GOP legislators knocked off the air?

Catching up on the mail bag, Republicans in the Legislature are up in arms about an apparent decision by Democratic legislators to shut down a room in the Capitol used by Olelo to film lawmakers talking about what’s going on with the Legislature.

According to Rep. Cynthia Thielen, Democrats and Republicans alike took advantage of the room on the 4th floor to communicate with their constituents, but that Sen. Clayton Hee, the new Judiciary chairman, raised questions about the room when he saw a group of Republicans coming out.

Thielen said the next thing Republicans knew, Hee was planning to take over the room, which Democrats say is needed for hearings.

Thielen said she and House Minority Leader Gene Ward will ask the House leadership to provide studio space for Olelo.

Said Ward, “Denying us the studio at the Capitol to inform the people of what is going on in the square building, after we’ve become a one-newspaper town with a collapsed number of TV stations, puts democracy in serious danger.”

With Republicans down to eight in the House and one in the Senate, Democrats would be well-advised to avoid looking petty and go out of their way to be sure the minority has a fair chance to make its voice heard.

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32 Comments on “GOP legislators knocked off the air?”

  1. Earl of Sandwich Says:

    It ain’t the democrats, it’s Clayton Hee. I’m sure the rest of the D party would appreciate you refraining from blaming them for the ego of one guy. And yeah, the Senate leadership could stand up to him (the room was a Senate conference room in the past), but…’s Clayton Hee.

  2. Peter Kay Says:

    Well Earl we’ll get a chance to see if this is condoned by the rest of the D party or not. Hopefully not.

  3. Senator Hee Constituent Says:

    Senator Clayton Hee will not want to be known as the Grinch and Hitler who censors and shut down Olelo access.

  4. Doug Says:

    Olelo?! Yawn. Why bother?

    Why not employ camcorders and YouTube if politicians (of any party) want more direct access to constituents without any media “filter”? Also known as “avoiding questions that would [or should] arise during a traditional press conference.”

    All that Olelo adds to that party is a tacky “set,” as far as I can remember. (I don’t watch television) Oh, and Olelo also imposes zero editorial restraint, thereby letting politicians’ media egos run wild—but they would also have that freedom on YouTube…

    Any idiot can distribute his or her message on the internet. [irony noted]

  5. hipoli Says:

    In what might just be a first, I’m in total agreement with Doug.

    My first reaction to this was ‘so what?’ no one watches Olelo, and even less when it’s a politician on. Give Senator HugeEgoExtrodinare the room & let’s move on, shall we?

    Stick a camcorder with Derrick or with Dave, add of couple cool bloggers for editorial commentary, and let’s go roam the Capitol.

  6. Michael Says:

    “Any idiot can distribute his or her message on the internet. [irony noted]”

    Hee Hee Hee! You velly funny, velly funny!
    I always wondered what Republicans and Democrats do in that room. Pin the blame on the Donkey or Elephant. I will never know for sure, now that Olelo will be banned. Knowing that the Elephant will make Donkeys of themselves. I am sure Senator Hee will get the last laugh. Hee Haw.

    Roam and be cold. I may be an idiot but I am a warm one since I plan to stay here. I don’t follow. Hee Hee Hee. Cost me only 2 cents to be here rather than thousands to be there. I should run the budget where I can make both ends meat. Baloney.

  7. Doug Says:

    You may be an idiot?

  8. charles Says:

    Much ado about nothing, no? It’s like when the house rule changed to allow members to speak for five minutes instead of ten minutes. Of course, any other member could yield their time which always happened. But Ward raised holy hell about it saying it was an assault of free speech, etc.

    I say if you can’t make your point in thirty minutes, what’s the point?

  9. David Shapiro Says:

    This in from Clayton Hee: (And let’s please cut out calling each other idiots)

    Mr. Shapiro:

    Respectfully, I suggest that you contact Senator Shan Tsutsui, the President of the Senate regarding the relocation of ‘Olelo television.

    Your attribution to me is incorrect and while I would have appreciated a call from you to verify Rep. Thielen or Rep Ward’s conclusions the fact is the Senate leadership made the decision to have the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Labor hold its hearings in room 414.
    I was advised by the President of the Senate after the decision was made.

    I did not advocate one way or the other for the Senate hearings to be on the fourth floor. Moreover, I understand that ‘Olelo is merely being relocated to a different location.

    Every member of the legislature should have access to ‘Olelo. I am certain that the Senate President’s decision to relocate ‘Olelo was not made to prevent or curtail anyone from accessing ‘Olelo.

    Have a nice Holiday Season.

