Inouye vs. Case — George Lucas style

If coherence is lacking in Hawai’i politics, it’s more than made up for with entertaining theatrics. The latest little drama:


Hawai’i U.S. Rep. Ed Case runs against U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka without the blessing of senior Sen. Daniel Inouye and is trounced after a furious Inouye rallies the state’s Democratic establishment against him.


Case tries to return to Congress by running for the House seat that Neil Abercrombie vacates to run for governor, and a vengeful Inouye endorses state Sen. Colleen Hanabusa against him and harshly attacks Case in what the Honolulu Advertiser describes as “unusually personal terms.” Basically, Inouye says Case represents maverick politics, can’t be trusted and is “not my kind of guy.”


The Democrats lose the House seat to Republican Charles Djou in the special election to finish Abercrombie’s term, and Case dramatically announces at the state Democratic Convention that he’ll drop out of the primary election to give Hanabusa a clear shot at Djou in the general. Inouye pronounces Case a good Democrat.


Case opposes Inouye’s favored candidates for governor and Honolulu mayor, Mufi Hannemann and Kirk Caldwell, in unusually personal terms, basically saying they represent “machine” politics that must end, can’t be trusted and aren’t his kind of guys. (For those rusty at reading between the lines, Case sees Inouye sitting atop the machine.)


Inouye, missing the ironic similarity between Case’s attack on Hannemann and Caldwell and his own earlier screed against Case, accuses Case of “mean spirited comments and negative statements” against good Democrats that “walk a very fine line between ‘fair’ and ‘foul.’ ”

I applaud Inouye’s efforts to clean up this election, but the referee has to honor the rules more than anyone else on the field.


My column in today’s Star-Advertiser: “Ill-timed negative ad a step backward for Hannemann.”

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33 Comments on “Inouye vs. Case — George Lucas style”

  1. charles Says:

    There is a fine line between pointing out personal shortcomings and outright character assassination. But that fine line is a relative one and one drawn and perceived by each person on an individual basis.

    You may feel that Inouye saying Case can’t be trusted and Case calling Hannemann the most dangerous politician in a generation one and the same.

    Yet others may feel that Case crossed the line with his hyperbole.

    Similarly the whole brouhaha around “comparisongate” regarding the infamous mailer is one of perception that each voter has. In this case, it’s clear, right or wrong, that Hannemann’s campaign made a serious tactical error since many perceive the mailer as a cheap shot.

    Whether you’re selling cameras or candidates, image is everything since very few voters, in the latter case, take the time to research the issues, ask questions, etc.

    (The fact that Schatz and Sakamoto spent the most on television and that they are one and two in the polls is not mere coincidence.)

  2. WooWoo Says:

    Case is simply taking a smart, age-based decision. Mufi and Caldwell are the two biggest competitors in the political arena in his age bracket. Pulling them down to his level (i.e. out of office) puts him back in the game. Helping Neil into the gov’s seat doesn’t hurt him in the short run, and helps him in the long run. Inouye and Akaka are running up against the term limit imposed by a higher power. If Abercrombie wins the Gov seat, he will likely inherit at some point in the next eight years the mantle of top democrat in the state.

    So say Mufi loses and is out of office. A Senate seat opens up… either seat, Mufi and Case can both legitimately compete since Case was CD2 and Mufi has run statewide. Neil of course backs Case.

    Any way you cut the haupia, Case is in an infinitely better situation if he can keep Mufi out of the Gov’s chair. If Mufi wins, Case’s local political career is effectively finished.

  3. HaleiwaJoe Says:

    WooWoo makes a good point about Case’s future prospects. It’s fair to question Cases’s motives here.

    It does seem ironic that, as a career moderate, he now aligns himself with the Left in attacking Hannemann.

    Is it principle or does he just have a problem with successful people of color who stand in the way of his ambitions?

