Aiona can’t rise and shine while he’s ducking and running

James “Duke” Aiona is trying to turn lemons into lemonade by depicting concerns about his involvement in a conservative religious movement as negative campaigning by Neil Abercrombie supporters.

Aiona can quibble about the details, but he has been neck deep for at least five years in the International Transformation Network and its local offshoot, Transformation Hawai‘i, which stated a goal of introducing Christian values into all aspects of Hawai‘i society, including government.

His operatives have played the religious card to the hilt in the governor’s race, and it’s disingenuous of him to now throw a smokescreen around fair questions about his understanding of the line between church and state.

Aiona has promoted ITN events and had his way paid to the group’s Argentina conference in 2006. He’s been prayed over by the group’s founder as Hawai‘i’s salvation.

In a 2004 talk at a local Transformation Hawai‘i event, Aiona declared, “Our school will become God’s school, our community will become God’s community, our city will become God’s city, our Island will become God’s island, our state will become God’s state, our Hawai‘i will become God’s Hawai‘i.”

The “rise and shine” slogan used by the Republican Governors Association in its ads for Aiona has origins in scripture, and one ad emphasized Aiona’s support of the Power of Aloha program, in which he and Transformation Hawai‘i won Board of Education approval to distribute “Aloha Cards” promoting moral values in the public schools.

Critics charged that the project sought to get around the prohibition against proselytizing in the schools by substituting the word “aloha” for God.

Aiona’s Republican chairman Jonah Ka‘auwai, who described politics as his “ministry,” has aggressively worked conservative Christian churches during the campaign, questioning the faith of Democrats Abercrombie and Mufi Hannemann while proclaiming Aiona to be Hawai‘i’s first “righteous” leader since Lili‘uokalani.

In one tirade against the Democrats sent to conservative Christian churches, Ka‘auwai said, “Duke will win because the Church has been behind him the entire time operating in the POWER and the AUTHORITY of the NAME OF JESUS!”

Aiona’s personal faith should be respected, and he’s right to object to specious attempts by his most extreme critics to tie him to religious atrocities such as the oppression of homosexuals in Uganda.

But it was the Republicans — not Abercrombie — who first introduced religion into the campaign, and itʻs reasonable to ask if Aiona could separate his religion from his duties as governor.

He can’t expect to use cries of negative campaigning to run away from an issue his side initiated.

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46 Comments on “Aiona can’t rise and shine while he’s ducking and running”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    The only way this could be better is if it was published in the daily paper. Thank you for reporting what others avoid!!!

  2. Michael Golojuch, Jr. Says:

    Below is a letter that I sent to news outlets and lawmakers regarding Uganda’s latest attack on LGBT citizens.


    I know this election time and no one wants to take on anything that is even close to being controversial during this time. But when people are being hunted down like animals at the behest of their government everyone needs to speak out.

    This is what Transformation Hawaii now Hawaii Hee Nalu a division of International Transformation Network are calling for when they preach their anti-gay rhetoric. In fact the International Transformation Network helped write Uganda’s anti-gay laws – that make being gay a death sentence.

    FYI – Transformation Hawaii is run by the same people that run Hawaii Family Forum – you can see their new Executive Director Allen Cardines, Jr. at 0:48 standing behind Duke Aiona. –

    It is shameful that Duke Aiona supports Transformation Hawaii even though he denied it a couple of months ago in a KITV interview.

    So when will ANYONE besides us activists shine a light on this organization and Duke’s TOTAL support of their anti-gay mission and their call for and ALL christian state.

    We saw last month what happens when people do not speak out against homophobia with the loss of 12 LGBT youth who took their own lives because they were bullied and harassed. That is America’s version of Uganda’s anti-gay attack squads.

    On Wednesday October 20th many of us wore purple to remember them:

    Billy Lucas, 15, Indiana: September 9, 2010.
    Cody J. Barker, 17, Wisconsin: September 13, 2010.
    Seth Walsh, 13, California: September 19, 2010.
    Tyler Clementi, 18, New Jersey: September 22, 2010.
    Asher Brown, 13, Texas: September 23, 2010.
    Harrison Chase Brown, 15, Colorado: September, 25 2010.
    Jeanine Blanchette, 21, Canada: September, 28 2010.
    Chantal Dube, 17, Canada: September, 28 2010.
    Raymond Chase, 19, Rhode Island: September 29, 2010.
    Felix Sacco, 17, Massachusetts: September 29, 2010.
    Alec Henrikson, 18, Utah: September 30, 2010.
    Caleb Nolt, 14, Indiana: September 30, 2010.

