factchecker Says:

    @LoyalDem, Was only intending to look at the State Party numbers. The National Party numbers Brian did not control and had no part is raising.

    Bottom line, he left the State Party almost broke while leaving with almost a quarter of a million dollars in his own campaign warchest raised while the Party Chair.

    Now that’s a young man on a PERSONAL mission.

  37. LoyalDem Says:

    It’s not the state party vs. national party, Factchecker, it’s the state account and the federal account for the Hawaii State Democratic Party. The monies have to be segregated by law, but they are both for the Hawaii State Democratic Party. So the total is 61 k.

    You might want to change your handle to something other than Factchecker.

  38. hipoli Says:

    Excuse me, Kolea?

    I thought you said the from Hooser to Schatz attack wasn’t coming from the campaign or the candidate?
    If so, what’s with Gary’s latest move?

    Courageous, my okole.

    Stop attacking the other haole, Camp Hooser. That’s all this is. Or you all would be going after the anti-444 candidates.

    Again, if your candidate isn’t strong enough to run on his own merits, the way all the other candidates are in this race, he shouldn’t be running.

  39. Nikki Heat Says:

    I just got three copies of an email from the Hooser camp with a testimonial on “Why I Pick Hooser Over Schatz.” That just confirms my initial inclination to go with the Chinese wife’s haole husband for Lt. Gov.

  40. hipoli Says:

    See! What IS this? Why is Hooser attacking Shatz? Line yourself up against the anti-444, anti-civil rights guys, Ok. But braddah is campaigning on exactly how much he believes in civil rights? Then stop attacking the other guy who is similarly aligned.

    Isnt it ironic that no one else in this particular race is ‘going negative’ but the one guy who is campaigning about how courageous he is?

    To me, everyone BUT Hooser is showing courage by treating each other with basic respect.

  41. jaded Says:

    All this screeching is making me want to vote NOTA for LG.

  42. hipoli Says:

    The only one ‘screeching’ is Hooser. The rest of the candidates are running clean, merit-based, substantive campaigns.

  43. jaded Says:

    Funny, I don’t see Gary posting here. Who do you think is screeching and making the most noise around here?

  44. hipoli Says:

    Oh, please. By now, a total of maybe 5 people are still reading this thread. It’s just us politco-addicts left in this room. And Dave.

    Compared to the thousands Hooser shot that email off too. Screeeeech.

  45. jaded Says:

    Congratulations, hipoli! I was going to vote for Brian, but you can tell him that he just lost it, thanks to you.

  46. hipoli Says:

    Yeahright. Ok. Sure.

    Notice I have not once encouraged anyone to vote for one over the other? Vote for who you want based on what you deem to be the merit of their candidacy.

    I, again, and at this point I’m beating a dead horse I realize, but you all know Im not one to back down, that Hooser should be disCOURAGED from running negative when all the others are not, especially against another 444support candidate.

    Vote as you will, Jaded. But choose wisely. I do think, given the Gov options, that this LG race is a bit more important than in past times.

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