Obama birth flap born again after Abercrombie wades in

Talk about a story with legs. Items about Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s vow before Christmas to prove once and for all that President Barack Obama was born here continue to pop up  in my daily Google feed of national news about Hawai‘i.

That’s some favor Abercrombie did his old pal; he took a non-issue that was as settled as it’s ever going to be and fired it up all over again.

There are basically two kinds of “birthers.” There are the lackwits who wouldn’t believe Abercrombie if he produced a video of the baby popping out of the womb with Diamond Head in the background.

Then there are the most unscrupulous of the political opportunists on the right, who are happy to exploit the lackwits’ lack of wits to sow doubts about the legitimacy of our first black president.

Former Gov. Linda Lingle already vouched for the validity of Obama’s Hawai‘i birth records. If the conspiracists won’t accept the word of a Republican who spent weeks stumping for John McCain and Sarah Palin, what in the world does Abercrombie think he can say or do to change their minds?

It seems to be a case where Obama’s need to give this nonsense a rest trumps our governor’s need to emote in the national media about his personal hurt over the doubters on the fringe.

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12 Comments on “Obama birth flap born again after Abercrombie wades in”

  1. Earl of Sandwich Says:

    Just plain stupid.

  2. Richard Gozinya Says:

    Yeah. I mean, after all, Linda Lingle herself vouched for the validity of the records. Who would dare question Ms.Lingle? It doesn’t get any better than that. Well, maybe if Rod Tam would speak up.

  3. Michael Says:

    Shows that Governor Abercrombie is
    a friend to the end. If he thinks
    it would matter than he should carry on
    his task. To gain confidence from
    President Obama and his support.
    I guess many don’t know of loyalty
    to friend or family. Local thinking.
    Right or wrong, it seems Governor Abercrombie
    is on a mission.

    lingle had no credibility in
    her decision making. Why would I
    trust what she says about anything else?
    The Republican party has always opposed
    what Democrats do. Governor Abercrombie
    wants to put Republicans in their place.
    In their face.

    It never seemed a problem who is who.
    It seems that there will always be those
    who grumble about issues. If
    President Obama was White, would it make
    a difference then? Next President should
    be Asian or Hispanic. See what happens then.
    Only because of Race is there a doubt.
    This is Mainland thinking. By the way President
    Obama is half White and half Black.

  4. Earl of Sandwich Says:

    See, the thing is he’s lending credibility to this lunatic fringe, and in doing so, stirring up the pot and bringing the issue to the forefront once again.

    Worse yet, he’s trying to find a way to release more information – what if he can’t? The birthers will have a field day!

  5. zzzzzing Says:

    Good one, Guido… just goes to show you that the fringe left can be right, too.

  6. zzzzzing Says:

    Abercrombie is stirring the hornet’s nest for his own glorification – or vilification – depending upon which side you’re on.

  7. Michael Says:

    WE need “Waste Water Management”.

    One will need a Birth Certificate to Heaven or Purgatory. 2 coins and a passport.
    I am sure they don’t want illegal aliens entering.

  8. MynahBlog Says:

    Neil has a way of getting the birthers riled up. In 2009 he dropped this gem on reporters: “The citizenship of someone who has reached the point of running for president of the United States is not really an issue.” (unless, of course, you refer to that Constitution thing…)

  9. Michael Says:

    Our Government
    leaders won’t change. We only change
    Government leaders. The Government
    stays the same unless we the People

  10. jed Says:

    I don’t have a questions about Obama’s birthright. I’m sure he was born in Hawaii. My question is why the big secret? Most presidents would gladly give copies of a birth certificate, school transcripts,
    doctoral thesis’,military service records, etc. I can’t imagine why this issue wasn’t put to rest by
    HIM… previous President’s were scutinized very closely. We knew George Bush was an alcoholic, Bill Clinton had affairs as did Jack Kennedy. Why was there ever a question about Obama’s citizenship? I’m just sayin…

  11. Michael Says:

    “I don’t have a questions about Obama’s birthright. I’m sure he was born in Hawaii. My question is why the big secret?”

    No question but?

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