    But I challenge you to do something a little more than wear purple to fight back against this homophobia – the next time any and all of you see Aiona ask him why he supports a group that supports Uganda’s anti-attack/death squads and that calls for an ALL Christian state. Why is there no room for other belief systems in his view of the world.

    When any of us fail to speak out against bigotry and homophobia we allow it to take root in our society and those roots can strangle the life out of any diverse society.

    Michael J. Golojuch, Jr.

    All You Need is LOVE to Support Equality and Justice for ALL.

    When you fail to support equality and justice for ALL, you have failed as a person.

    January 29, 2010 the Attempted Murder of Democracy here in Hawaii and then on April 29, 2010 Democracy was Revived!

  3. Scott Goold Says:

    Aloha ~
    Sometime after the 2004 talk at a local Transformation Hawai’i event, Aiona allegedly clarified:

    “Our school will become Allah’s school, our community will become Allah’s community, our city will become Allah’s city, our Island will become Allah’s island, our state will become Allah’s state, our Hawai’i will become Allah’s Hawai’i.”

    This fundamentalist conservative position rattled NPR’s Juan Williams who apparently said, “But when I get on the plane to Hawai’i, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in island Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous. Where’s the coconuts and grass skirts?”

    Clearly neither Williams nor Aiona are bigots!


  4. WowWhat'sThis? Says:

    Wow, I didn’t know about Aiona’s involvement with this group. I’m going to go check out the video. Dumb move on Aiona’s part to bring more attention to this than it was apparently already getting. Rise and shine, Aiona communications team…ya just made a boo boo. Not to mention the idiocy of the flu shot thing.

  5. WooWoo Says:

    The Juan Williams case will show who uses their brain to make impartial evaluations and who uses knee-jerk, PC reflexes. Williams describes reality and gets fired because it does not fit in with the idealizes/fictionalized world of NPR’s execs.

    Who here really believes that the president of NPR’s pulse wouldn’t quicken if she were waiting to board a flight and four guys in beards and robes whip out prayer rugs?

    Besides that, Williams was also clearly arguing that Americans need to work past that instinctual reaction and not paint Muslims with a broad brush. He acknowledged reality, and called for people to improve reality. But NPR’s pres apparently couldn’t get past the sin of acknowledging reality.

    What really pisses me off is if this generates a backlash against NPR. I am a big fan of their content.

  6. Earl of Sandwich Says:

    Between his evasive “explanations” on this and the flu shot, I think we’re starting to see a side of Duke we haven’t really seen before. Willing to just outright lie about stuff.

  7. Michael Says:

    The coconuts and grass skirts were considered Pagan by Missionaries. The Natives now wear Prada and drink coconut milk from cans.

    I wonder if Aiona while walking someone yelled duck he would duck? If raining he may run and duck from getting wet.

  8. hdoug Says:

    Mahalo for this post. Very calm and very clear. For me it points out another reason Aiona must not be elected.

  9. Kolea Says:

    Let me suggest not all people are convinced there SHOULD be a “wall of separation” between church and state. For some, it is NOT a matter of “where to draw the line,” but whether to draw the line at all.

    The idea that it is appropriate that there be a “private” religious sphere and a public, secular or “multi-cultural” sphere is NOT shared by all citizens. And it certainly was not held by very many people in the “Western” tradition until the 18th century. The US Constitution represented the first major legally codified break with the view that all of society should be regulated in accordance with the dominant religious beliefs and that the State should remain neutral in religious disputes.

    Contrary to the common mythology, very few immigrants came to North America in order to live in a place of “religious freedom.” In most cases, they came to establish a base of operations for THEIR religious beliefs, not a place to tolerate the free expression of other beliefs. The “Pilgrims” were EXTREMELY intolerant of Quakers, Catholics and, if they encountered them, Jews.

    Even after the Constitution was adopted, most of the states retained religious requirements to serve in office, some taxed the residents in order to support whichever church was dominant in that state. The belief was that the First Amendment restrict the Federal government, but NOT the states.