  4. Earl of Sandwich Says:

    Neither Case nor Inouye really said anything that wasn’t true. On the one hand, trusting Ed Case is not a good proposition – his word doesn’t seem to mean much, when he’s given it at all. On the other hand, Hannemann does rule by fear – ask anyone who’s worked for him (although they may have to whisper their answer from behind a solid partition).

    I know the race isn’t Case vs. Hannemann, but in this instance you have to compare the two. Case may or may not make promises – the promises he makes may or may not be trustworthy. When he doesn’t make promises, you could praise him for not setting up expectations, or you could say he’s opportunistically keeping his options open. Either way, he hasn’t accomplished much.

    Then you have Hannemann, who is obviously not afraid to offend people in order to get things done. Sure, he’s looking out for himself by establishing a record and doing whatever it takes (including being a bully) to do it, but some call that being effective.

    Both of them are out for themselves. It comes down to what you want, someone who will undercut someone else for their own success, or someone who’ll make himself look good by actually accomplishing things, even if it hurts others.

  5. Michael Says:

    Just by observing it seems the Case about Ed is he goes where he thinks will benefit his future and not for anyone else. A selfish motive, seems neither for party since he is in only one party and definitely not for the People of Hawaii.

    He would sell his soul for 30 pieces of silver. Case wants to be Tops, a star of his own wars.

  6. ladyjane Says:

    Maybe it’s time for a refresher on the Law of Aloha?

  7. zzzzzz Says:

    Charles makes an excellent point. We need to differentiate between negative campaigning and smears.

    IMO, the campaign against negative campaigns has gone the PC route, i.e., too far. IMO again, it is legitimate to raise concerns about a candidate’s ability to be effective in the office for which he or she is running, or about his or her potential negative impacts on our society and our lives. IOW, negative campaigning that does not cross the line into a smear is a legitimate campaign tactic.

    IMO again, the fact that Case put his name to his statements keeps this more on the side of negative campaigning than smearing. He’s given his opinion, and it’s up to us as voters to decide how take that opinion.

    The Mufi camp response was a very predictable ad hominem attack: ignore the substance, and attack the messenger.

  8. Michael Says:

    “Who’s the more foolish: the fool, or the fool who follows him?”


  9. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    Let us go back to 2004 during the mayoral campaign. From its start back in Nvember 2000 until the release of the final ballot count on General Election Night on November 2, 2004, Duke Bainum held an increasingly decreasing lead over Mufi Hannemann.

    NOTE: Remember that Jeremy Harris was supposed to resign in 2002 to run for governor but saw his political career destroyed so he hung around for two more years. Duke began campaigning for a 2004 race in the summer of 2002,

    After the final count in 2004, however, Mufi had won by 1,354 votes – slight less than one half of one percent of total votes cast. Over 5000 voters did not vote for either candidate.

    According to follow-up studies, it seems that many people – probably about 70% – who were concerned about the issues raised in the last six weeks of the campaign about Duke and his wife were unwilling to switch over to Mufi because they thought he was even worse.

    Still, if even 30% of those NOTA voters had followed through on their original decision to vote for Duke, our political scene would be very different today.

    However, that race was skewed by the presence of Frank Fasi as another candidate in the non-partisan race. Knowing that there would always be 12% to 15% of the voters who would always vote for Frank, Mufi made a deal with him to get into the race so that Duke would not win outright in the Primary with 50$ plus 1 vote.

    Although Duke came in first in the Primary with a signficant lead over Mufi, Duke did not clear the
    the 50% plus 1 vote threshhold.

    That gave Mufi an additional six weeks to go after Duke – which he did with his dirty politics guns blazing away.

    What was the deal? Naming the Municipal Office Building after Frank before before he shuffed off this mortal coil.

    The 2012 campaign for governor operates with different electoral rules, but Mufi hasn’t changed. Look for ever-increasing negative campaign tactics on Mufi’s part over the next five weeks.

    Hopefully, they will blow back onto him.

