Abercrombie is all foot-in-mouth on Obama birth

President Barack Obama must be getting pretty steamed at Gov. Neil Abercrombie for his bumbling grandstand play that stirred up the Obama birth controversy all over again.

The non-issue had pretty much settled down with most reasonable Americans accepting that Obama is a U.S. citizen born in Hawai‘i — until Abercrombie announced with much fanfare that he’d use his new powers as governor to prove once and for all that Obama was born here.

That got the crazies stirred up anew, and when Abercrombie abandoned his effort after finding there was nothing more he could do to certify Obama’s birth beyond what the state had already done, it only amplified the cries of conspiracy.

In the latest bizarre twist, a “celebrity journalist” named Mike Evans, who claimed to be a friend of Abercrombie’s, said on a Minnesota radio station that the Hawai‘i governor told him he was unable to find Obama’s birth certificate despite an intensive search.

Evans later said he “mispoke,” hadn’t talked to Abercrombie and what he said wasn’t true, but not before the story was widely circulated in the national media, getting beyond the usual crackpots to guys with big audiences like Rush Limbaugh and Chris Matthews. Even our own state Sen. Sam Slom bit on the bogus story in his small business newsletter.

So now, because of Abercrombie, an issue that was all but dead will likely dog Obama into the 2012 election. Nice going, bearded one.

In his State of the State speech, Abercrombie told an amusing story about how as a young legislator he was outfoxed by veteran Kaua‘i Rep. Tony Kunimura.

After the Obama birth fiasco, the governor should now ask himself what Kunimura asked him then, “Did you learn anything, college boy?”

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13 Comments on “Abercrombie is all foot-in-mouth on Obama birth”

  1. hipoli Says:

    Part of me is trying to be sympathetic to Gov. Hes known Obama since birth & he obviously thought Lingle was politicking with Obama’s birth certificate. Gets into office, thinks hes gonna clear this all up now, and runs into that sticky thing called State Law. I dont have a doubt in the world Gov wanted to do something good for his friend, is disappointed, and embarrassed.

    Perhaps this is just too obvious, but couldnt Gov ask Obama’s sister to ask the President if its ok for HER to request a copy of the original?

  2. Earl of Sandwich Says:

    hipoli, Abercrombie really ought to just take the lesson and keep his mouth shut about the issue at this point (well, he should have done it in the first place, then he should have done it in the second place). There’s nothing to gain by getting that certificate – even if he did, the birthers are just going to claim it’s a fake. I’ve said it before: You can’t reason with crazy.

  3. Bill Says:

    my daughter has to show her birth certificate to get into preschool. it doesn’t seem like that high a hurdle to jump for the President to just produce it, once and for all, and end this bs for good. unless, of course, he can’t. in which case one might take the condescending position of “how dare you question by birth place.” LOL

  4. zzzzzing Says:

    EoS – if Pres. Obama had presented his long-form birth certificate in the first place, ‘birthers’ wouldn’t have a reason to exist. I was horrified that Abercrombie couldn’t pass an opportunity to stir this up just because he was the Governor & knew the family. He was about as embarrassing as Mufi was when he tried to drop in on Obamas’ Haunama Bay excursion without an invitation & was turned away.

  5. Earl of Sandwich Says:

    zzzzzing, no president has had to show his brith certificate. To expect Obama to do it is plain insulting. Besides, I go back to my earlier assertion that the birthers would still exist – they might even turn the argument around and say, “Why is he showing us his brith certificate? He must be covering something up!”

    I agree with you on the Abercrombie fiasco, though.

  6. David Shapiro Says:

    Bill, Obama posted a certified birth certificate issued by the state of Hawaii on his website. The birthers are demanding the original documents, which the state doesn’t release. The previous Republican administration vouched for the existence and validity of the original documents. The Republican speaker of the U.S. House and majority leader have said they’re satisfied with the certified Hawaii birth certificate that was made public. As Earl said, to demand more than his predecessors were asked for is insulting and cheap political harassment.

  7. Michael Says:

    State Rep. Rida “Cabanilla would charge people $100 to see such records.” Afterbirth

  8. shaftalley Says:

    feels like george bush’s third term.

  9. shaftalley Says:

    Kiung Hi Fat Choy!! Happy Chinese New Year!

  10. Jim Loomis Says:

    I must admit I feel such outrage and disgust at these low-life birthers that I absolutely understand Neil’s wanting to take incontrovertible proof, shove it in their faces, and say, “There! Now crawl back in your holes!” Unfortunately, the birthers don’t WANT to believe Obama was born here and will never accept proof, no matter how conclusive.

  11. MynahBlog Says:

    In other words he would LIKE to be a bully. Is THAT what Governors do?

  12. Michael Says:

    Why Does one feel bullied?
    I have read comments that people
    don’t need a Governor. So be it.
    Governors are supposed to Govern or Lead.
    My Government is Of the People, By the People,
    and For the People. I did not vote for a bully,
    but I do not see any bully. The Governor is one and the people are many. If I were Governor I would feel bullied by the people.

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