Abercrombie enters mailer wars

Neil Abercrombie’s latest campaign mailer landed in the box yesterday and it couldn’t be more different from opponent Mufi Hannemann’s controversial “Compare and Decide” shot at Abercrombie’s mainland birth, haole wife, UH degrees and record in Congress.

Abercrombie’s piece makes no mention of his opponent. It features a picture of him in a nice suit with well-trimmed hair and beard, seeking to neutralize opposition attempts to paint him as an anarchistic hippie from his younger appearance.

It promises a leadership style based on respect for others, courage, commitment and common values and briefly highlights his policy proposals for energy, agriculture, education and government transparency.

Abercrombie ends by politely asking residents for their votes and thanking them for their consideration.

It’s the kind of vanilla effort that normally wouldn’t get much attention except for the earlier Hannemann piece; in that context, it reads like an Abercrombie salvo asking voters to “compare and decide” on personal style.

Many political consultants favor negative ads because they think they deliver more votes. This race could shape up as an interesting test of that.

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20 Comments on “Abercrombie enters mailer wars”

  1. hipoli Says:

    A bit off subject but still related –

    Has anyone seen Carlisle’s latest TV ad?

    I personally like Kirk. He really is a good man. But running against a personality the likes of Peter Carlisle is like trying to run against a personality like Bill Clinton. Hard, ya? Is it weird that I look at Peter and I dont really think ‘what a haole’? Theres just something about Peter. And while it nerves me to my core that we’re about to RudyGuiliani’ize (yes, I made that a verb) the City and County of Honolulu, which I suspect means we’ll quietly see the criminalization and systematic removal of the homeless (ie. NYC), I think Peter’s ads thus far have been excellent, but especially his latest. It has style, it has his natural showmanship, and, significantly, it has substantive messages that I found resonated in at least this voter. If anything, I would still want to see HOW Peter thinks he’ll achieve what his commercial touts. Kudos to Peter’s media team.

    Take a lesson, Gov Wannabes.

  2. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    Haven’t seen any political ads, but then I record everything I watch and zap through the ads in order to save time. I’m still working my way through last week’s shows.

    I was planning to seriously consider Peter, but I’ve decided to skip the race altogether because of his positions on homelessness and other social justice issues facing the city.

    Peter’s a funny (ha-ha) guy, but it really creeps me out having a prosecutor for mayor.

    Unfortunately, I cannot support Mufi Light although early on in his legislative career I thought that Kirk might have a future in politics.

    Maybe I should give some serious thought to Rod Tam after all. Perhaps we can buy him a clown suit so that he can be dressed appropriately. Somehow a red ball on his nose seems strikingly attractive.

    Seriously, I’ve called Peter’s campaign phone number and left several messages over the past two months, but no one has bothered to return my call. Has anyone who’s a regular blogger here had any luck in contacting him on a personal basis.

    With respect to the Neil/Mufi campaign, I cannot believe that the negative campaigning will pay off for Mufi.

    Any ideas as to who sent out the forged letter attacking Mufi?

  3. Michael Says:

    In other words, I run alone says Neil.
    Francis who?

    Seems vanilla is still a favorite flavor,
    home made with real eggs and not eggo.

  4. jaded Says:


    Saw the new Carlisle ad last night, but I still think Neil’s veterans ad is the best commercial of this campaign season so far.

  5. Juliet Begley Says:

    I am concerned with Carlisle’s commentaries over the years – that’s why after his first election, I just left the ballot blank next to his name (he ran without opposition several times) The one I am particularly pissed with was his statement that the ACLU was the Taliban for Civil Rights, after he didn’t get his more police power legislation through the electorate. That was in 2005. The last thing we need in a declining economy is greater stumping for law and order, that ignores human suffering and seeks to only punish – never educate.

  6. Michael Says:

    In recent viewing of Neil, doesn’t he look taller?

  7. David Says:

    My household votes against those who run negative campaigns. Good way to lose our votes, Mufi!

  8. Brack Says:

    My household votes for someone with actual executive experience. I don’t care how slick your new mailer is, Neil, we are voting for Mufi.

  9. Any friend of Willie’s is a friend of mine.

  10. tommy Says:

    Neil’s ad with veterans is quite good. Emotional, with a lot of factual content. Gives me chickenskin.

  11. zzzzzing Says:

    Way to lose a fan, Willie.


    I skip all the ads & toss all the mailers in the recycle bin – it’s easier that way.

  12. shaftalley Says:

    a friend gave me 2 complimentary tickets for “neil’s summer jam” which featured willie nelson and others couple of days ago at blaisdell center.i like willie,and i don’t care what his politics are.i like his style.but i didn’t go.gave the tickets toacouple of homeless guys at ayala park.

  13. zzzzzz Says:

    @Brack–According to Caldwell, the administration of the C&C government is done by the managing director, or by the acting mayor when he doesn’t have a separate managing director. Thus, since Mufi hasn’t been managing director, Caldwell seems to be saying that Mufi doesn’t have public sector administrative experience.

  14. LINDA KATO Says:

    Hi Dave,

    Have been MIA for a long while so stressed at work. Decided to unstress myself and retire after 34 years of state service. My last day of work will be on 9/30/10! Whoo hoo! 24 more work days and I’m outta there…..can’t wait!

    We will celebrate with a trip to Vegas, will leave on 10/8/10, wish me luck!

    Guess I’m the only person on your blog who will be voting for Duke Aiona. I’ll be helping with that campaign since after 9/30/10 I will have more time than money!

    Hope all is well with you!



  15. David Shapiro Says:

    Congratulations Linda. Well deserved and long overdue.

  16. LINDA KATO Says:

    Thanks, Dave.

  17. Bill Says:

    I personally cannot envision Peter as our next mayor, as the former Prosecutor you would think the police would be supportive of him, instead the police union is supporting Kirk Caldwell. If the police aren’t supportive of Peter being the next mayor something is obviously not right and we need to ask ourselves why…after all hasn’t Peter been working hand and hand with HPD for the past 12 years?

  18. zzzzzing Says:

    You’re not the only one, Linda, not to worry. Happy retirement!

  19. ppcc Says:

    from Bill:
    “I personally cannot envision Peter as our next mayor, as the former Prosecutor you would think the police would be supportive of him, instead the police union is supporting Kirk Caldwell.”

    There is always Panos if you do not want to vote for Carlisle, Caldwell, or the guy with the poor math skills. Is Panos perfect? Far from it, but the problem with our current City and State gov’t is that they are all intricately tied to each other and will blindly support their special interest “brothers & sisters” instead of the people of Hawaii who they SHOULD represent. There is too much incestuous relationships going on in our City/State gov’t, and you know what kind of offspring (ie bills, legislation, projects, alliances, etc.) gets created when that happens.

  20. LINDA KATO Says:

    @zzzzzing, thank you!

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