Dueling Christians

After GOP Chairman Jonah Ka‘auwai sharply criticized the Mufi Hannemann campaign for urging Christian Republicans to pull Democratic ballots in the gubernatorial primary to vote for Hannemann over Neil Abercrombie, another prominent Christian is encouraging just that.

Dennis Arakaki, formerly of the Hawai‘i Family Forum, recorded a spot for a group called Island Values saying that Hannemann and Republican James “Duke” Aiona are both acceptable because of their opposition to civil unions but that Abercrombie, who supports gay unions, is not.

Island Values is not officially associated with any campaign, but its deputy treasurer Kenneth Wong was also on the Hannemann campaign committee. (Note: His name was removed from the Hannemann website after this story broke.) Ka‘auwai singled out Wong as the Hannemann representative who was soliciting support from conservative Christian churches, accusing him of having “no righteous intent.”

“In the battle over HB 444, we learned the importance of electing people with our traditional Christian values,” Arakaki said. “In every election, there are acceptable and unacceptable candidates. Neil Abercrombie is unacceptable.”

Arakaki praised Hannemann, saying, “Mufi strongly supports traditional Christian values.”

“The other acceptable candidate is Duke Aiona, who will easily win the Republican primary,” Arakaki said. “Christians can make a difference now by voting in the Democratic primary and stopping the unacceptable candidate Neil Abercrombie. Please pull a Democratic ballot and vote for the acceptable candidate Mufi Hannemann.”

The group also put out a flyer claiming that Abercrombie “mocks the faith-based community and voted against practically everything we believe in.”

Hannemann issued a statement on the flyer:

It has come to my attention that there is a flyer circulating in the community which takes issue with Neil Abercrombie. The piece paints a harsh picture of his congressional voting record on issues of faith and religion.

Legitimate issues deserve full and thorough discussion and evaluation, and the tenor and tone of this flyer do not encourage that.

I have asked that any and all supporters of our campaign who receive this material do not distribute it.

A recent Island Values campaign flyer

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8 Comments on “Dueling Christians”

  1. is there anything more American than an election with a myriad of complex issues being ballyhooed on a single issue to single issue voters?

  2. Michael Says:

    To Gaff with you, Usama bin Laden for dividing United States of America.

    It is not because Good Religion that is sweet but those who preach Bad Religion that have gone sour.

    What ever happened to For the People, By the People and Of the People? What part has Religion got to do with Politics since “Under God” is no longer what it used to mean but a means of You Wrong or You Right for being a Believer in God. Being a Muslim is Wrong. Being a Christian is Wrong. Who is Right? Agnostics?

    If one wants to. Back to Back, take 10 paces turn and shoot each other. Duel of honor rather than debate in shame. Leave Religion out of this!

  3. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    Did Lingle convert to Christianity? How can she in good faith – yes, that’s a pun – be a member of a political party that acknowledges only certain kinds of Christians? And thinks that non-evangelical Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, agnostics, and the rest of the world must be converted or killed or probably both.

  4. charles Says:

    Boy, with Okino endorsing Cavasso and Arakaki endorsing Aiona, it’s clear that politics is getting even more surreal.

  5. Jim Loomis Says:

    Anyone out there think Mufi really didn’t know anything about this? If there is, please call me. I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell.

  6. Kimo Says:

    The secular left needs to get a grip. People vote for the candidate that best reflects their values. The source of one’s values are the key to the individual world view. Some folks will vote for a Christian man while others will vote for an Al Gore Wiccan witch mother earth environmentalist.

    To somehow believe that a candidate’s value source should not play a key role in the decision process is to invite a continued stream of empty sits that will disappoint shortly after getting elected. E.g. Obama.

  7. Kolea Says:

    OK kimo, let’s test the nonsense you just wrote and see how it measures up against the political reality confronting us here, shall we?

    We just saw the IDIOT chair of the Hawaii Republican Party write an email claiming Duke Aiona has the authority of Christ behind him!

    In order for your grasp of reality to have any merit, we should next expect the chair of the Democratic Party to start singing the praises of witchcraft and calling forth pagan spirits on behalf of Neil Abercrombie campaign.

    Oops? I have heard no local Democratic leader invoke Wicca, have you? No, then maybe you are full of Cr@p and should drop your ridiculous exaggerations, huh?

    Why do you engage in such distorted nonsense? There are no Democrats who even approach your caricature, but Aiona and Kaauwai are practically babbling in tongues. Are you really so insane as to NOT see how out of whack your party is? The only way you can posit any counter-balancing madness on the part of the Democrats is through your hallucinatory invocations of Wicca.

    Get a grip!

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