Aiona needs a ‘know when to shut up’ shot

Some news stories are called “talkers” because they generate a lot of it, and from what I’ve been hearing, Denby Fawcett’s story on KITV about Duke Aiona refusing flu shots for himself after urging others to get vaccinated is quite a talker.

At an August news conference to promote a flu shots, Aiona urged the public to get vaccinated, leaving the impression that he already had.

But Aiona told Fawcett that he’s never been vaccinated and has doubts about the safety after studying the literature. “I am not convinced that vaccines are more beneficial that harmful,” he said.

Some Aiona backers accused Fawcett of bias in her rather straightforward report, but that was just a tacit admission that their man looked bad playing it both ways.

The main concern, of course, is the “do as I say, not as I do” hypocrisy in which he blithely urged others to submit themselves and their kids to a vaccination that he thinks is possibly unsafe.

Then there’s his undermining of extensive efforts by the state Health Department since the swine flu outbreak to educate people to get vaccinated to protect themselves and others they might infect.

It’s not as if Aiona had no choice but to be a hypocrite; he could have been honest with the public about how he feels and defended his very minority view to the throngs of ardent voters who line up at senior fairs to get their flu shots.

Or he could have at least told the Health Department he wasn’t the right guy to be promoting vaccines because of his personal beliefs, but he’s been milking these photo ops for eight years and couldn’t pass up the publicity.

All he did in the end was feed worries that he’s a bit of a loose cannon, with some out there views that he’s not always honest about sharing.

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18 Comments on “Aiona needs a ‘know when to shut up’ shot”

  1. Juliet Begley Says:

    So when will he be more forthcoming about it religion? It’s the code words I wish you guys in the press would explore mo-bettah….where did that ‘rise and shine Hawaii’ come from, any PR person with a little knowledge had to have known about the Pop Tarts? Why didn’t they care?

  2. Gargoyle Says:

    Lets all talk about how enlightened we are and how stupid the Republicans are. We are progressive and they are little rutting animals. I am glad I have ascended to this higher state of consciousness.


  3. Earl of Sandwich Says:

    A lot of the Aiona defenders are saying it’s much ado about nothing – whether he himself chooses to get vaccinated is his own business. Although I believe it shows him a hypocrite, I can see where they’re coming from.

    However, if it’s a matter of Aiona not considering the vaccine safe, that’s another story altogether. Promoting something for others he doesn’t even think is safe? Geez, get your picture taken for a cigarette ad, why don’t ya?

  4. shaftalley Says:

    i agree with aiona that there has not been any conclusive evidence that these various flu vaccines are effective.nothing definative about the effects of multi-years of injections,starting from infancy to adult-hood.for example GlaxoSmithKline,one of the manufacturers of the Swine flu(H1N1 ASO3-Adjuvanted Pandemic Flu Vaccine)lists in its’ ingredients:formaldehyde,polysorbate 80(detergent),squalene,thimerosal(ethyl-mercury).formaldehyde is classified as a probable human carcinogen by EPA.polysorbate 80 as a detergent and emulsifier that promote tumors and cause cells to leak or explode by weakening their walls.anyway,my concern is the cumulative effect on humans of these ingredients.the source for the ingredients for all the manufacturers of the flu-vaccines plus tons of other useful info on the flu-vaccines and other vaccines,i went to i eat a lot of fish,and now a days most of the fish have mercury.especially the bigger ones.but i’m thinking the benefits of eating fish(Omega-3 EFA’S) outweigh the serious risks of the mercury.i haven’t had a flu-shot in over 15 years.i did have a tetnus shot 2 years ago,but it’s good for 10 years.

  5. Michael Says:

    Many people get sick first when taking the flu shot.
    It then builds up the immune system. Getting the flu first is not good if one already has a weak immune system. It can be bad on ones health. Aiona should practice what he preaches. Too long has he had his strings pulled.

    I would worry for others that getting Cancer is a growing thing rather than getting the Flu. One can get the flu and it goes away. Cancer stays in the body, just one cannot see it till it appears again.
    All the talk of finding a Cure for Cancer would put alot of people out of work.

  6. ppcc Says:

    Aiona is ambiguous stating that he is afraid of needles but also questions the effectiveness of the flu shot itself. Regardless, he chooses not to take the flu shots yet he supports the State program to get yearly vaccinations. I and many other support civil unions and the gay lifestyle that it implies, but I cannot personally comprehend two people of the same gender engaging in an intensely emotional/physical relationship with one another, but accept the fact that whether by biology or environment that is who they are. To me that is not being a hypocrite, rather tolerant and accepting that everyone is different and accept those differences.