    Clayton Hee, Chair,
    Senate Committee on Judiciary and Labor.

  10. hipoli Says:

    Dear Senator H.E.E.

    Serious? You took the time to write to bitch and scold Dave on this? Don’t you have a civil union bill to write? Or at least something more important than this to get upset about?

    Whether it’s you or not who made the request, it’s the Legislatures room to use first, not Olelos. Most of us on Daves blog seem to be with you -or whoever mysteriously needs a conference room near their office- on this. Take
    the room, ignore all the R-whining, but then please don’t whine about them whining, will ya?

  11. Roosevelt Says:

    Since nobody watches Olelo, that makes Sen. Hee’s objection even more trivial.

  12. hipoli Says:

    Is that Roosevelt the Repubican, infamous camera-touting lurker of Democratic campaign events? Yeah. You all watch yourselves more than anyone else, for sure.

    Now, Dave, one additional comment to saying that the Ds should go out of their way to give the Rs a voice? I think I remember someone else saying this, but it so is not the Democrats responsibility to help the Republicans get their Sh$t together. Their mess is theirs to clean up, not the Democrats.

  13. Michael Says:

    I also drink tea in a
    tea cup poured
    out of a Kettle
    not a Pot. My Kettle is Red.

  14. Roosevelt Says:

    Yes I am. Back in the day when I was on friendlier terms with the Dems they used to invite me to eat at their events. But that’s neither here nor there.

    If Olelo is as insignificant as suggested, then that makes Senator Hee’s objection even more trivial. And no the Dems shouldn’t go out of their way to give the Republicans a voice. What they should do is stop being so paranoid: Democrats have control of the governor’s office, 24 of 25 state senate seats and 43 of 51 state house seats however the paranoia and megalomania and the defense of these pathologies hasn’t abated.

  15. hipoli Says:


    That’s hilarious coming from you, in particular. It seems to me your exact job during this past campaign was to instill paranoia into the D-party. Your invitations likely ceased when you crossed over into stalker-ville.

    And until the Rs take over the Legislature, the Ds are in charge and therefore can and will put a conference room where they determine the need. The Rs should spend less time whining about rooms and Olelo and more time cleaning house & cleaning up that mess of a party.

  16. David Shapiro Says:

    Hipoli, I didn’t say the Democrats should promote the Republican voice. I said they should be magnanimous in allowing the minority voice to be heard and not be chickenshit in squelching it. It’s called class.

  17. Roosevelt Says:

    Yeah what Mr. Shapiro said.

  18. Roosevelt Says:

    I didn’t stalk anyone. I went to publicly advertised events and hung out with the rest of the crowd. As did Charles Djou’s tracker.

  19. hipoli Says:

    Just conveniently showing up, Roosevelt, but always with a camcorder in hand.

    I would advise against volunteering for that role again in the future for the R-Party. Its done its sufficient damage to you. You really should try to draw the longer straw next time.

    You more than came across as a stalker. You came across as a creepy stalker.

    Dave – Youre calling the Ds to the carpet on class? Refer to above said stalker-incidences on lack of class in that party. Magnanimous came in tolerating the antics of their dear but slightly creepy Roosevelt.

    Sorry, Dave, Im still with Senator H.E.E. on this one (and yes, that actually physically pains me to type). Its the D’s room to use, as needed. The Rs can and should seek to be resourceful, efficient, and above all effective in finding airtime for their voice. Lord knows they need it.

  20. Michael Says:

    One who lives in Hawaii should Remember this is an Island and Island issues are to be concerned by those who live here. Warm issues not supported by cold bloggers.

    Trivial to those who find sign waving in Kailua to protest Target more important. Olelo is the voice to those who care about Hawaii in a capital way.

    The only minority voice to be heard is by the Peole. It should be so. Other than not being heard, I hope they understand sign language.

  21. Roosevelt Says:

    What’s truly creepy is your belief that the conference room in question is the “Dems room” when in fact it is a room located in a public building which makes it the people’s room.

    And if four Republicans, or four unicorns or four partridges in a pear tree come out of it, Sen. Clayton Hee needs to get a grip on himself and move along.

  22. Fay Walker Says:

    The new mini-studio facility at the State Capitol makes video production resources available to the Hawai‘i Legislature and the Hawai‘i State Administration and its agencies to assist them in informing Hawai‘i citizens about governmental deliberations,issues, services, programs and activities in a timely manner.
    The facility is available during the legislative session and throughout the year.

