Sucking wind

I’ve been dragging for the past week from the triple curse of a bad cold, hot humidity and vog, which combine to leave me gasping and glued to my recliner by lethargy and perspiration.

All that gets me through the days is the hope that the weather will change and bring some relief.

Every night since last Friday, the weather guys on the TV newscasts have been promising a return of the tradewinds. But every morning upon waking, I look out the window expecting to see some rustle in the leaves of my stately ti plants — and NO MORE NOTHING!

I fully sympathize with Guy Hagi when he laments about the demands of viewers who expect him to tell him the exact hour it will rain at their house.

I certainly don’t demand that, but when they say the tradewinds are returning to the islands, I do assume that my house falls within the general classification of “the islands.”

The raised expectations are their own fault with all the hype over flashy meteorological graphics that need three weather segments in each half-hour newscast to be properly shown off.

But all those fancy graphics really tell us with any accuracy is what happened today, which we already know if we bothered to look out the window.

The art of predicting what will happen next hasn’t improved all that much and is often little more than a coin flip. We’re a tiny island chain in the middle of the ocean and a shift of just a few degrees can cause a weather system to hit us more full on than expected — or miss us altogether, like the elusive trades.

It’s still hot and humid as I write this late at night, but the few ti leaves I can see in the darkness are showing a hint of rustle.

Maybe tomorrow …


There was question in the comments earlier this week about the status of U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa’s campaign promise to move into the First Congressional District she represents. KITV had an update last night.

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7 Comments on “Sucking wind”

  1. zzzzzing Says:

    Being somewhat disabled myself & hating the heat, I feel for you, Dave. I hurt my back 3 weeks ago. I can walk now, but the bone-crunching burning that doesn’t even go away when I lie down hasn’t left my lower back yet. I do hope you feel better soon.

    My suggestion is to get an air conditioner. It’s one investment you won’t regret. Just turn it on when you need to. The extra cost in electricity is small compared to the benefit. I bought one @ Sears, including installation. It isn’t cheap, but well worth it when you can’t physically handle the install yourself.

  2. Richard Gozinya Says:

    You old futs get all kine grouchy when its hot.


  3. shaftalley Says:

    global warming is the same thing.can’t predict what’s going to happen 50 years from now.or 50 minutes.

  4. Michael Says:

    I never listen to a whether person. In Japan the weather person, if the weather is rainy and it was predicted to shine, must do a public appology on their broadcast.

    Whether happens when we are surrounded by water.
    I am sure in some way David is cool by having fans who come back to comment.

    Young parts just blow different kine of winds. If you don’t have the Voggiest idea what was said. Be Happy!

  5. David Shapiro Says:

    I had to pick up an Rx and spent the 45 mins waiting for it in the coolest place in the world in this kind of weather — the Times produce aisle.

  6. zzzzzz Says:

    This is when people go to the movies.

  7. zzzzzing Says:

    @ Dave – haha yeah, TImes produce section is FREEZING, especially if you’re on a motorized scooter – windchill factor is about 35º 🙂

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