Talking stink with Charles and Colleen

The race in the 1st Congressional District is sinking fast with Democrat Colleen Hanabusa and Republican Charles Djou exchanging accusations that the other side is “smearing” them with negative ads.

Hanabusa called a news conference yesterday to condemn a Djou ad predicting a storm of GOP negative advertising against him in the final weeks of the campaign, which she called “one of the worst negative ads that I have ever seen.”

I’m sorry, but not even close.

Equally disingenuous was the Djou camp’s response through the state Republican Party to the effect of “she started it first.”

If this contest is to be decided by which side has the most pilau ads, it’ll be a tie. Between the two campaigns, the state parties and the Democratic and Republican congressional campaign committees, my e-mail inbox is filled with new loads of fresh garbage every day.

The “storm” spot that Hanabusa found offensive was actually quite similar in its formula to an earlier Democratic ad attacking Djou as a Republican lackey because he voted with his party most of the time.

The tried-and-true formula of negative political advertising, which both sides employed, is to get the most unflattering photo of the opponent you can find, edit it to look as dark and sinister as possible, and then massage a few sketchy elements of the opponent’s record to appear similarly sinister.

This race, which has been going on and on and on since Neil Abercrombie announced he was stepping down in the winter, long ago ceased producing any new or useful information for voters.

Blessed are the early absentee voters, who will soon be to hold their noses, mail in their choices and put the unpleasantness in the rear-view mirror.


My column in today’s Star-Advertiser: “Few votes in primary show appointed BOE is necessary.”

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14 Comments on “Talking stink with Charles and Colleen”

  1. WooWoo Says:

    The Hill has Djou up 45-41 with 4.9 MOE.

  2. anticoqui Says:

    It’s times like thid …that the best candidate for office is: K. K. Kaumanua!! Get out the vote for a non-partisan person.

  3. jayz43 Says:

    I feel Colleen Hanabusa, like Hannemann, needs to be “retired” from Hawaii politics.

    All the kings horses and all the kings men, all the unions’ endorsements and Uncle Dan’s blessing, won’t be enough to win this election for Hanabusa.

  4. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    Why would ANYONE who might consider a Democratic candidate even think about voting for a Republican.

    If someone cannot handle the Democratic candidate, then vote NOTA. That’s exactly what I plan to do – other than the Abercrombie/Schatz puka, I plan to leave all the others blank: US Senate, US House Second District; State Senate, State House. Blank votes send a loud & clear message.

    Actually, I may wind up voting for Jim Brewer, the Green Party US Senate candidate, because I support the GP’s policies and philosophies plus I’ve known Jim for decades – a decent guy who lives his life the way he wants to without being concerned what other people think about him.

    And, of course, there’s the BOE candidates – I expect to vote for three plus the challenger in the Windward race AND leave blank the Constitutional Amendment abolishing an elected Board. The companion bill setting the the nomination process for an appointed Board was vetoed by Lingle and would have been over-ridden had there been a Special Session called in mid-July. It too became a victim in the Civil Unions battle.

    Until there is legislation on the books establishing a de-politicized nominating process, I won’t vote for an appointed Board.

    Again, why would any Democrat or independent who generally supports Democratic positions vote for a Repubican? A quick scan of state legislators in the 2010 Session shows that the Republicans are outnumbered 8+ to 1 in the House and 12+ to 1 in the Senate.

    I understand why conservatives and those leaning in that direction would vote for Djou – but there is no indication whatsoever that the GOP is going to make much, if any inroads in local races.

    They’ll probably take HD 46 and maybe HD 18 but may very well lose HD 43 so their numbers could increase from 6 to 7 – hardly a blowout.

    As for the Senate races, the GOP will likely keep SD 25, but there’s nothing to indicate as of this writing that any Democratic seats will flip.

  5. chocolateheart Says:

    Colleen Hanabusa didn’t whine when Uncle Dan and his henchmen put together negative attack ads misrepresenting Charles Djou. She should be able to take whatever she dishes out. Stop crying when she wanted to play dirty. Now that the tables are turned, she’s crying foul.

    And by the way, the Honolulu Advertiser took that photo of her. She’s just mad because the photo captured her normal look.

  6. Michael Says:

    Shallow thinking for what is best for the people of Hawaii. If one candidate is best than who cares what party. As if Democrats or Republicans really cared about Hawaii and its people. Then again people who live here don’t really care about Hawaii but how much money can be made in Hawaii. When one dies, money stays here while the unfortunate soul wonders in the wind.

    It seems a way of life now, to trash talk with an attitude. Rules made just to be broken. No respect for others. Two can play it that way. Yet when one starts, they cry foul when it does not go their way.
    Seems hanabusa is not the only cry baby here. she can do it so can Djou. Would it be fair to say because hanabusa is female she can do as she pleases? Queen’s Rule? Fairness is you take a jab, you get jabbed back. It was once said not to hit a lady but I don’t see any ladies here. Equal rights, should mean, women serve on the front line as well and die besides men. Seems men die while women serve in Politics.

    hanabusa needs a make over. she should also serve in the military and then talk the talk. Being in the Military does wonders for a person who has an attitude. Others should follow.

