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Today’s “flASHback” column in the Star-Advertiser: “Government common sense replaced with ‘idiot’ version.”

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2 Comments on “flASHback alert”

  1. shaftalley Says:

    i think sam slom is more libertarian than republican.and i like john caroll’s opposition to the JONES ACT.

  2. Michael Says:

    BOY, am I Sorry of being a “Pot calling the Kettle Black”.
    As they say it takes “One to know One”.
    I guess I am not an Idiot so I should not infer others are. Just to spite them I will.

    Wonder if it takes a degree to know One is an Idiot?
    It would be a waste of money to go to a University and find out that One who graduated Cum Laude De Da is an Idiot. My excuse is I am an uneducated Idiot.
    I don’t know any better. Ha!
    Wasted money if One has to go to higher education to find out that they are an Idiot.
    What are the excuses of those who are educated? They should know better.
    I am Still a “Pot Calling the Kettle Black”.
    Sewing ends to a thread war. One who is a “Pot”, you can take this as an appology. If not then this does not concern you.

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