  10. ppcc Says:


    Regarding the mayoral race of Mufi vs Bainum, I was a full supporter of Bainum, until the wife flap hit the Internet. Reading the FACTUAL information about Bainum’s wife online and then listening to Bainum’s defensive posture and denial of the facts on the news, at the last minute I switched my vote from Bainum to Mufi. Although I definitely will NEVER vote for Mufi again, which for me has nothing to do with his ethnicity or where he went to school (ie Iolani, Harvard) but his pathetic performance as Mayor of Honolulu for the past 6 years. Yes, Mufi and atomic Monkey blame everyone else such as Harris for all of their screw ups but enough is enough:

    Highlights of Mufi’s “executive” experience not listed on his glossy brochures:
    1) 48 million gallon raw sewage spill into the ocean
    2) Completely useless, ineffective $7++ BILLION rail to nowhere, completely dictated by special interest and $$$$$$$$$$$$$
    3) Lack of oversight resulting in a police chief running HPD from the bed of his home, illegal dumping of construction waste into a Ewa side stream, massive delay/cost overuns of an indoor firing range, N shore skate board park,
    4) mid level parking manager stealing 1/2 million dollars under the nose of Transportation chief Yoshioka and ultimately Mufi.
    5) failed garbage shipment to the mainland showing complete lack of foresight, planning, contracting, etc.
    6) etc. etc.

    After all that is happened, I do NOT regret voting for Mufi over Bainum nor I do not blame Malia Zimmerman who was just doing her job, which the local media was derelict. Also I would not give credit to Mufi or Atomic Monkey for rehashing Malia’s report. No, the fault lies with Duke Bainum himself (and possibly his lawyer campaign manager Andy W) for not being honest with the public and admit his wife had issues that were being worked out in court. Bainum had no other play other than to be honest as the facts obtained from court documents & filings against his wife was overwhelming. Had he publicly admitted the situation EARLY in the campaign BEFORE Zimmerman’s story was published, this would have been a non-issue for Bainum. I am not an Obama supporter but his election campaign strategy was flawless in publishing an autobiographical book and admitting he had previously tried hard drugs and did less than honorable stuff in his lifetime BEFORE any opponent could use it against him.

  11. Richard Gozinya Says:

    The more all these guys futz around with the attacks and the mud and the noise, the more I remember that we have some real problems that need to be dealt with by serious men and women who want what’s best for Hawaii.

    :slaps self upside the head:

    Get real, Richard.

  12. Kolea Says:

    Can someone explain to me why Duke Bainum’s wife’s problems were a central issue in the mayoral campaign?

    As for Malia Zimmerman “just doing her job,” that MIGHT make sense if someone could provide a description of her duties so we might match it to her campaign against the wife.

    Let’s be honest here, MZ is a political operative, working in concert with her “mentor,” Sam Slom. In this case, Slom had decided to help Mufi defeat Bainum. Why? I dunno. MZ claimed Bainum was the candidate of “the Machine.” Gosh, I LOVE how elastic that term can be! Is there ANYONE here who doubts Mufi is the “candidate of the Machine” in this race? So did “the Machine” drop its support of Bainum in favor of Mufi? Or maybe, it was complete nonsense for Slom-Zimmerman to use the term against Bainum?

    So Malia’s “job description” is simply to use whatever melange of facts and innuendo which might work to defeat their opponent of the moment. So, yeah, I guess we can’t blame her for attacking Duke’s wife. After all, “she was just doing her job.”


