The HPHA drama continues …

Those who have been into the Linda Smith story can follow the bouncing ball over at the Star-Advertiser Political Radar blog:

Linda Smith, the former senior policy adviser to Gov. Linda Lingle, is the new caucus manager for state House Minority Leader Gene Ward (R-Kalama Valley-Hawaii Kai).
Smith said she was terminated on Thursday as the chief financial management adviser to the Hawaii Public Housing Authority …

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One Comment on “The HPHA drama continues …”

  1. charley taylor Says:

    Terminated…by the board that hired her in executive session 2 months earlier. And the bigger drama (actually monkey business is a better term) continues at HPHA as the departed and the soon to be departed desperately trying to cash in while they still can. It’s a high stakes race to try and close the KPT deal with no further sunshine or any community input…and millions hanging in the balance. Will the public interest prevail? I think so…but stayed tuned!

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