Beyond the bench

Lt. Gov. James “Duke” Aiona isn’t the only former judge looking to apply his legal experience in another arena.

I hear that Family Court Judge Michael Broderick will step down from the bench to become CEO of the YMCA of Honolulu. YMCA president and CEO Larry Bush announced his retirement in July after 40 years of serving the YMCA.

It looks like a harmonic convergence for Broderick’s abilities. He has extensive administrative experience as a former courts administrator under Chief Justice Ronald Moon and as a judge, he’s had extensive experience working for the betterment of kids and families, which is the YMCA’s core mission.

I’d look for big things from the Y as it seeks to expand its already considerable footprint on O‘ahu.

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3 Comments on “Beyond the bench”

  1. shaftalley Says:

    special interest:”permission to encroach the judge,your honor.”
    judge broderick:”you may,as long as i am ceo of ymca.”

  2. Michael Says:

    Even Aiona stated at one time, he wanted more money for his family and being a Judge did not pay him enough. So he left and went into another Job field.
    Is Aiona running for Governor to make more money?
    I don’t think the pay is even close to a big company CEO’s. I guess lingle ran with the same intention
    to make money. Never once did both do anything for the people or if people were even mentioned but all I heard was about a Party. Democrat or Republican.

    Beyond the Bench, let the People be the Judge.
    Seems Rich Business persons are quickly becoming Aiona’s friends.

  3. Haehae Says:

    Michael is one of the truly good guys in Hawaii. From his work in mediation to his work in the Judiciary, one would be hard pressed to find anyone who does not respect Michael and his work. It’s a great loss to Family Court but an excellent addition to the Y. And I’m so glad the Y stayed home on this choice.

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