  13. ppcc Says:


    I thought I clearly answered the question you asked regarding Bainum’s wife and Malia Zimmerman’s story.
    The issue for me which caused me to switch my vote at the very last minute from Bainum to Mufi was because of THE WAY Bainum responded to reporters’ questions regarding his wife’s problems. I am not generally swayed by someone’s unsubstantiated BS but I carefully read Malia’s report on Bainum’s wife and her information was based NOT on opinion, rather court records, testimony, court proceedings that could be easily verified for its authenticity. With such overwhelming and verifiable information, Bainum showed ‘no cool’ by publicly showing anger, defensiveness and refusing to answer any questions pertaining to her wife. It was an insult to any voters intelligence to deny and refuse to answer questions regarding his wife, when verifiable information about her court troubles was all over the internet. I don’t who Malia’s master is and I don’t care, it was Bainum who completely messed up in handling the situation. From one webpage I checked Bainum was not only a physician, but like Mufi he graduated from Harvard so no excuse for HIS bungling of properly responding to the story of his wife. As it was, the wife, & possibly financed by Duke, ending up giving or paying back all that she took from Murasaki so if Duke stayed ahead of the story by early on paying restitution to the Murasaki family AND publicly acknowledge his wife’s situation BEFORE Malia published the story, Duke, if he was alive today, would be Mayor of Honolulu.

    Sorry for the slight thread drift but, I think it is all related as I would be responding to Gozinya’s statement “that we have some real problems that need to be dealt with by serious men and women who want what’s best for Hawaii.”

    I just saw Terri Okita of KGMB interview Inouye regarding the rail and she perpetuate an outright LIE that Hawaii has been awarded $1.5 billion by the Feds to pay for the rail. Inouye’s argument is therefore Lingle should automatically sign off on the EIS so that Hawaii can start receiving the money.

    There has ONLY been a verbal promise by FTA head Rogoff that in late 2011, they will consider officially putting in the $1.5 billion in the FTA budget, that is too be approved by Congress and the Feds in late 2011, or early 2012. By then it is NOT clear what the makeup of Congress or if the next Pres of the US will be Republican and in that case there would be serious doubt if Hawaii will actually receives $1.5 billion from the Feds. I can understand Inouye & Mufi perpetuating this lie but the reporter Teri Okita? Should not a reporter fact check things they make statements to the public and not blindly parrot what a politician tells them as fact?

  14. shaftalley Says:

    bainum was a medical doctor.the first time i saw him was in chinatown.he was giving free flu shots in maunakea st. international food stall wife got a shot(i refused.think they are useless)she left a donation to the community center that set up the flu shot the idea of doctors and civil engineers running for office.panos is running for mayor.he sounds good.but he will expand the gov’t. for his agenda.

  15. ppcc Says:

    Fred Hemming’s seems like a smart guy and by numbers alone was sorely needed by the Republican party. However, once it was publicly known that his wife was alleged to have stolen money from a non-profit(?) (which she later pleaded guilty or no-contest(?)), Hemmings decided to not run for re-election. You can say Hemming’s wife had nothing to do with his duties as a State Legislature but I don’t think the voters in Kailua would see it that way and he probably would have lost that election as well.

  16. Kolea Says:


    Your reply might make sense to you, but I guess I think differnt. (Maybe it is all those years of using a Mac?)

    Bainum’s wife’s problems predated theri relationship and I do not see why he should be held acountable for what she may have done (or not done) in that disputte or why it was relevant to his campaign for Mayor. You sasy it is because of HOW he responded. Maybe there was a video clip I missed? How was he supposed to respond?

    Was he supposed to denounce his wife in public? Apologize for her alleged misconduct? Or say her problems arre not relevant to the campaign and the publicity being heaped on this is coming from a political operative (MZ), posing as a journalist, working to bring down my campaign and elect Mufi mayor?

    The merits of the accusations against the wife are irrelevant to my hudgment of Bainum’s suitability to be mayor. Had Zimmerman been a man, I guess he could have punched her in the nose and some voters might have found that endearing enough to vote for him?

  17. WooWoo Says:

    @Haleiwa Joe- I pointed out that Case’s endorsement of Neil benefit’s Case, but to be fair I think by definition ALL public endorsements by politicians are made for selfish reasons. No politician will make a public endorsement that would be detrimental to their long-term career.

