Pols go wee, wee, wee all the way home

Blow up your TV, throw away your paper
Go to the country, build you a home
Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches
Try and find Jesus on your own

– John Prine

Is anybody out there still paying attention to the deluge of political ads running hot and heavy on the TV news?

I usually start the news 10 minute late so I can TiVo through the ads, and I go through stretches blissfully free of the political noise. The ones I need to know about for news purposes, like the Karl Rove spot I wrote about the other day, always find their way to my e-mail inbox.

But sometimes like last night, I feel a need to experience the full gamut and let the news run with my finger off the fast-forward button.

The negativity isn’t as bad as I’ve seen in other states, but the endless petty carping by candidates and their third-party supporters casts a pissy tone on the campaign, leaving an unpleasant taste with viewers who see the attackers looking as bad as the attackees.

It breeds disrespect for both the candidates and the system, and I’m beginning to understand why so many see it all as pointless and just tune it out and don’t vote.

The rat-a-tat repitition of the same spots for weeks tends to grate on the viewer, as does the proliferation of similar ads from different sources.

A Charles Djou ad attacking Colleen Hanabusa for supporting the 36-percent legislative pay raise loses impact when it’s immediately followed by a Republican Congressional Campaign Committee spot making the same point.

President Barack Obama’s ad saying he needs Hanabusa in his corner doesn’t look so special when it’s followed a minute later by an almost identical spot saying he needs Neil Abercrombie.

I voted absentee the day the ballots came out and don’t feel I missed a shred of useful information by sparing myself the final two weeks of this noise.

It gives me time to ponder the sobering thought that the special interests who put up the dough for the grossly expensive onslaught will expect to be paid off by the winning candidates with public favors.


OK, if I’m going to grumble about ads I don’t like, I should point out one I do. This spot ā€” entitled “On my knees!” ā€” was sent in an e-mail to supporters by OHA candidate Peter Apo, musician, community activist, former legislator and all-around good guy. Brilliant combination of social media and sign-waving.


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8 Comments on “Pols go wee, wee, wee all the way home”

  1. charles Says:

    Lament all you want and call it noise, petty and pissy but the reason why it’s like this is simple: it works.

  2. hipoli Says:

    I hope youre wrong, Charles.

    I think the Hanabusa commercials, in particular, are the most cocky, obnoxious, and mean of them all.

    Who wrote those? Who decided to post (illegally) the most unflattering pictures of her they could find?

    Answer: a bunch of immature little boys – because real men wouldnt be that disrespectful and mean-spirited to any woman.

    Man-up, R-party-leaders.

  3. Earl of Sandwich Says:

    hipoli, I’m certainly against negative campaigning, and I agree with you that the GOP hit pieces are terrible, but I really don’t think you can pull the gender card here. If Hanabusa (and all women) expect to be taken seriously, there can’t be a double standard for treatment.

  4. Michael Says:

    “I think the Hanabusa commercials, in particular, are the most cocky, obnoxious, and mean of them all.”

    Does this mean the commercial are for Hannabusa or against her? I believe that there is no one claiming title to producing this commercial and could be either male or female, since women are in advertising as well as men. Seems also that these commercials were made on the Mainland by either Mainland Democrats for or against or Mainland Republcians also for or against. Not, Made in Hawaii.

    Politicians now “Cat fights”. One using a “vipers tongue”. One debates like a girl. Men would rather go 3 rounds and “Duke” it out.

  5. Earl of Sandwich Says:

    I should clarify my earlier comment. There can’t be a double standard for treatment in the professional arena. In other areas, I still believe in a bit of chivalry. šŸ™‚

  6. Richard Gozinya Says:

    John Prine puts out great stuff.

  7. Carolyn Martinez Golojuch, MSW Says:

    Awoman! to that Dave! I voted absentee and so glad I did.

  8. zzzzzz Says:

    Is this the same Peter Apo mentioned in the recent Honolulu Weekly cover story?


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