    Those like Jefferson and Madison advanced the argument for separation were unusually advanced in their thinking. Their position probably triumphed due to the practical problem that different denominations were dominant in different states, making it impossible to even agree upon a favored denomination which could be “established” nationwide. Proof of this claim can be seen in the fact that most of the states DID have “established” churches within the confines of their boundaries.

    I suggest Duke Aiona and many of the born-again Christians who have become politically active share many of the ideas of the Puritans and reject the view of the Enlightenment that it is correct to split the world into a private, religious sphere and a secular public sphere.

    They are not just opposed to “the Democrats,” the “gays” and the “secular humanists.” In their hearts, they want to repeal the Enlightenment.

  10. charles Says:

    Hmmm. . . it does work in mysterious ways, no?

  11. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    How does the Roman Catholic Church react to this? After all, they clearly share many of the same positions of the International Transformation Network.

    Why doesn’t the mainstream media track this? Why are these issues only being discussed on blogs and in e-newspapers?

    Can it have anything to do with the unbelievable profits being made? Come November 2, 2010, it is anticipated that nearly $40 per registered voter will have been spent on advertising and mailers – with very little of that money churning through our local economy.

    So many political ads are being sold that it is not unusual for Aiona and Abercrombie ads to be run back-2-back. Will the negative advertising work?

  12. Nikki Heat Says:

    Good to read @Kolea again. I missed @Kolea’s insights.

    A lot of Hawaii residents have at least a nominal tolerance of open religiousity in public life — most folks don’t wear God or Jesus on their shirt sleeves (unless you’ve got one of those cool aloha shirts from Maui’s Salt & Light Designs) but they live their values and, in some conservative churches, those values being taught as paramount or crucial simply clash with the views of the secular elite in control of MSM.

    But in the end, folks in those churches are not as monolithic and unthinking followers of their pastors and more outspoken members about the cultural wars– they’ll vote like most other residents in the islands– making a living, getting an education for their children, and enjoying good times with family and friends. I like that Brian Schatz has a Chinese wife so I stayed with Neil Abercrombie in the Governor’s race in casting a walk-in ballot earlier this week.

  13. Kolea Says:


    This matter was also discussed on Ian’s blog a couple of days ago. A commenter posted a link to a longer video of a Transformation Hawaii event from 2009. One of the more interesting things (to me) was to see Marc Alexander at the event. Marc is our local Catholic official whose duties (and Vatican training) make him the person most in charge of ferreting out heresies. Marc spoke and was clearly trying to make strong ties with the OTN. Ed Silvoso, the leader of the international movement, is seen saying that he believed Hawaii was unique in getting the Catholic Church to join their effort. One of the local leaders is on tape apologizing to Marc for having doubted his “faith in Christ” as a Catholic.

    Duke Aiona is, of course, both a Catholic and a born-again, evangelical Christian.

    In my remarks above, I focussed on the Puritan opposition to the Enlightenment. The Catholic Church has had its own unique wrestling match with modernity. The Church is not inherently opposed to science to the extent most conservative Protestants are. It can accept evolution as a means for God to “work in mysterious ways” and does not promote Creationism as a substitute. Heck, they even apologized for torturing Galileo a few years ago.

    I wonder if the Catholic Church will be as supportive of Hawaii Family Forum now that it appears to have been taken over by the Transformation Hawaii people?

  14. Richard Gozinya Says:

    Dave said:…”itʻs reasonable to ask if Aiona could separate his religion from his duties as governor.”

    Key point! I’d like to hear a direct response by Aiona. Just some clear declarative sentences,please.

  15. Michael Says:

    What a politician does on Sunday is not the publics right to know. Monday thru Saturday is!

    One wants to know what Catholics think? It seems the Pope has answered that question. I don’t consider that comment an answer or insight. An insight is still an opinion. Pigs will fly if the Pope is female.

  16. Michael Golojuch, Jr. Says:

    @ Michael – You see the only problem with that is that Duke is ALWAYS pushing his religious agenda, not just on Sunday.

    When he went into the schools as the Lt. Gov to push his religous cards that is a TOTAL violation and if he gets in the is just the tip of the iceberg.

    He wants an ALL christian state and only the christians that view the world like he does count.

  17. Da Menace Says:

    Some great points in this blog and comments. Nice to see issues and substance being discussed, not just posturing and horse race stuff. Lets see the hard questions put to the candidates by the media and hear their direct answers. Abercrombie responded directly to the questioning of his faith and that wasn’t even about his mixing it with his government duties.