    @Cap/Doc – the online guard dog I referenced yesterday was Keith Rollman. Denby Fawcett made a great insider wink when she said, “A mainland consultant that had done work for Fasi in the past,” was responsible for the flyer. For the last several months, Rollman has responded within hours of all posts on both this blog and Ian’s that concerned Mufi. Since Inouye put Mufi over his knee and gave him a good thump on the okole on friday (and Denby made that oblique reference on the air), Rollman has been conspicuously absent. It could be that it is sheer coincidence… maybe Rollman went to Tahiti on vacation this week… less than a month before the primary…?

    @Kolea- Your distaste for MZ colors your thinking on this matter. You freely admit that you have no idea why Slom or Zimmerman would want to defeat Bainum. You cannot imagine that she actually might be interested in breaking stories that benefit the business that pays her bills. She has broken many stories that are either non-political or could work to the detriment of the local GOP. For example, the Pflueger/Ka Loko story did not dance around the fact that the State, under the Lingle administration, had failed to be vigilant with dam monitoring. Her story on the slave factory in Samoa was picked up nationally. As was mentioned here several months ago, MZ provided video coverage of the Democratic Convention. She is a businesswoman and journalist before she is a republican. In regards to the Bainum issue, I have yet to see anything that refutes her story. As ppcc says, it was all court record, public documents, and on the record interviews. She does real journalism; don’t let your dislike for her over-ride the considerable intellect I know you possess.

  18. Kolea Says:


    Back to the TOPIC.

    Kind of a “black and white” vision of Good and Evil, huh? At the risk of appearing nuanced and, hence, “un-American,” let me suggest neither Inouye or Ed are completely aligned with “the Dark Side of the Force.”

    Ed’s votes in favor of the pro-bank, anti-consumer Bankruptcy bill AND his uncritical, naive support for Bush’s war on Iraq, show he is scarcely the White Knight Jedi of your imagination. Nor is he the Annointed Savior destined to lead us to liberation from the Empire. Heck, Bush was clearly Palpatine and Sir Ed, rather than joining the resistance against his rule, was a loyal synchophant.

    Leaving metaphor and returning to reality, WooWoo’s points are valid. Ed, Mufi, Lingle and Hanabusa are all rivals angling for a US Senate seat. (Kirk is down a coupla notches, but still a potential rival). Ed partly healed some of the rift with some Democrats by withdrawing from the Congressional race when and how he did, but that weakened his brand as an “independent.” By attacking Mufi as a tool of “the Machine,” he is both trying to knock out a rival and to re-establish his bonafides with independent voters. He may have tweaked Senator Inouye’s nose a bit more rudely than necessary and that might cause him some pain. And his call for Republicans to vote for Neil in the Democratic primary is unprincipled, but what else is new with Ed?

    The Democratic primary is for Democrats and Democratic-inclined voters. Republicans have no GD business voting in it, especially if they intend to vote for Aiona in the general. But hey, expect Ed to have a clue? Silly me.

  19. Kolea Says:


    I was busy writing and missed your input.

    I have been close to several stories MZ wrote about and do not agree “She is a businesswoman and journalist before she is a republican.” I think she is a “movement conservative” above all those things, including being a Republican.

    I do not know what motives were in going after Jimmy Pflueger. I am grateful she did, but given her M.O., I would not rule out a personal dimension to her motives. You cite her video-taping of the Democratic convention as evidence of what, exactly? If the GOP would allow progressive activists to video-tape THEIR proceedings, I would pull together a video crew and do it. And my motives would be similar to hers: hoping someone from the opposite party will say something foolish which I could catch on video.

    Please notte the Democrats are MUCH more transparent and open with their conventions than the Republicans. Something one might miss if they focussed on Malia’s reports and not on the “meta” fact that she was allowed to attend the Democrats convention while the opposite privilege is not extended to Democratic activists.

  20. WooWoo Says:


    Again, you assume the worst without any concrete reason.

    You don’t know why she broke the Bainum story, but she must have had a nefarious reason.

    You don’t know why she did the Pflueger story, but she must have had a nefarious reason.

