Neighborhood board bully boys need reining in

The boorish behavior by some O’ahu residents at neighborhood board meetings is getting tiresome and making us look like a community of bullying loudmouths who think high volume substitutes for reason.

Last night, a meeting of the North Shore Neighborhood Board on D.G. “Andy” Anderson’s proposal to replicate the 80-unit Haleiwa Hotel was cut short after opponents disrupted the meeting and wouldn’t allow the other side to speak.

Anderson was verbally assaulted before the meeting even started and the chairman gaveled the meeting to a close after a leading opponent grabbed the microphone out of turn and refused to give it up.

This follows the Neighborhood Commission’s July suspension of a member of the Makakilo/ Kapolei/Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board for 30 days for disruptive behavior. The commission ordered a review of the entire board regarding problems with decorum.

The Ewa Neighborhood Board was also hit with a 60-day suspension while members received training for order and decorum.

In my own back yard, some Kailua residents seem to be getting cranked up to a high emotional pitch over plans it to build a Target at the Don Quijote site.

The neighborhood board system was intended as an orderly and respectful forum for residents to have a say on issues that shape their communities.

If board meetings are going to become places where bullies get away with acting  like asses, the system is no longer of much value and needs to be either restored to civility or dismantled.

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5 Comments on “Neighborhood board bully boys need reining in”

  1. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    Two of us Environnuts drove up to the North Shore yesterday afternoon to look at the proposed site and to attend the Neighborhood Board meeting in the evening.

    My “travel” companion is a member of the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board and was very distressed at several different issues – including the site of the meeting itself.

    More than 150 people were stuffed into a room designed to hold about 75 or so.

    When we got to the meeting room about an hour before the publicized start, almost every chair in the room was already taken.

    By 7 pm, the temperature in the room must have been close to 90 degrees and people were shouting outside the room that they could not hear what was being said even though there was an amplification system set up.

    The Chair was booed & hissed for following instructions given to him by the City’s attorneys.
    No one showed up with any authority to step in to intervene from the Neighborhood Commission office. No elected official at any level of government was visible and, with the exception of one candidate who is a North Shore Neighborhood Board member, no one running for office showed up either.

    With respect to the Kailua situation, did you get the very un-subtle dissing of Kaneohe Ranch in the story about one of their tenants closing their convenience store at a site half a mile away from the proposed Target Store – complete with pickets protesting against Kaneohe Ranch plus wrenching referrals to losing their house?

    Ye Gods & Little Fishes!!! Target wouldn’t even be opening their doors for 18 months at least – and that’s the reason for closing their business now?

  2. Michael Says:

    “Neighborhood board bully boys need reining in”

    This goes for females as well. And then?

    One thing not mentioned is the Nationality of these so called bullies. The ones who think using big words makes them better than the rest. There will always be those who create waves. Those who think I went to Harvard, I am better than you. Unemployed academics now.

    Community Board meetings talk about Issues that concern only a few that is really meant to say Let’s Make Hawaii the Mainland.

    But? Always the But?

  3. David Shapiro Says:

    Michael, the TV clip I saw showed a range of “nationalities” on both sides and some of the big words appeared to have only four letters. Let’s leave nationality out of this, please.

  4. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    The vast majority of the people who were amongst the first 100 or so who came to the meeting were old futs – primarily Caucasian women.

    The next batch of people were mostly male and mostly local amd mostly middle-aged.

    The last group were definitely much younger, mostly male, and mostly local.

    I was taking detailed notes about the audience because I was interested in seeing who turns out for these kinds of meetings.

  5. Michael Says:

    I saw many who surf. No one wants traffic in Haleiwa. Not the building of the hotel and the park but the hotel will bring in more traffic, As it is when there is surf on the North Shore. I am sure this was covered. Many locals there I bet complained only about the traffic. Also bringing in people that fill up the present surf spots. Overcrowding.

    I did not mention specifically about what Nationality. I already knew the answer to the question I asked. Just wanted to see the reaction and reply of others. People are so predictable.

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