HVCA, HCVA, VCAH: Where’s my Excedrin?

The Hawaii Venture Capital Association, which has endorsed Neil Abercrombie for governor, is officially accusing Mufi Hannemann supporters of “dirty tricks” for forming a rival Venture Capital Association of Hawaii to endorse Hannemann.

HVCA president Bill Spencer sent a cease and desist letter to the rival group, saying it’s linked to Hannemann campaign committee member Stanford Carr and “used an almost identical trade name specifically to mislead and confuse the public about HVCA’s legitimate endorsement of Neil Abercrombie.”

“Forming an organization using a substantially identical name to contradict HVCA’s political endorsement is in bad faith and a dirty trick of the Hannemann campaign,” he said.

Spencer disputed the new group’s claim that it’s an offshoot of HVCA made up of members disgruntled with the endorsement of Abercrombie, saying only one of the 10 members of VCAH ever belonged to HVCA. He said his board’s vote for Abercrombie was unanimous.

The matter is so convoluted that HVCA’s press release twice in the first two paragraphs transposed it’s own name to HCVA. I couldn’t follow it any further without getting a headache, but if you want chapter and verse you can find it here.

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7 Comments on “HVCA, HCVA, VCAH: Where’s my Excedrin?”

  1. WooWoo Says:

    I’m a little surprised that Stanford Carr got caught up in this. It would seem to me that he has a reputation worth protecting. Was it D’Olier and somebody else that got publicly slapped around for speaking for the business roundtable? Can you imagine what would have happened if they had instead created a faux group that sounded just like the roundtable? Like Carr apparently did?

    I don’t know anything about Carr besides what I read in the papers… Maybe his smarts don’t live up to his PR?

  2. Richard Gozinya Says:

    Just some free Association here but I’d Venture that the glaring typos in Mr. Spencer’s letter diminished his professional Capital in Hawaii. The AVCH.

    I mean, if you’re gonna gripe about another organization with a similar name, get your own name right in the press release, eh?

    Sheesh, any wonder that Act 221 stuff left us guys shaking our heads and sucking our teeth.

  3. shaftalley Says:

    HVCA expects gov’t. assistance.

  4. shaftalley Says:

    one of the groups that HVCA is aligned with is ThinkTechHawaii.founded by business lawyer Jay Fidell.i used to read his blog in the advertiser business section all the time.it was always a great read.his enthusiasim and support for tech industrey in hawaii is really good,and inspirational.HVCA will probably do well if their man abercrombie becomes governor.he’s got connection and influence with the military/industrial complex from his days as congressman inDC.i think HVCA’s desire for tax-credits and special preferences is bad approach.

  5. Michael Says:

    Stanford Carr is a developer and businessman. What candidate he can help will help his business. Stanford Carr has made many commercials concerning his Developing Business.
    Business persons go where there is money to be made.
    He neither cares for the people but how he can make money off of contracts that will come his way if a candidate is elected.

  6. CLOUDIA Says:

    Mufi feels that he knows better. Means are negotiable!

    Notice how Gail mentions “Missionaries” in her TV ad?

    Code. Mormons will notice; those invested in civil rights for all, and separation of religion and civil law may not.


  7. shaftalley Says:

    looks like Jay fidell’s law firm got a friendly response to Mr. Fidell’s request for larry harmon to stop all things VCAH.

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