    I’m sure that she would have loved to have caught a democrat saying something silly at the convention. But even if they didn’t, she would still drive hits to her site. If she could see the future and knew for a fact that there would be no embarassing moments at the Dem convention, she still would have done the video. Its a business.

  21. Andy Woerner Says:

    What voters need most is honesty, and when it comes to politicians, the truth can be a pretty ugly thing.

    Although Senator Inouye’s comment sounds peaceful and wise, it’s a tactical move designed to do damage control for those under his wing.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with “keeping it clean”, and David Shapiro does a great job in this article of explaining exactly why.

    Andy Woerner
    Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate (challenging Inouye)
    Election Reform – Term Limits – Balanced Budget

  22. David Shapiro Says:

    Can we please let poor Duke Bainum rest in peace and stick to the current races. That’s ancient history and the comments displaying foggy memories of the facts of what happened back then serve little purpose. Thanks.

  23. Kolea Says:

    OK, Back on topic:

    Dave, I think you are obsessing a bit much on the Inouye-Case feud. From my reading of the article about Inouye’s comments, it appears his “walking a fine line” remarks were directed at Mufi and Neil. His “mean-spirited” and “character assassination” comments may have been directed more specifically at Ed, but it also appears to apply more broadly.

    You want to focus on Inouye’s treatment of Ed, but I think his criticism of Mufi’s flier was more remarkable. He is clearly supporting Mufi, his BFF, Walter Dods is co-chairing Mufi’s campaign, but Inouye publicly rebukes him?

    To me, that means Inouye sees all this negativity as destructive to Democratic interests. He’s not picking on Ed. And Inouye saying Ed Case is “not my kind of guy” is scarcely on par with Ed’s much more scathing characterization of Mufi as “the most dangerous politician of his generation.”

    But I’m not sure why we should stress over these surface phenomena. Didn’t we learn a decade ago from the “real journalism” of Malia Zimmerman that elections in Hawaii are rigged in advance by “the Machine,” with the pre-designated point spread shared with “Chinatown bookies” so they can make big bucks from all the betting that goes on over their outcome?

    (Ulp! Rod Tam still gets support from the Chinatown business community! You think maybe it’s rigged so he’ll be the next Mayor? Malia, what do your sources say?)

  24. David Shapiro Says:

    Kolea, I’ll cop to a fascination with Inouye. He’s the Elvis of Hawai’i politics, in a different universe from everybody else in terms of ability and accomplishment, and I never get tired of watching him work whether I agree with him or not. As for Case, I’ve encountered nobody more obsessed with him than you, my friend, and my fascination is less about him per se than about how any mention of his name gets folks like you with your undies in a bunch.

  25. Michael Says:

    Watching Senator Inouye beg to lingle. Stooping down to her level. Or was it a play? The final act to be seen. I think Senator Inouye is toying with lingle.

    Case ended and no future in politics for Ed. Like some they must have the last word and there is no room for others to voice their freedom of speech. Yet those who try, fail and like hanneman they end up eating their sole!

  26. ppcc Says:


    Not sure why so much interest in Malia Zimmerman as I don’t consider her a major player in Hawaii politics or business. However, maybe I have been missing something so I just checked a video of her talking about the right to bear arms in Hawaii on YouTube and you are right she is conservative and aligned with Sam Sloane. I was quite impressed with her intelligence and public speaking ability. She is also quite attractive as well. Are you thinking she might become like a Sarah Palin and possibly rise up in Hawaii politics? Given the absolute Union/Demo stranglehold in Hawaii, she would have to have some major conservative backers with $$$$. It is clear Hawaii Reporter supports Panos, but Panos lacks the big conservative backer with $$$$ to greatly help him with his mayoral campaign. I completely support Panos but lack the serious $$$$ to give to his campaign so that he can be constantly in the newspapers and TV commercials like Mufi & Caldwell.