    This issue with Aiona is not about religion, it is mixing religion and government and being untruthful about associations that have agendas for religion in government. Aiona can clearly be seen saying it both ways depending on the audience. See for yourselves: He tells KITV “not a member” but says on stage “I am a part of a part of a prayer evangelization program called Transformation Hawaii”. Liar? Judge for self.

    “The International Transformation Network’s efforts in Hawaii are being coordinated by a 501(c)(3) entity called Transformation Hawaii. For at least three years (from 2005 through 2008) Duke Aiona has been listed as Transformation Hawaii’s honorary chairman and since 2007 Transformation Hawaii has been an official chapter of the International Transformation Network making Aiona, in effect, an honorary member of the ITN as well.”

    Further, hear him call for divine intervention to stop the civil unions bill which he wrongly calls a “code for same sex marriage”. Civil unions was to make the government fair under the Constitution and let churches deal with marriage as they see fit. Is this how you want your Chief Executive thinking about how to make important decisions that affect people of all religions in mostly buddhist Hawaii? Is there a pattern in his own words? Sink or swim time, but no duck, cover and evade.

  18. Cloudia Says:

    where’s the humility of these types who believe mostly in their own infallibility?

    Neil & Brian state plans, Duke wallows in generalities.

  19. ppcc Says:

    As someone else mentioned, Aiona can put this all to rest if he publicly states his personal religious beliefs will NOT affect his decisions he will make as Governor of Hawaii. Most consider former Governor John Burns, a devout Catholic, to be one of the better Governors for the State of Hawaii. There is precedence in Hawaii that a person can have strong religious convictions yet still be an effective government leader.

    Aiona answers to God and Abercrombie answers to the Unions. Pick your poison….

    Abercrombie answers to SOME unions and not others. Given HSTA and UHPA have endorsed Neil from day one with lots of $$$; while UPW, HGEA, etc. supported Neil only AFTER Mufi lost, when its time for the State to balance the budget, which by law they have to, not hard to figure out which groups Neil will put on the chopping block.

  20. NoMoreWaffling Says:

    Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist…frankly, I don’t care as long as you’re a person willing to own (and own up to) your principles and morals. What I’m getting from Duke is a whole lot of uncertainty. He says that he’s wary of flu shots…hey, that’s cool, so are a lot of people…BUT then, whoa, the guy stands up and tells the people of Hawaii to go get flu shots–and gets one himself once people point out the hypocrisy of his actions. He touts the accomplishments of the Lingle/Aiona administration…right on, you guys were a team for 8 years, right? But, hold the phones, in debates with Abercrombie he says “it’s not my administration” when asked about failings during the last 8 years. Which is it, Duke? And now this transformation thing. If it’s so benign, why do you have to distance yourself from it? Regardless of party affiliation, to me this adds up to a wishy-washy person who isn’t ready to have the responsibility of the Governor’s job.

  21. ppcc Says:


    I am going to replace some words in your statement and then post:

    – You see the only problem with that is that NEIL is ALWAYS pushing his UNION agenda, not just on Sunday.

    When he went into the schools as the HOUSE REP. to push his UNION cards that is a TOTAL violation and if he gets in the is just the tip of the iceberg.

    He wants an ALL UNION state and only the UNIONS that view the world like he does count.

    Yea, I am playing, but I think there is real truth to what I have written.

  22. Michael Golojuch, Jr. Says:

    ppcc – You are using the wrong word, the word that you meant to use is PEOPLE instead of “union” – yes unions are made up of people.

    Next time write your own statement, please.

  23. Michael Says:

    Michael Golojuch, Jr. Says:

    I did not mention any Politician in name. I feel that a Politician is entitled to one day of rest from Public so that they can spend time with family. If not Sunday then a weekday. Work weekends. Every Politician should have a day off of two. Too bad it is a job that pays 24/7.

    If Aiona bothers you on his religous pushing, then be tolerant. I am sure Aiona is tolerant of your views on your preference. You will be surprised how much flies you can attract with honey than vinegar.

    “You see the only problem with that is that Duke is ALWAYS pushing his religious agenda, not just on Sunday.” Pot calling the kettle black….

  24. Michael Says:

    Da Menace:
    “This issue with Aiona is not about religion, it is mixing religion and government and being untruthful about associations that have agendas for religion in government.”

