Carlisle pushes early for campaign cash

Mayor Peter Carlisle has a message on his campaign website promising supporters that “steps are … being taken to remove the specter of politics from Honolulu Hale.”

Then on the same page, he’s soliciting individual donations of $100 to $1,000 and selling tables for up to $8,000 for a Mayoral Celebration on April 19 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village to raise funds for his future political ambitions.

The campaign fundraiser, originally scheduled for Valentine’s Day, is being held in lieu of the less political inaugural ball traditionally thrown by new mayors.

Carlisle promises big-name entertainment headlined by Jim Nabors, Jimmy Borges and Monica Mancini, and those who plunk down $8,000 for “platinum” tables get their picture taken with the mayor.

It’s a new day from his time as city prosecutor when he made a big deal of placing limits on the campaign contributions he’d accept.

Carlisle, who was elected in a September special election to finish Mufi Hannemann’s term, has already announced his intention to seek not one, but two more terms as Honolulu mayor “if my family and the citizens of Honolulu permit.”

The new mayor has split with one of his most prominent campaign supporters, former Gov. Ben Cayetano, who said at a recent anti-rail news conference that Carlisle is not a reasonable man and indicated he regrets backing him.

But interestingly, Cayetano’s wife Vicky is still listed as a member of the event committee for the April fundraiser.

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2 Comments on “Carlisle pushes early for campaign cash”

  1. Michael Says:

    His chicken is still an egg.

  2. Kolea Says:

    Carlisle did not have to get majority support in the special election, only a plurality. He got a lot of votes from people who figured he would be more open to re-examining the Rail project than Caldwell, who was viewed as “Mufi’s boy.” And less fanatical than Panos. And a lot of Republicans still viewed him as a semi-Republican, independent from the “Old Boy Network.” Unbeknownst to most voters, many of Mufi’s supporters were quietly backing Carlisle and NOT Caldwell. Ooops.

    Now that Carlisle is in office, people have a chance to judge him by his actions (or inactions) as Mayor. So he faces a serious challenge. Now that we know him better, can he win a majority of votes? A lot depends upon who runs against him. (Panos, of course, will proceed on his oblivious way, taking votes from Carlisle’s more serious opponent, but never mustering enough votes to win the election himself.)

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