Carlisle and GOP agree: He’s not a Republican

There’s a strange feud going on between the Hawaii Republican Party and mayoral candidate Peter Carlisle, a former Republican who quit the party when he began looking at the nonpartisan race for mayor.

After Carlisle made passing reference in a Midweek interview to a supposed GOP poll that showed him well ahead of Kirk Caldwell and Panos Prevedouros, Republican executive director Dylan Nonaka issued a harsh statement that there was no such poll, that Carlisle could have made up the numbers and that Prevedouros was the only Republican candidate.

(A subsequent Star-Advertiser/Hawaii News Now poll showed Carlisle with an even bigger lead than he claimed in Midweek.)

When Carlisle diminished his previous ties to the Republicans in a TV interview, it was party chairman Jonah Ka’auwai’s turn to fulminate, noting that the former prosecutor chaired two GOP conventions and emceed a major fundraiser.

Ka’auwai griped that Carlisle “never believed in the principals of our party, especially the principal of fiscal accountability.”

There’s no question that Carlisle was involved with the GOP for a couple of years and flirted with running for Congress under the party’s banner, and that there were sore feelings when he ditched the party after deciding to run for the nonpartisan office of mayor.

But you have to question the GOP’s judgment in working so hard to turn a race voters have said they want to be nonpartisan into a partisan contest — especially when its candidate is running a distant third in the polls.

You’d think the Republicans would have more important priorities, like trying to keep the governorship and congressional seat they hold or improving their pathetic numbers in the Legislature.

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12 Comments on “Carlisle and GOP agree: He’s not a Republican”

  1. g black Says:

    It is obvious that The Republican Party leadership has been co-opted by the Democratic Party Inouye/Mufi Political Machine.

  2. LINDA KATO Says:

    Good morning, Dave,

    I did not know all of this, guess I haven’t gone to any recent Republican events. Will be going to an event this Sunday for Darwin Ching for prosecutor, our former Dept. of Labor Director and will keep my ears open.

    Today is a furlough Friday but we have to work. Darn, only 3 more furlough Fridays to work before I retire. At first I missed my $500 per month pay reduction but after 10 months of furlough Fridays, I loved the 3 day weekends. Now back to 5 days a week, bummers!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. WooWoo Says:


    Just going by what you have in your post, I would say that Nonaka’s comment was appropriate (challenging a statement regarding a nonexistent GOP poll) but Ka’auwai’s was not (not directly relevant to Carlisle’s statement, just an attack). Unless, of course, there really was a poll…

    In any event, since Panos joined the GOP, helping him get elected does qualify as a priority for Ka’auwai. Ka’auwai has done a great job recruiting a lot of candidates. Many are just warm bodies, but he must be seen trying to support each and every one of them (Dems have their share of warm bodies as well). He recruited them; he can’t abandon them. Sticking up for Panos is a smart thing to do for his own future within the party.

  4. Earl of Sandwich Says:

    Yeah, as much as it pains me to say it, I have to admire the GOP for at least sticking with their guy. Even if there are other, more sensible places they could spend their efforts, their loyalty to the underdog can possibly pay off in the future via reputation. Not in seats, though.

  5. David Shapiro Says:

    WooWoo, I didn’t see the TV interview, but I assume there was some factual basis to what Jonah said. I’m just saying that these manini snipes are intermural stuff when the varsity season is well upon us.

  6. Richard Gozinya Says:

    I’ve long maintained that the only obstacle challenging the Republicans is the Republicans. That’s really more of a national perspective. Locally, they’re pretty much irrelevant but hugely entertaining. Meow.

  7. ct Says:

    Dave – Thanks for telling it like it is. Some days I don’t agree with you but keep it coming. Also, thanks for having the class and decency to delete that attack on another commenter. That’s one thing that I find hard to tolerate, personal attacks and grand standing.

    Let’s not assume people’s positions based on stereotypical rhetoric and guilt by association. Let’s respectfully discuss the issues here without getting into character assassination and innuendo. Let’s not use someone’s comments as an opportunity to get up on a soapbox to blast those groups to whom we disagree. Let’s not go directly to DEFCON 4 instead of giving our neighbors the benefit of a doubt. Let’s all lighten up and show some civility and common courtesy. Thanks for letting me say my piece.

  8. LINDA KATO Says:

    Hi Dave,

    Re: My comment #2 above, YOU know I was being facetious with my comments. I guess someone else got quite riled up over it and made some nasty comments about me which you deleted. As my source above just commented (my dear friend, ct) and reported to me. Thank you.

    Didn’t mean to get anyone upset. I’m quite a diligent worker, having to do double the work in less days when furlough Fridays were in effect. It was quite peaceful today to work with the office closed to the public. We got a lot done. I’m working towards leaving a clean desk when I retire in a month.

  9. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    Had to put in a very long day which included having to deal with HPD and our stolen car so I was gone for about 14 hours. Didn’t know I was “awaiting moderation” until a couple of minutes ago. Wassup wit dat?

    Guess it’s time for you to write a food column or review movies so as not to get your readers all riled up.

  10. Peter Kay Says:

    Dave, the GOP is doing this because we know that there are a number of Republicans that believe they are voting the “Party Line”when supporting Mr. Carlisle and if people in fact wish to vote on party lines we’d like them to know who that there is only one Republican in the mayor’s race and he is Panos Prevedouros.

    Peter Kay
    Campaign Manager
    Panos Prevefouros

  11. shaftalley Says:

    the GOP have never,ever meant it when they talk about smaller government.never,ever!not nixon,reagan,both bushes.they talk the anti-gov’,but when state power falls into there hands,the republicans use the big gov’t. to enrich themselves,their friends,allies,etc.they have never abolished a department,never done away with a program,never repealed any laws.really.the truth is,americans like their handouts.especially middle class republicans.they don’t like handouts going to the homeless,the illegals,and undeserving,but they sure like all those subsidies for themselves.homeloans,health care,college education,etc.

  12. WaialuaHaole Says:


    On the contrary, IMO, it’s essentially a revelation on the character of a man who’s using his previous job’s necessity of ethics and integrity as justification for his qualification to be mayor.

    When Carlisle says:
    “As prosecutor, I wasn’t an active Republican at all. I never ran as a Republican. I was involved in Republican politics for several months at the request of Linda Lingle. I went to Washington D.C., decided I didn’t particularly like it.”

    And then it turns out that he was a registered party member for 4 years, chaired two State Republican Party Conventions, emceed a major party fundraiser, and ran as a party member for reelection in 2008.

    I’d say this shows Mr. Carlisle has no qualms with being “economical with the truth.”

    Or, as we simple-minded folks sometimes observe — lying.

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