Hannemann returns to campaign trail

Former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann made an appearance at a Neil Abercrombie-Brian Schatz rally on Maui Wednesday and delivered an enthusiastic endorsement of the ticket.

The campaign released a video:

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12 Comments on “Hannemann returns to campaign trail”

  1. ppcc Says:

    Aiyaaaaaaah! Oh the humanity!!

    Could only watch about 2- 1/2 minutes of the video then I started feeling a little queasy. I thought Mufi clearly stated to all Hawaii voters that they should vote for the person that “looks most like him”. I think Mufi needs new glasses causes Mufi’s skin color is a whole lot closer to Aiona and Finnegan’s than Neil and Schatz’s. Also did not Mufi ask ANYONE in the Abercrombie/Schatz campaign BEFORE he picked up the microphone on how to pronounce Schatz’s last name? Mufi clobbered Brian’s last name by first pronouncing it as Brian “Sh itz” I know after Mufi’s loss against Neil more expletives have been flying out his mouth more often then normal but please, someone remind Mufi the goal is to help, NOT hurt Neil and Brian’s chances at becoming the next Governor of Hawaii!

  2. jayz43 Says:

    So, this guy is still lingering!?

  3. Cloudia Says:

    Glad to see Democrats pulling together when it counts. thank you, Mufi

  4. Jordan Says:

    Class act, Mufi.

  5. Michael Says:

    Get along little doggie.

  6. Kolea Says:


    I had hoped Mufi would have continued being AWOL as he has for the past 4 weeks! Durn! Now I guess Neil will be obliged to give him something if he wins.

    Maybe someone can explain the protocol which dictates the obligation? Many of Mufi’s supporters have already drifted into the Aiona camp and Mufi did nothing to stop the flow. Had Mufi acted earlier, I have little doubt his support for Neil could have helped. At this point? Maybe a bit.

    As I have noted elsewhere, Inouye has also appeared to be AWOL during this period. Normally, Team Inouye finances the Coordinated Campaign, which provides essential support to the Democratic Party and all the campaigns collectively. This year for he first time, I see nothing.

    Which feeds my cynical side. I assume Inouye has been making demands on Neil which Neil has refused to agree to. I can imagine the conversation:

    “Fine, you don’t want our help? You can go your own way. Good luck with that!”

    A game of chicken developed. The flood of millions of dollars from the GOP-aligned “independent expenditures” put the smiling face of Duke Aiona across every TV and computer screen in the state. The poll numbers tightened. Who is going to blink?

    Would Inouye really not care if Aiona won? What’s a bigger problem for Inouye, an isolated Duke Aiona as Governor, or an independent Abercrombie who has his own relationships with allies in the Legislature and the unions? OK, Aiona gets elected as Governor, but no big deal. Inouye’s power is not diminished as much as it would be if Abercrombie becomes a rival power center within the Democratic networks.

    So what is the prize Inouye has been demanding from Neil? What are Inouye’s top priorities at this time? I would guess 1) the next US Senator, 2)Continue with Rail and 3) help for his loyalists, Mufi and Hanabusa.

    And what incentive would Mufi have for helping Neil win the Governor’s seat? If Duke wins, Mufi would have a better shot defeating Duke in 2014 than in defeating Neil. Of course, Mufi REAL goal is to replace Inouye as the powerbroker, dealmaker in Washington.

    Neil, OTOH, might feel a bit more obligated to Ed Case, should a US Senate seat open up. I have been an outspoken critic of Ed Case and worked hard against him in the Akaka-Case contest in 2006. But I strong argument can be made that Ed Case would be the strongest opponent against Linda Lingle.

    Who blinked, what concessions, if any, were made to get Mufi to campaign? Will it make a difference? Why does my stomach feel queasy? And I have betrayed my fellow Democrats in allowing my cynical side to speculate so publicly about such unsavory matters?

  7. Gargoyle Says:

    Abercrombie takes a swipe at Mufi’s “I look like you” statement at 10:00 in the video.

    He can’t even accept Mufi’s concession with class.

  8. Kolea Says:

    OK, after making my comment above, I have now watched the video. (Kinda ass-backward, I will admit.)

    And my cynical side has subsided. Mufi gave a very gracious AND a very well-reasoned speech on behalf of Neil’s election. I wish he had taken to the stump on Neil’s behalf before so many of his people switched to Aiona. But this belated intervention, if heard by his supporters, might help Neil win.

    I suspect the “Real Politick” considerations enumerated by my cynical side are still playing a role in the background. But on the surface, I am happy to hear Mufi’s talk and will recognize its gracious delivery.

    Oh, and I did not see Neil’s remark at 10: minutes into the tape as being a slap against Mufi. Neil was arguing “Our Diversity Defines Us and Strengthens Us” long before Mufi’s unfortunate request that people vote for him “because I look like you.”

  9. Michael Says:

    Hanneman’s dark side is still visible in video.
    He is using this as free advertisement for his run at Tod Apo’s position. Already on Video, I am sure this video with Hanneman will surface again later. Hanneman is as transparent as Vog. Comes and goes with the wind.

    Hanneman being in the video makes voters associate him with Abercrombie BUT? When thought carefully it is a poloi of his to fool the rest of the hois.

    “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”

  10. David Shapiro Says:

    I’m not sure it’s fair to describe Inouye as AWOL. He has been attending/hosting Democratic unity events around the state that include the gubernatorial ticket. I think there was one in Waipahu today and a couple of more tomorrow in Kaneohe and Manoa.

  11. Kolea Says:


    you are right. While there has been a basis for my concerns, I have only seen part of the picture. I expressed my concerns to someone close to Inouye and got a glimpse into the view from their side.

    They are now carrying much of the burden of the Coordinated Campaign. So I can stop grumbling in public.

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