    To get back on topic

    ACT VI
    Inouye focuses his verbal attacks on Lingle, publicly stating something like he will go on his hands and knees to beg to Lingle to sign off on the EIS so that construction can begin immediately on Oahu’s rail. Inouye plays word “jitsu” regarding the $1.5 billion in PROPOSED funding by the Feds to help pay for Hawaii rail. They know the FTA head has ONLY given a verbal promise to fund Oahu’s rail, but they want to begin construction NOW and put ALL of Hawaii taxpayers on the hook for the $6++ BILLION rail project so that in 2012, regardless of who is in power in Congress and the White House, the State of Hawaii will be so in debt with this project, that if the Feds do not fund our rail in 2012, the State of Hawaii WILL go bankrupt. To me that is completely irresponsible to play financial “chicken” with Hawaii’s economy. We are heading for a financial meltdown like the State of California, and the Hawaii middle class residents*, including most gov’t workers, will take the brunt of this economic hardship. The very poor don’t pay taxes and the very rich are immune.

    *Why do you think Mufi wants a FULL audit of gov’t departments? Aiona proposes an audit of the DOE, but Mufi wants the FULL audit enchilada for all gov’t departments. All the same since DOE I think is about 40% of the entire State budget, followed by Health & Human services. They better get ready for some serious program & job cuts and for Hawaii residents, serious tax increases.

  27. ppcc Says:

    from Michael:
    “Watching Senator Inouye beg to lingle. Stooping down to her level. Or was it a play? The final act to be seen. I think Senator Inouye is toying with lingle.”

    This is all Kabuki theater. With Mufi trying to bully and intimidate his way into the governor’s office, Inouye is trying to counter Mufi’s bully persona with a humble and gentle plead for Lingle to sign off on the EIS, knowing darn well Lingle will not sign the EIS before she leaves office. Inouye, a real warrior and Medal of Honor recipient wants to show his “softer” side and be the “healer” of the Democratic party that is being torn apart by Mufi and Neil in their public pier 9, hair pulling* , face scratching brawl.

    * (whats left of Neil’s hair)

  28. Michael Says:

    You need to read between the lines.

    Except in Kabuki only Da Braddahs play lingle. Males play females in Kabuki.

    To be a Senator in office so long, one has to know how to pull strings. Manipulate as well. Senator Inouye is toying with lingle. If lingle does not sign, said Senator Inouye, the funds will not be approved even with the next governor. It is needed now. Senator Inouye is manipulating lingle into being the person of failure if rail fails. Saying he is passing the buck to lingle. Pay back.

    There is no rail funding in the Bank at this moment. Money grows on trees. Welcome to Fantasy Island. Look Boss, Da Rail, Da Rail!

    In the final act, Senator Inouye is not begging lingle but yanking her chain.

  29. ppcc Says:

    Regarding Inouye “setting up” Lingle, I think it is safe to say no matter what Lingle does or does not do, Mufi, Inouye and all Hawaii Democrats will automatically blame any and all problems with the rail on Lingle.

    Anyway, to defend against Inouye’s chain yanking scheme, why doesn’t Lingle just point out the obvious that at the present time the $1.5 billion Inouye talks about Hawaii losing is ONLY based on a verbal promise given by FTA chief Rogoff, appointed by Obama, who will in late 2011 propose that Hawaii receive $1.5 billion in funding for rail. Actual funding provide to Hawaii is only contingent when Congress and the President of the US approve such an expenditure which I think the earliest would be in early 2012.

    On a side BUT related note, seems even with Lingle’s endorsement & support by Inouye & Akaka, the Akaka bill will not pass, especially with the upcoming Congressional elections in a few months where Democrats are anticipated to lose seats, possibly the majority. Given the growing issue of American vs anti-American sentiment as highlighted by the proposed Muslim center near ground zero, doesn’t seem many Democrats what to support the Akaka bill which basically creates a separate “nation within a nation”.

