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My flASHback column in today’s Star-Advertiser: “2010 campaign’s characters spice up political potpourri.”

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One Comment on “flASHback alert”

  1. WooWoo Says:

    Okay, as if thing’s couldn’t get stranger…

    I just heard a radio ad featuring Mufi’s wife. So…

    Mufi brings wives into the fracas
    Uncle Dan spanks him publicly
    Mufi makes half-@ss apology at debate
    Mufi puts his wife on a radio ad… where she says nice things about Neil and his wife and proceeds to attack Case (without using his name).

    Not sure the wisdom in using a radio ad to attack somebody not running for office. If you’re a political junky like many here on this blog, then you already know about the Case attack on Mufi and you have your opinion one way or the other; no radio ad is going to change your mind. If you weren’t aware of the Case comment, then either you ignore Mufi’s ad (which means zero net benefit for Mufi’s ad dollars) or you go home and find out what Case said about Mufi (which is like Mufi spending money to spread Case’s message).

    I’m not sure how this ad can count as anything besides a tactical blunder. Are the wheel’s coming off the Mufi machine? I am hard pressed to identify a mistake on the Abercrombie front, while Mufi has had several (pittsburgh, compare and decide)

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