    SOme of the shows taped at the studio are :Senator Will Espero does his series “Espero Converstion”, Senator Les Ihara did a show on Civil Unions and the Kerrigan Discussion, Rep. Marilyn Lee does “Kukui Connection”, Rep. Cindy Evans does “Now What”, Senators Kalani English, Tsutusi and Baker did “Maui Mana’o”, Rep McKelvey did “Maui West Side Story”, Rep. Rida Cabanilla tape “Cabanilla times, Rep. Karen awana tapes her series and rep. Mele Carrol did “Aniani1ikena with Rep. Mele Carro; and Mayor Peter Carlisle.

    This facility is a non-patrician operation. Cable television is available to over 250,000 people who get cable. Olelo plays a vital role in our community. The room was given to Olelo in 2008; and Olelo investment a great deal of money to establish the phone and cable service. Olelo also had to pay of electrical up-grades that would accommodate the lighting and remote cameras; if our elected politicians are truly serving the people than they need to support Oleo’s efforts and not dismantled an existing community service.

  23. Michael Says:

    Next job resume for many.
    What is your nationality?
    Circle Democrat or Republican. You can only circle one.
    There is no different nationality. Everyone is bred out of heritage and become a Party not a nationality. Everyone born in the future will either look like a donkey or elephant. Since animals have no religion there is No Christians, Muslims, Buddhist or any other relgious groups.

    Or run by Apes and they all drink Tea.

    Peole? I guess I took a (p) break at that moment.

  24. hipoli Says:

    It’s a public room, managed by the majority party.

    When the Republicans take over as majority party in Hawaii, or when pigs fly, then we can waste more energy than has already been expended whining about room assignments.

  25. Del Says:

    Come on this issue is a no-brainer. Its elected individuals, using a public room (yes hipoli it is a public room and is to be treated as such regardless of who “manages it”), to broadcast on public access television. The Republicans, though small in numbers, were elected by the people in their districts to represent them, and should at least be given a small courtesy to talk about their opinions of what is going on in the legislature.

    Otherwise, its rather pathetic that a such large majority would be intimidated by Republicans taking advantage of this service. Besides, given that Democrats have such a huge majority, I don’t think it’s too risky to say that Democrats probably use it more than Republicans.

    And Hipoli, you attack Republicans for using a tracker, yet you clearly ignored Roosevelt’s point about the Democrats using one for Djou. Well let me introduce him to you. His name is Anthony Chang. He was even featured in an article in KaLeo, and his worked was splashed all over anti-Djou ads. Now you might say it doesn’t matter; it’s a low campaign tactic. After all, Charles didn’t like it. But don’t you dare talk about “class” in one party over the other in this instance when both parties did the same thing.

  26. hipoli Says:

    The room was ‘given to Olelo in 2008’?

    Please be much more specific.

    Ease up on this idea that the Ds are intimidated by the Rs as the underlying reasoning behind this. That’s stretching your importance there a bit too much, don’t you think, all you R-folk? Hee wants the room. Democrats are the managers of the rooms, they get to allocate the rooms. End of it. Don’t like it, We The People? Go get the law changed. Take it up with DAGS. Win the majority. Whatever. Just press the mute button on the whining.

  27. Michael Says:

    Someone forgot to mention the Fs and the Gs and Js and Cs and the Bs etc. etc. etc. Ps.

    I don’t now why people grumble about who is the minority and who is the majority. If you count all the politicians in the world, they add up to be the minority. All Governments are by the majority, of the majority and for the majority and the majority is the People. I even if alone, am a majority.
    Democrat or Republican, two against myself and I am still a majority. We are led by minority and they are animals.

  28. charles Says:

    We’re all animals anthropologically speaking. And all species are led by a minority.

  29. Michael Says:

    A donkey or elephant? Or ape?
    I never knew animals were led by
    politicians. It was unherd of till now.

  30. zzzzzing Says:

    ah hipoli… you surely make the Dem’s look a whole lot more arrogant with your ranting & raving. You’re a great fit for Sen. Hee. And in case you’re wondering, I don’t mean that as a compliment.

  31. hipoli Says:

    My ranting?! That’s just too funny. The whole premise of Dave’s blog was your party’s panties all tied up in a wad.

    I would hang with Senator H.E.E. anyday. The man’s got some balls, he’s a little nuts, a lovely farm and family, and he’s probably has seriously awesome stories. He’s certainly survived much more politically for much longer than you have, zzzzzzzing. So maybe you didn’t mean it as a compliment, but I just made it one. 🙂

    Enough already. The relevant points have been made. I’m getting zzzzzzzz-bored.

  32. Michael Says:

    Lunatic fringe.

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