Tweet your views on Board of Education; ‘Olelo dispute resolved?

Senate Higher Education Chairwoman Jill Tokuda is holding a Twitter town hall from 11:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. today on the constitutional amendment recently passed by voters to change the state Board of Education from elected to appointed.

The Legislature must enact enabling legislation before the switch can be made, and there are conflicting views on how the appointments should be done.

The intent of the amendment was to hold the governor more accountable for education and many, including Gov. Neil Abercrombie, believe he should be able to appoint whomever he wishes, subject to Senate confirmation.

But some lawmakers have proposed to effectively take the appointments away from the governor — and his accountability — by limiting his choices to as few as two candidates provided by a screening committee.

To participate at, direct questions and comments to @jilltokuda and include the hashtag #askjill in messages. You can keep up with the discussion in real time or catch up with it afterward by following #askjill.

You need a Twitter account to post questions and comments, but not to follow.


In a bit of old business, I’m told that Senate leaders have decided to preserve an  ‘Olelo studio on the fourth floor of the Capitol that legislators use to film communications with their constituents.

House Republicans objected after being told the space would be converted to a hearing room for the Judiciary and Labor Committee.

It seemed resolvable, and good for them if it’s been settled to everybody’s satisfaction.

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4 Comments on “Tweet your views on Board of Education; ‘Olelo dispute resolved?”

  1. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    i don’t twit so is she going to take public comments the old-fashioned way?

  2. Michael Says:

    “Caine Mutiny”. The decision
    of a Captain of a Ship is his or her
    way. The Captain is blamed for whatever
    happens to his ship and is accountable
    by the Crew. Becoming a dictator, is his
    or her way but regardless if Captain is
    asleep or on watch, the Blame is souly
    his or hers alone.

    By dividing the decision
    making, only leads to another lingle
    who in her office could not make the decision
    alone and needed the public to vote.
    Nothing will change, just a New Governor.

    Assuming legislature wants to take the blame as
    well as the credit. I assume, they won’t take the blame and will blame Governor Abercrombie alone. Or the public who cannot see what goes on behind closed doors, will. If due credit, there will be a long line for a piece of the pie. None for the blame.

  3. Peter Kay Says:

    I publicly commended Senator Tokuda for trying out this new medium. The questions were pretty good and she responded to them well. Overall though, I don’t think the format worked well and it was twitter’s fault, not Tokuda’s. It was very hard to follow the dialog or the interactions. I think she would have done probably 1000 times better by doing some kind of live video streaming with online chat.

    Good try. Good idea. The tech let her down. Try again with something else.

  4. Michael Says:

    Letting a parrot listen hoping it can’t repeat.
    Tell the bird and it becomes a mynah incident.

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