    Inouye is untouchable in Hawaii but on the national level his influence in Washington DC is NOT absolute. He can bring in the military, education and other pork but does not have superhuman powers to get the Akaka bill to pass. I get the feeling Inouye realizes the $1.5 billion promised to Hawaii to help pay for the rail will NEVER be realized and he is just trying to set up Lingle for this failure.

    There will never be another Inouye and his accomplishments and stature will never be duplicated. However like everything, all good things must come to an end, and for Inouye it is only downhill from here.

  30. Kolea Says:

    ppcc wrote:

    “Given the growing issue of American vs anti-American sentiment as highlighted by the proposed Muslim center near ground zero…”

    I wonder if it isn’t a mistake to frame the matter in those terms? Many of those opposing the mosque are clearly no fans of the First Amendment, but I think it is too strong to say this makes them “anti-American.”

  31. Lau pan Says:

    Hmmmmm, the good Dr. Duke has passed on, his wife and child live on… Let him rest in peace.

    Ed Case is one who walks with integrity, does what is righteous, and speaks the truth within his heart.

    This has been the “Case” during his political career.

    The parrhesiastes says what is true because he knows that it is true; and he knows that it is true because it is really true. The parrhesiastes is not only sincere and says what is his opinion, but his opinion is also the truth. He says what he knows to be true. The second characteristic of parrhesia, is that there is always an exact coincidence between belief and truth.

    Parrhesia is a guideline for democracy as well as an ethical and personal attitude characteristic of the good citizen, in this case, Ed Case.

    More of our leadership should follow this example.

  32. Michael Says:

    lingle is not the only one to blame, it is Francis to share the blame as well. As mayor, copied mass transit Idea from the late Mayor Fasi. Not an original idea and if it were Mayor Fasi who was in office it would be done by now, not just talk. Francis and lingle are to blame for not knowing how to go abouts doing it.

    lingle as a republicans fights against democrats no matter how good their idea is and what is good for the people of Hawaii.
    Then again lingle herself is a puppet of unions and other members in the republican party who are senior to her. like others lingle sets herself up to be a target. Arrogance shows even Archilles had his heels unprotected.

    Yes, there can be only one Senator Inouye. He being a lawyer and a soldier. He can use a Pen and Sword as well. He also is a Puppet Master who knows how to pull strings and manipulate. Yank chains if have to.

    1.5 billion out of 6 billion total cost. Where’s the rest of the money coming from? How long has the rail been in planning stage? How much recently to hold a meeting on rail, spent? How much has been spent planning on paper? What happens to those who have to move? How much to run rail daily?

    The Akaka Bill is not for Senator Inouye to have last say. He is assuring that Senator Akaka gets due credit and his legacy from that. Senator Inouye gains nothing from the bill passing. That is what a friend would do for another friend. If an enemy of Senator Inouye, then one would be a lingle or republican who opposes him. Again there can be only One! Immortality for the winner.

    The issue with Muslims has gone on for thousands of years. Crusaders versus Muslims. Knights Templar or Jihadist. Catholics against Protestant. Rome was Catholic who hated Christians. Till Rome due to a Ceasar changed and created Roman Christianity and the Book of Romans. Religion has played major roles in wars.

    Donating a dollar to a cause. 2 cents plus!

  33. Ned Says:

    ppcc is right though. The Fed giving a verbal promise as opposed to a written deal isn’t a guarantee

    “Borrowing is but a tax deferred”

    Even if the rail were funded by the Fed, the people/taxpayers would still have to pay for it.

    Just putting it out there – regardless of all these candidates’ personal ambitions, you can’t hate ambition (as long as its not hurting anyone) – their presence should also set good example to the Hawaii’s young, especially the keiki and young adults. Mr. Hannemann’s scare tactics will continue the kind of behavior he or some of his employs practice regularly. We cannot foster an atmosphere where children will grow up to become bullies and act only within their self-interest. Sorry if this sounds kind of mushy.

    We should not be fixed on voting for any lesser evil or voting in the spirit of thinking long-term politics but long-term Hawaii

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