    Your comment is quite contradicting. You say not about religion but is mixing religion and government. Which is Which? Either way I look at it, religion is involved.

  25. ppcc Says:


    What is the total amount so far UHPA has donated to the Abercrombie campaign? I see it listed as $305,000 a while back, which might be more by now. Why would a single workers union give so much to one political candidate? I thought in the past UHPA stated that UH profs are suffering with low wages and can barely afford to make ends meet. Obviously UH Profs paid with taxpayer dollars got tons of excess cash to give to one political candidate. Don’t tell me all of that money given by one union to Neil does not have strings attached.

  26. Michael Says:

    If you are asking me UHPA donated nothing, it is the members who put money in the union with union dues and the union reps use the money to donate to a campaign in their name UHPA. The union members get no recognition but the UHPA does. If money had strings attached they can always be pulled back. Like some dollar you tie to a string and pull back when someone grabs it.

    If you not asking me then disregard my reply.

  27. hipoli Says:

    As I recall, UHPA was the only major union to back Lingle in 2002. The professors reaped the benefit through their negotiated raises that made everyone else green with envy.

    If you ask me, Musto and team are brilliant. He’s at it again, doing HIS job, and serving his members well. Lucky buggahs.

  28. hipoli Says:

    By the way, Dave, brilliant blog entry today! Bravo!

  29. wlsc Says:

    Great commentary, Dave. I’m sorry that your paper has only seen fit to “shoot the messengers” on this continuing issue instead of really doing some investigative reporting and follow-up.

    Unfortunately, now that Aiona has established himself as a liar, I wouldn’t believe him even if he did say that his religious beliefs will have no impact on or role in his government service.

    After watching the video footage from their November 2009 conference, it seems clear to me that the ITN is clearly a religious cult. The cult leader, Ed Silvoso, reminds me of L. Ron Hubbard with his controlling pronouncements & scads of self-published “religious” treatises for sale to the faithful.

    If people want to believe this stuff & spend their money on its propaganda, I guess that’s their choice. I, however, want nothing like this organization or its local proxy group (Hawaii Hee Nalu) ANYWHERE near state government.

  30. el guapo Says:

    I just can’t vote for someone who wanted to ban beer at Aloha Stadium 🙂

  31. Michael Golojuch, Jr. Says:

    @ Michael – Aiona is NOT tolerant of anything!

    Fact he has called for an all christian state – NOT tolerant of other religions.

    He does not support anything that would bring equality to the LGBT community – NOT tolerant

    He has called to “knock out” President Obama – again not tolerant

    And ones sexual orientation is NOT a preference. Preference implies a choice – NO ONE chooses their sexual orientation it is how you were born.

    There is a HUGE difference between my calls for equality and his calls for discrimination. So no it is not the “pot calling the kettle black” it is however the Democracy calling out the theocracy.

    If you want a country with a state sponsored religion check Iran then get back to us all!

  32. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    Why hasn’t this issue gone viral? Many people still have no idea about Aiona’s beliefs.

    In the past four days, I’ve attended half a dozen community meetings – filled with at least 200 Hawai`i voters all totaled, by the way – at which I raised the state religion issue and Duke’s connections to the International Transformation Network.

    Only one person who responded knew what I was talking about. The rest of the people wanted to know where to get more information. A couple of people who are involved in non-Christian relgious organizations expressed some very strong opinions.

    Relying on blog comments and sharing information & opinions here will not have the same impact nor even come close to letting the larger public know about Aiona’s beliefs as having this covered in the print & mainstream electronic media.

    As to why this is not being convered – I think that it’s a money issue and a lack-of-time-left-in-the-campaign issue. Even if the money to buy the ad time/space could be raised in the next 72 hours, is there enough time left to get the ads out there in either medium?

  33. Michael Says:

    Michael Golojuch, Jr.:
    Neither are you. When you are tolerant
    of others than you come back and chat!
    Until then learn.

    It seems you are tired of many who disagree with you and your issues. Have you ever thought that many may agree with you, but are tired of your pushing of your issues, as you Say So of Aiona. When you can use honey and not vinegar maybe many more will accept who you are and what you stand for. Until then learn tolerance. If you become a bully there are those who will bully back. Create a hostile environment and you have to live it.

  34. ppcc Says:

    M Golojuch:

    “He has called to “knock out” President Obama”

    Fact is a growing number of Americans want to do just that and vote him out of office in 2012. In essence, Aiona is correct that many Americans want to tell Obama, YOUR FIRED!