    In terms of immunizations, seems in general it is a good thing for the public to get their vaccinations, however for some, the vaccine injections might do more harm then good for them. Vaccine solutions contain chemical preservatives and dead or live viruses so it is very possible that some people’s body will negatively react to the vaccine solution so the vaccines will do more harm than good for them. Some believe that vaccinations caused autism but no study has proven this link. However recently I heard some well respected pediatrician on the news described how in order to save time and trouble, some children are given up to 6 vaccinations at one time and in that case could realistically contribute to a child becoming autistic given the combined level of thimerosal for all of the immunization shots taken simultaneously.

    If I had to guess, I think Aiona is scared of needles and not keen on the thought of injecting chemicals with either dead or live viruses into your body. Given that Aiona doesn’t drink, smoke, take drugs, eats healthy, etc. and has an athletic looking body compared to Abercrombie who is short and has a very large waist who doesn’t look nearly as physically fit as Aiona. Yes, Neil can out bench press Aiona, however if Aiona is 50 something years old and is in excellent health without yearly vaccinations, I guess to him, why change his health routine now, if it has been working for him all these years.

  7. David Shapiro Says:

    Just to be clear, I don’t care if he gets a flu shot or not. That’s his business. I do care that he urged me to get one, and left the impression that he had too, when he secretly thinks it may do me more harm than good. That’s a different animal from tolerating lifestyles. He could have declined to be the spokesman and it wouldn’t have been an issue.

  8. ppcc Says:


    Based on the public information so far, I don’t think Aiona is a hypocrite. HOWEVER ,what Aiona can provide or the media can ask him is if he allows his children to get vaccinated. If his children are not vaccinated AND they are not allergic to eggs (they always ask me this before I get my flu shot) then I will agree with you 100% Aiona is a hypocrite for endorsing the State flu vaccine program.

  9. David Shapiro Says:

    Well, I guess it’s touché on me. I’ll feel awful if he gets a rash.

    For Immediate Release: October 4, 2010

    Duke Gets Flu Shot

    Duke Aiona today issued the following statement in response to an email sent recently by supporters of his opponent’s campaign.

    “My comments about flu vaccine have been taken out of context and misconstrued by members of the media as well as supporters of my opponent’s campaign.

    “I’ve talked with many health care professionals and reviewed the benefits and risks of flu vaccinations. I just got my flu shot.

    “Flu vaccinations are an important part of a healthy lifestyle – especially for our keiki and kupuna.

    “I don’t have any philosophical opposition to vaccinations, and as a child, I received all of my vaccinations.

    “I have always been supportive of our voluntary Stop Flu at School flu vaccination program.

    “It’s important for our citizens to have accurate information, and make a personal choice. We all do.”


    * Media Note: Duke Aiona received his flu shot today in Hilo.

  10. hipoli Says:

    Or if he gets that vaccination-reaction-flu as a result, knocking him out of campaigning for the next week.

    No matter. The damage has already been done.

  11. charles Says:

    Let’s move on to the critical issues of the day. . . like banning alcohol at Aloha Stadium tailgate parties.

  12. hipoli Says:

    What are you talking about, Charles? They’re gonna ban beer at the games?!?

  13. charles Says:

    hipoli, that was Aiona’s signature issue a few years ago.

  14. Earl of Sandwich Says:

    That’s right, charles. First it was a war on drugs – didn’t work, so it was a war on alcohol – didn’t work, so then it was a war on underage smoking. I guess now it’s a war on the flu, and look where that’s gotten him.

  15. Michael Says:

    Well said Dave!

  16. Juliet Begley Says:

    You know where it’s gotten him……..”we” have been distracted over flu shots and the hypocrisy of Aiona’s position, and NOTHING is said about other more important issues… his Transformation Hawaii ramblings – good grief, that is more unnerving than any flu shot – real and imagined.

  17. Michael Says:

    If Aiona stood his ground and did the “rope a dope” and came back swinging he would stand to be a decent Governor, but he did not. Now it’s “dope on a rope”.

  18. shaftalley Says:

    i apologise for the wrong web-site that if you clicked on the link,you got a cinema site.i should have added another c to make it instead of

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