Begging for Barack

E-mail can be either highly entertaining or mind-numbing around election time, depending on whether you’re a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty kind of person.

I’ve been getting so much e-mail from Joe Biden lately that he’s starting to address me by my first name.

In what apparently is his last and final offer, the vice president’s latest missive hits me up for $3 (I shook my iPad and no zeroes fell out) to support President Barack Obama’s agenda. Is he kidding? For that kind of money, you’d think he’d call me Mr. Shapiro.

“Dig deep, David,” he implores. “There’s only one way to wake up the morning after an election — with no regrets.”

I’m afraid I started having regrets a long time before election day. Does this strike anybody else as more like panhandling than politicking?


To pick on Republicans a little, I got another email, indirectly, from H. William Burgess, the attorney who’s led local conservative opposition to the Akaka bill for native Hawaiian recognition.

He’s threatening to withhold his coveted endorsement from Republican gubernatorial candidate James “Duke” Aiona and congressional candidate Charles Djou unless they withdraw their support for the Akaka bill.

He’s asking friends to send short e-mails to the candidates backing his position and suggested some wording. One of his suggestions, in a “corrected” version of the email, no less: “Ask the people first before before considering the Alala bill.”

I suppose  that’s one way of saying he thinks the legislation is for the birds.

If I send $3, will the the Aiona and Djou campaigns tell me how many folks actually sent them e-mails with the typo pasted in?

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3 Comments on “Begging for Barack”

  1. Richard Gozinya Says:

    Sorry,Joe, as a victim of the Summer of Recovery, I can’t help you.

  2. Doug Carlson Says:

    At least he calls you “Dave.” Joe calls me, his good buddy, “Paul.”

  3. Michael Says:

    2 cents from here. 2 cents from there. It adds up.
    Too bad with our governor the buck stopped in her pocket.

    I think it was not a typo but an intention. The Alala (Akaka) Bill are from those who oppose the Bill, have their fingers in their ear, not hearing what is said and going La La La La La. It’s a Lawyer trick. Play deaf. Ignore the facts. Irritate the other.

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