R.I.P. Marcia Reynolds

I was saddened to hear of the passing of my friend and former colleague from the Big Island.

Marcia Reynolds arrived in Hilo from Ohio in the early 1970s to work as a reporter for the Hawaii Tribune-Herald, where she mostly covered county government and politics.

I manned the Star-Bulletin Big Island bureau and always found her to be a tough competitor during the day, but amiable company after hours.

She was an old-fashioned, hardass reporter who took no prisoners in her coverage, but she seldom got complaints that stuck because of her fairness and accuracy. Many of the newsmakers she covered became lifelong friends.

She left reporting to become a trusted aide to Mayor Stephen Yamashiro and later went into public relations and the travel business.

Marcia was a driving force behind the Big Island Press Club’s popular gridiron show, The Imu, as its director for many years and was manager and a hell of a pitcher on our softball team.

She left a lasting mark during her four decades in Hilo and will be missed by a wide circle of friends.

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2 Comments on “R.I.P. Marcia Reynolds”

  1. hugh clark Says:

    Thank you, Dave. You always hae had good summsry talent. I. too, competed by day and partied with Marcia. She was a helluva reporter and wonderful friend.

    Hawaii (particularly the Big Island and Hilo) is poorer.

  2. Cloudia Says:

    A wonderful memory of your friend!

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