    One thing Hawaii is lacking now is respect for others. People talk of Aloha but it is a false Aloha.
    Not from the Heart and not honest feelings.

  7. WooWoo Says:


    “Why would ANYONE who might consider a Democratic candidate even think about voting for a Republican.”

    If you can’t understand how people might consider candidates of both parties, then you by definition don’t understand the vast majority of Hawaii residents and US citizens. Most people are independents and vote for candidates of different parties, often on the same ballot. You might want to chew on that and consider how you can be so confident that your views on how we should all live are so correct when you don’t seem to have an understanding of how most people think.

    There are valid arguments on both sides (all sides?) of the political aisle. There are brilliant, caring, committed individuals in both parties. IMHO, anybody 100% convinced that they are right on all of the issues (whether liberal or conservative) is self-delusional. Our society, our environment, our geopolitical landscape, and our economy are so complex, intertwined and dynamic that no one can see with any clarity more than a few moves ahead.

    So while stalwarts of both parties try and convince the electorate that you can solve every problem with one type of club, the independent voter ignores the noise and keeps all the clubs in the bag and picks the one most appropriate for the shot at hand.

  8. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:


    I do not know first-hand of any living Republican Party candidate running for office or already elected to office other than State Representative Cynthia Thielen who shares my values – and since I do not live in her district, I cannot vote for her. Others must agree with me because she ran once again unopposed.

    You don’t get what I am saying: If the Democratic candidate does not hold the same values and positions that I do, I will not cast my vote for him or her. I will leave the space blank.

    If the Republican candidate holds the same values as I do and takes the same position, then she or he would not be running as a Republican candidate.

    For that matter, I do not vote for Republicans OR Democrats if they do not share my values and my positions.

    I will only vote for candidates who are worthy of my vote. My vote is a right, not a privilege, and I will not expend it on The Least Worst candidate.

  9. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:


    Returning to a previous post of yours last week:

    WooWoo Says:

    October 8, 2010 at 11:49 pm

    I don’t want to get too personal, Cap, but isn’t your apparent precarious financial position a conscious choice? You have mentioned in previous posts your own and SigOth’s extensive education and qualifications. So…

    1) you have made the choice to expended resources (time and money) to obtain these educational and professional qualifications; and

    2) you apparently choose not to pursue work that compensates you at a commensurate level. I believe you mentioned that your SigOth is/was a CPA. No such thing as a homeless CPA. The money and work are consistent.

    There is nothing wrong with 1) and 2) above. But if you expect

    3) other taxpayers should subsidize your housing,

    Then we have a disagreement.

    I ask not to accuse or to attack, but to understand your thought process on this matter.

    Because we used our home as the backup collateral for a business loan which we used to buy & improve the physical facilities only to have the property reclaimed by the seller when he filed for bankruptcy 179 days later, we were pushed into a financial pit which we’ll never climb out of.

    Our unsuccessful bankruptcy filing years later when it became apparent that we could never get out of debt was the cause that our former landlord used in giving us 45 days notice of a huge rent increase so that we would move out.

    In fact, we are still paying off our creditors and will be doing so until a projected 2030. By then, the debt will be over 40 years old.

    Our family’s current annual net income after required deductions is about $40,000. From that, we pay rent, utilities, food, clothing, and personal & household expenses. We don’t use credit cards – barred permanently by the court – and have no registered loans although our dentist has allowed us to pay off our bills over time. We also drive a 1988 Toyota so keeping it alive is a major priority.

    Furthermore, I have no knowledge of receiving any special government benefits for anything, let alone housing. In fact, we pay a higher property tax rate than our landlord thanks to the Hannemann Administration’s pushing through a two-tiered property tax systemn last spring.

    By the way, the City Council overturned that ordinance earlier today – it now goes to Mayor Carlisle for his signature.

    What makes you think that I am somehow receiving special benefits from the government?

  10. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    Whoops!! systemn = system.

  11. Michael Says:

    I rest my case.

  12. charles Says:

    Candidates engage in negative campaigning for one reason and one reason only: it works.

  13. zzzzzz Says:

    @Cap–you clearly understand your rationale for voting, but apparently don’t grasp that there are many others with far different rationales.

    For example, I’d guess there are some equal rights supporters, including some in the GLBT community, many of whom normally give Dems strong consideration, who might consider voting for Djou, who voted to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, over Hanabusa, who previously has chosen to torpedo civil unions.

  14. Michael Says:

    Both Candidates agree on one thing. Abercrombie says Civil Union is Civil Rights but does not agree to same sex marriage. Aiona agrees wording is at fault for Civil Union is not same sex marriage.

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