Let the holidays begin

Have a great Thanksgiving everybody and knock yourselves out on Black Friday.

My column in today’s Star-Advertiser: “1 giant store is to replace another in Kailua, ho-hum.”

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6 Comments on “Let the holidays begin”

  1. zzzzzing Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family, Dave.

    PS: I agree with your wife. 🙂

  2. Jim Loomis Says:

    Have a good one, Dave!

  3. hipoli Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Dave!! Thanks for the forum for us to dialog, the banter, and the bloggy-friendships.

    P.S. You sure Mitch D’Olier himself
    didn’t invite you over for Thanksgiving? If he didn’t, after this article, he should! For the record, Im with your wife, too. Choose Kailua.

  4. Michael Says:

    Everyday is a Holiday in Hawaii.
    We have to be Thankful for this.
    Yesterday was a day to Eat, Drink and be Merry
    for Today we shop and shop till we drop.
    Monday comes and off to work we owe.

    I know now why God made seven days to a week.
    One day for each of the Seven Dwarfs that I am.
    Sunday I feel Sleepy and rest, the rest of the week
    I act like the other six.

    Thank You for everyday.

  5. WooWoo Says:

    Some companies are fashionable to protest about, some not so much. Shipping profits to Japan is preferable to shipping profits to Minnesota because it is only PC to protest the white man.

    Example: white man oppress black man in S Africa = worldwide protest. Black man oppress black man in Africa = nobody cares.

    Local example: white man seize control of Hawaii in bloodless coup = bad
    Kamehameha “unites” the islands by pushing opposing warriors off the Pali = celebrated

    Of course the point is not that apartheid is good or that the overthrow was justified. The point is that there’s a double standard, and that’s why Target gets protests and Don Quijote doesn’t.

  6. Helen Says:

    In response to your aim at the No Target in Kailua Residents, yes, Kaneohe Ranch Land is leasing the same size property to Target, but I don’t want Kailua to be any city U.S.A. Maybe we should secede from the Union! I have lived in kailua for 62 years and if I need to shop at any big box store I can either drive, take the Bus, ask Family or Friends to take me there. How often do you need to shop at Target? The local small stores are going to be affected by Target. They have expressed their concerns and I support the Mom & Pop stores. Yes I know the items at Target may be cheaper, but it encourages shoppers to buy more so we can create more problems as to where to dump our opala. Less is more. I am not one of the wealthy residents of Kailua, but it’s always been my lifestyle to buy quality, not quantity, and make it last as long as ppossible. I even raised my Children that way. We have become a disposable society, auwe! Yes, we did let Whole Paycheck, oops, Whole Foods, get by us!!!

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