Didn’t mean to slight Sen. Kim

After my column and blog item yesterday on the 2012 U.S. Senate race to replace the retiring Daniel Akaka, a couple of people wondered why I didn’t include state Sen. Donna Mercado Kim, who has announced an exploratory committee, among the major Democrats looking at the race.

No disrespect to Kim was intended, but at this point it’s hard to see her contending against the other interested Democrats with experience in statewide races — Ed Case, Colleen Hanabusa, Mazie Hirono, Mufi Hannemann and Brian Schatz.

The recent SMS poll showed her barely registering a blip with only 3 percent voter support and light name recognition.

Besides, I’m not convinced Kim is seriously interested in running for the U.S. Senate. My guess is that her real interest is one of the U.S. House seats, where Kim would be a serious contender, if Hanabusa and/or Hirono go for the Senate.

With no House seat currently open, the easiest way to form a federal campaign committee and start getting her name out there is to do it for the open Senate seat and switch to the House later if the opportunity arises.

This is only speculation, of course, and I’m open to being corrected if somebody in the know tells me I’m wrong.

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7 Comments on “Didn’t mean to slight Sen. Kim”

  1. hipoli Says:

    Would Kim have to withdraw from her current state senate seat to run in this race?

  2. David Shapiro Says:

    No, she’d be in midterm and the state’s resign to run doesn’t apply to federal races.

  3. Kolea Says:


    I think 2012 is one of those special occasions. Redistricting will kick in and every senator will have to run again, whether they are mid-term or not.

    The only possible candidate with the luxury of being able to safely retain their seat while running for a new one appears to be Brian Schatz.

    The rest of your analysis strikes me as spot on.

  4. Richard Gozinya Says:


    Nah,nah,nah….I just want to know where she lives.I have decided to only vote for candidates who have to move to another district. That’s about the only genuine economic stimulus that comes from the congress critters these days.

    Btw, has Colleen made the move yet?

  5. 3keys Says:

    Richard Gozinya,
    Senator Kim represents District 14 (Moanalua, ‘Aiea, Fort Shafter, Kalihi Valley, Halawa Valley) so I assume she would have to run for Rep Hanabusa’s current seat if Rep Hanabusa decides to run for Sen Akaka’s seat. Or as you suggested, she could move to leeward Oahu if Rep Hirono decides to run for Senator.

  6. Michael Says:

    You as the writer of this blog, can write what you please. If names are missing, it is by your choice.
    To me this is just a game of musical chairs.

    If all the names of those running are mentioned, then all those who lose will be named twice. Just a waste. I rather see an unknown name pop up and be the best Mr or Mrs. Smith to Washington DC.
    Just my opinion and just as surprised others read what I comment. Ka-ching 2 cents.

  7. zzzzzz Says:

    3keys– Kim wouldn’t be limited to running for either seat based on where she lives, just as Hirono and Hanabusa ran to represent Congressional districts that didn’t include their residences.

    I’ve never heard that Hirono ever moved into the district she represents. Hanabusa promised she would if elected, but I haven’t heard if she’s kept her promise.

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