Here today, gone to Maui

I’m taking some time off to meet up with sibs I haven’t seen in a few years. Back in a week or so.

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3 Comments on “Here today, gone to Maui”

  1. They now have the Internets in Maui too, you know 😉

    Have a great vacation!


  2. Michael Says:

    You may not want to move back to Oahu and live on Maui.
    No hassles of the city and Bureaucracratic Standards of Oahu. Then again all the action is on Oahu.
    At least we have no homeless blocking sidewalks.

  3. Carolyn Golojuch Says:

    LOL. Mike and I are on Maui for a short break. We return to Oahu for the Signing of the Civil Unions Bill into an Act on Wednesday. The first step towards true civil justice is a great one. I’m so proud of my family and how they have weathered the 15 years of work toward this day!

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