Calling Peter Carlisle

The mayor-elect’s camp is strangely silent less than a week before he’s sworn in as Honolulu mayor on Oct. 11.

After an awkward press conference last week with acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell about the transition and the introduction of his former deputy prosecutor Doug Chin as his nominee for managing director, we’ve heard little from Carlisle about his Cabinet or how he plans to organize his administration .

Some people close to Carlisle predict he’ll be a Frank Fasi-type leader who focuses on the big picture and specific projects that catch his fancy, while leaving the nuts and bolts to others. But there’s been little from Carlisle himself about his plans.

The city is in a time of major transition, with a new mayor and four new City Council members to be elected next month. In addition, council chairman Todd Apo is resigning after the general election and a special election will have to be called to replace him.

Carlisle needs to step up and take charge early. If he leaves a leadership void, he’ll have not only a city government in turmoil, but a long list of formidable foes lining up to run against him in two years.

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2 Comments on “Calling Peter Carlisle”

  1. A Little Birdy Says:

    Well he could still be dealing with the fall out from his less than professional stripper dance that he did at the Fireman Foundation Fundraiser on Friday night.

  2. Michael Says:

    It seems in the recent passing of Fireworks ban it was Caldwell who signed. I thought he would be out of office and Carlisle take over. I guess not.

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