    “NO ONE chooses their sexual orientation it is how you were born.”

    This statement has NO basis in fact. NO ONE knows the exact reason why any specific individual person is gay. It could be due genetics, it could be environmental or it could be a combination of BOTH. In the animal world scientists have studied some species of fish that when there is an absent of the opposite sex, some of the fish biologically change their gender from male to female or vice versa and then are able to reproduce. In other situations some animals turn “gay” because of a particular social situation and NOT because of they were genetically “hardwired” to be homosexual.

    Unlike Abercrombie, Aiona was a judge before he entered into politics so obviously as a judge he has had to divorce his personal beliefs and make decisions that might go against his personal beliefs. Seems the Abercrombie supporters are desperate and trying to attack Aiona and his religious beliefs to divert attention of how Abercrombie and Hanabusa are only minions to Obama and his out of control spending which will greatly hurt our children when they grow up in the US. Any idiot knows you CANNOT spend your way into prosperity. Yes, Aiona has his issues but Abercrombie and Hanabusa are two of the most self-serving individuals, beside Mufi, in the State of Hawaii and that is fact (pay raises for legis., firing Bronster in retaliation for getting rid of the out of control KSBE trustees, KoOlina, etc., etc.)

    I’ve already voted for Aiona, Finnegan and Djou. Not because I think they are great human beings but I realize in EVERYTHING in life, there needs to balance and some semblance of checks and balance. On the national level Obama has control of BOTH the house and Senate and even with complete control he managed to misguide this country with irresponsible initiatives big time. In that case saying “NO” would have been a good thing. People are blaming Bush 2 for the mess in Iran and Iraq yet Obama could have chosen to fire Sec. of Defense Gates and just pulled out all US troops but chose not to. Obama could have chosen to let the big banks fail and THEN allow new companies to pick up the pieces and support these new companies, instead Obama choose to just bail them out further perpetuating irresponsible behavior by Wall street and Union controlled auto companies. It is clear the will the “people” is turning against Obama, Pelosi and Reid and they are all going down in flames because the PEOPLE don’t want them to lead them anymore. Abercrombie and Hanabusa in that environment when all of the dust settles in 2010 to 2012 is that they will be on the LOSING side of a Republican president, house and/or senate.

    If the Senate gains a Repub majority in less than 2 weeks, I understand Inouye will be bounced from his chairmanship of the appropriations committee(?) and unbridaled “pork” would flow not so freely to Hawaii anymore.

    Why should Hawaii residents in 2010 and beyond be on the losing team when stuff hits the fan in DC in a few weeks??

  35. David and all your readers, please read my new article about Aiona, Transformation, Uganda, and the potential for a revival of Nazi-style Christianity.

  36. ppcc Says:


    Is this your facebook page?!/pages/Hannah-Miyamoto/46453912146?v=wall

    Are you a sociology professor at UH Manoa?
    I won’t comment about what you wrote which has no basis in fact cause if you truly had verifiable FACTS ,the local and National Democratic party would have jumped on this a long time ago. Although a little late, welcome to the party. I admire you and the rest of the UH Profs who got some serious extra cash from your State derived paychecks that provided Abercrombie with $305,000 (plus?) for his gubernatorial campaign. As Hipoli pointed out, your union boss Musto from day one chose the right “horse” with Neil over Mufi cause if Neil should win over Duke, UH prof will be set big time!!

  37. Kolea Says:


    I have just read through your articles and am glad the Honolulu Weekly decided to not publish them. They are poorly written and poorly reasoned.

    There has long been an overlap of hardright political aqnd religious groups. That is correct. General Rios Mont of Guatemala organized mass genocide of indigenous Guatemalans, all while proclaiming himself a devout, born-again Christian. Fascist groups aligned with Hitler and Mussolini often used religious language, sometimes with the blessing of reactionary clerics.

    There is a mass movement in Uganda, using Christian language, openly calling for the murder of gays and lesbians. The leaders of this movement have close ties to American groups, such as the “C Street” ministry and prominent Republican politicians, like Chuck Grassley, Mark Sanford, Jim Inhofe, John Ensign, etc.

    (I strongly recommend this Democracy Now story as an example of how these ties can be documented: )

    I believe all of this is true, but the ties with Aiona are pretty tenuous. Yes, he is a social conservative, opposed to gay equality. But that does not mean he is responsible for the anti-gay fervor threatening gay genocide in Uganda. Nor does it mean he is a Nazi.

