Trump plays the chump on Obama’s birth

At first, it seemed that GOP presidential wannabe Donald Trump’s embrace of the birther movement might lend new credibility to those who dispute that President Barack Obama was born in Hawai‘i.

But Trump is turning out to be such a numbnut that he may end up discrediting the asinine notion once and for all to all but the most hardcore Obama haters who wouldn’t admit his U.S. birth if the state provided a video of him popping out of the womb with Diamond Head in the background.

Responsible conservatives like House Speaker John Boehner have distanced themselves from Trump and the birthers, saying there is no reason to doubt the validity of of the certification by the State of Hawai‘i — under a Republican governor who campaigned for John McCain — that Obama was born here.

In a new interview with MSNBC, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, the former state health director under Linda Lingle, repeated that she personally examined all documents related to Obama’s birth and there is no question they are valid.

Fukino said the certificate of live birth the president received and posted on the Internet in 2007 is the same birth certificate anybody born here gets from the state. She and a spokesman for the attorney general provided the best explanation I’ve seen of the state’s records system.

There are moves in several states attempting to force Obama to produce a “long-form” birth certificate to get on the ballot, but it’s doubtful that federal courts would refuse to recognize the certification already provided by the state, which would be tantamount to cutting Hawai‘i loose from the union.

Trump also drew the ire of Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango, who disputes as “a naked lie in the name of the Lord” the mad mogul’s claim that Obama’s grandmother said the president was born in Kenya.

Onyango says when she was a child, she remembers the family in Kenya receiving a letter from Obama’s father announcing his son’s birth in Hawai‘i.

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7 Comments on “Trump plays the chump on Obama’s birth”

  1. hipoli Says:

    Oh, the irony! That Dr. Fukino, very Republican, very conservative, is the one, truly credible voice in all this nonsense to not once, not twice, but THREE times, to come out nationally to stand up for Obama? She certainly doesnt have to, nothing really in it for her, but she does anyways. Repeatedly.

  2. Richard Gozinya Says:

    I’m just surprised some street vendor hasn’t started flogging Obama birth certificates in Waikiki or putting the certificates on tee shirts. We could at least get our 4.5% slice of the controversy.

    Oh well, at least there’s nothing serious going on that we should be concerned about.

  3. Guido Sarducci Says:

    Trump is helping Obama by disorienting his opponents. Birtherism is part of Obama’s reelection plan.

  4. Michael Says:

    The FACT is that President Obama can still say, I am President.

  5. Kolea Says:


    NOW I understand. The Republicans, Fox News and the Tea Party crowd are not responsible for the birthers. It’s all Obama’s fault!

    Rather than embrace the birther conspiracy theory like so many of your kindred spirits, you break from the pack to construct a rival conspiracy theory. Obviously, Glenn Beck and Donald Trump are agents of the Obama administration and NOT rightwingers. Even though they SOUND like rightwingers, hang out with rightwingers, etc. That’s all part of their deep cover.

    I will concede that is MARGINALLY more sane than the birther conspiracy, which seemed to require time travel by agents of the Soros-Illuminatti cabal to place fraudulent Obama birth announcements in the Advertiser and Star-Bulletin.

    There was a recent DailyKos poll of Hawaii voters. It has been widely cited in news stories about the relative strength of prospective US Senate candidates: Lingle versus Case, Djou versus Mufi, etc.

    Since they were polling Hawaii residents, I guess they couldn’t resist. They asked Hawaii residents if they thought Obama was born in the United States. 29% of Hawaii Republicans said “no.” Despite Lingle and Fukino’s strong assertions to the contrary.

    Please help me understand. Are 29% of Hawaii’s Republicans bamboozled by Obama? Or do THEY think Lingle and Fukino are part of the conspiracy to hide Obama’s Kenyan birth?

    And what does it say about the sanity of local Republicans if 29% of them, in spite of Lingle, Fukino and, well, reality, still think he was born in Kenya? This “unhinged 29” is a major portion of the local GOP voters.

  6. Jim Loomis Says:

    It is now reported that a recent poll of Republican voters shows Donald Trump in a dead heat with Mike Huckabee for the lead for the Republican nomination. What a pathetic commentary on the state of the GOP!

  7. Michael Says:

    Donald Trump if elected President would file for bankruptcy protection for US. The Government will be run by the Trump family, everyone else gets fired.

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