  38. Michael Golojuch, Jr. Says:

    Aiona was voted the dumbest jurist when he was on the bench – so no big feat there.

    So when did you chose to be straight?

  39. Michael Says:

    “So when did you chose to be straight?”

    Straight from my mothers womb!

  40. Michael Golojuch, Jr. Says:

    @ MIchael – So you were born that way – just like everyone else’s sexual orientation – EVERYONE was born that way gay, straight or bi-sexual. Thanks for agreeing with me.

  41. Michael Says:

    Michael Golojuch, Jr.:
    Sorry Michael, that was my answer
    not an agreement. That is tolerance
    on my part. I stated that I was born
    directly from my mothers womb. Not meaning
    straight, gay or bi-sexual. It did have a double meaning. How you see it is your interpretation. I made mine.

    How I accept your interpretation is my tolerance. In life there are two sides to everything.
    The front and back. Inside and outside. Straight or crooked. Good and Bad.

    Thanks Michael for discussing. I am open to learn new things and I see you are using honey rather than previous useage of vinegar.

  42. Heathen07 Says:

    Nobody is really claiming that Duke Aiona has any direct connection to or responsibility for what is going on in Uganda.

    It is clear that Duke Aiona has been involved with the International Transformation Network for at least 5 years. He has appeared in a number of ITN promotional videos, has attended several ITN conferences and even wrote a chapter of a book that is distributed by Ed Silvoso’s Harvest Evangelism, which is a related organization. Silvoso is the founder and CEO of ITN. The book is “Catch the Wave of Transformation” and the chapter is “Praying at the Government Gate”

    To understand the connection between ITN and Uganda, people need to watch Bruce Wilson’s 20 minute “Transforming Uganda” video at (high resolution. Also available in low and medium resolution)

    There is a video of Duke Aiona praying with Janet Museveni, the first lady of Uganda at the ITN Argentina Conference in 2006

    The International Transformation Network teaches that LGBT people are “possessed by demons”

  43. Bruce Wilson Says:

    Here is the International Transformation Network’s promotional brochure for the November 2009 ITN conference at the Hilton Hawaii Village that Lt. Governor Duke Aiona spoke at:

    Note that the prominent endorsers of Ed Silvoso’s 2009 ITN Hawaii event included Cindy Jacobs and C. Peter Wagner. Both have detailed, in their books, burning (working together with their close colleague Ed Silvoso) statues of Catholic saints, Books of Mormon, and native art.

    You can read Jacob’s account of that in her 2001 book Deliver Us from Evil, on pages 223-225 ( )

    On page 225 of her book, Cindy Jacobs notes with approval that Hawaiian evangelist James Marocco has staged the burning of Hawaiian native art.

    Here is an excerpt from a recent story of mine in which I have detailed the art and religious-artifact destruction sanctioned by Jacobs, Silvoso, Wagner, and other leaders in their movement:

    [from – ]

    As Cindy Jacobs wrote in her book Deliver Us from Evil (Regal Books, from Gospel Light, 2001),

    “There are certain occult items were are not to possess. If we own any of the following objects we need to get rid of them. If the object was at any time worshiped as a god or used in the worship of a false god, then we should burn it or otherwise destroy it.
    It is not unusual for tourists to bring home keepsakes from faraway lands that have demonic attachments or are idols. What we often do not realize is that these objects can curse us. For instance, many people purchase African masks that have been used in worship ceremonies. Others buy native art such as Kachina dolls, statues of Hindu gods and statues of Buddha. Back home, havoc starts to reign in the form of sickness, tragedy, depression of marriage break-ups. Usually the person does not know why these things have happened.” (Deliver Us from Evil, pp. 223-224)

    Jacobs went on to describe an alleged, contemporary religiously-motivated destruction of native art in the U.S. state of Hawaii:

    “Pastor Jim Marocco… planted a church on the island of Maui. He had people bring and burn occult items, specifically objects that were worshiped as part of their native religions. After the objects were destroyed, his church experienced great growth.” (Deliver Us from Evil, page 225)

    Cindy Jacobs then proceeds, in her book, to give an account extremely similar to that offered, below, from C. Peter Wagner, on a mass-burning of allegedly “occult” items that Jacobs, Wagner, and Ed Silvoso helped orchestrate in 1990 in the Argentine city of Resistencia.

    As Peter Wagner wrote in his book Hard-Core Idolatry – Facing the Facts,

    “Burn The Idols!
    Doris was preparing to travel to Argentina with Cindy Jacobs for the climactic evangelistic campaign. As she was reading scripture the morning she was to leave, the Holy Spirit told her that in Resistencia they must burn the idols, like the magicians did in Ephesus. Ed Silvoso, Cindy Jacob and the Resistencia pastors agreed. So the evening before the evangelistic crusade, all the city’s believers came together for prayer. The leaders explained how important it would be to do spiritual housecleaning in their homes before they came to the meeting. They began mentioning the kinds of material things that might be bringing honor to the spirits of darkness; pictures, statues, Catholic saints, Books of Mormon, pictures of former lovers, pornographic material, fetishes, drugs, Ouija boards, zodiac charms, good luck symbols, crystals for healing, amulets, talismans, tarot cards, witch dolls, voodoo items, love potions, books of magic, totem poles, certain pieces of jewelry, objects of Freemasonry, horoscopes gargoyles, native art, foreign souvenirs, and what have you.

    The believers agreed to obey God and to cleanse their homes, even if it meant giving up what might have been expensive items. They were to wrap each item in newspaper to protect privacy, and then cast the objects into a 55-gallon drum set before the platform the following night. The drum was heaped to overflowing! They poured gasoline on it and set it on fire.” – C. Peter Wagner, Hard-Core Idolatry – Facing the Facts, 1999, Wagner Institute of Practical Ministry

    As I describe in my Talk To Action story, New Apostolic Reformation Leaders Burn Native Art [ ], Jacobs and Silvoso are part of an entire movement within charismatic Christianity that seeks to destroy opposing religions and native cultures perceived to be in the way of their evangelizing agenda.

    Does Duke Aiona know any of this? We don’t know and may never know. But if he does not, his close association with and involvement in Transformation Hawai’i and the International Transformation Network raises, at the very least, questions about Mr, Aiona’s judgment.

    And as Hannah Miyamoto has noted in her article on Duke Aiona and the ITN, Mr. Ed Silvoso has also likened his enemies to rats and suggested there will come a time when it may be necessary to exterminate them.

    Is Aiona aware of Mr. Silvoso’s remarks, from the October 2008 ITN yearly conference in Argentina?
    We don’t know. But, again, Aiona’s enthusiastic endorsement of Mr. Silvoso, at the 2009 Hawaii ITN conference, raises further questions.

    Readers can view the “rats” comments in question at the following two videos. Below each video is a chronology noting the time signatures of “rats” comments in the videos.

    (Cal Chinen, Ed Silvoso, ITN Argentina, October 2008)

    (Susan Mulcahy, Ed Silvoso, ITN Argentina, October 2008)

    I’d like to address the ties between the ITN and Ugandan leaders backing the so-called “Kill the gays” bill in that country, but that’s an involved subject.

    For a start, however, my 20-minute video documentary on the subject, “Transforming Uganda,” was cited in January 2010 testimony before Congress’ Tom Lantos Human Right Commission, concerning anti-gay repression in Uganda [see: ], sketches out some of the many connections.

    Since producing that documentary, I’ve found considerably more evidence to further substantiate that The ITN is deeply involved with Ugandan leaders implicated in human rights abuses – and, I would be more than happy to publicly debate anyone who might claim otherwise.

    – Bruce Wilson

  44. Heathen07 Says:

    It may be that “not all people are convinced there SHOULD be a ‘wall of separation’ between church and state.” But the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of our land.

    The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    The important word in the First Amendment is the word “no.”

    I think that Duke Aiona has trouble understanding that if he uses his office to promote “an establishment of religion” that he is violating the U.S. Constitution.

  45. Heathen07 Says:

    The “Catch the Wave of Transformation” book, by “Caroline Oda and Transformation Hawaii Authors” can be ordered from Ed Silvoso’s Harvest Evangelism website The book is “temporarily out of stock.”

    Ed Silvoso is the founder and CEO of the International Transformation Network.

    Duke Aiona’s chapter in “Catch the Wave of Transformation” is titled “Praying at the Government Gate”

  46. Sen. Joe McCarthy Says:

    Hey, this guilt-by-association stuff was my idea!

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