Bin Laden’s end brings welcome closure

Shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Sen. John McCain appeared on the Letterman show and told this joke:

Q. What will Osama bin Laden be for Halloween?

A. Dead.

I winced. I thought the jocularity was inappropriate under the circumstances and suspected McCain would end up eating his words.

There enough lag before the U.S. attack on Afghanistan for the Al-Quida leader to find a hidey hole in a part of the world described by one commentator as about as hospitable to U.S. pursuers as the dark side of the moon.

But while many agreed McCain was overly optimistic, few imagined that bin Laden would survive this long — and not in a cave, as long believed, but in a mansion not too far from Pakistan’s capital.

That it’s finally done is a testament to American resolve in in pursuit of justice for our lost brothers and sisters and the skill of our special forces.

I’m not much of a believer in an eye for an eye and have never reveled in anybody’s death, but there’s satisfaction in seeing this bit of closure taken care of.

The mass murder of nearly 3,000 American civilians was one of the most hideous attrocities of modern times. It’s repugnant when civilians become collateral damage in conflict; when they’re targeted on purpose, it’s downright loathsome.

Good riddance to the son of a bitch who gloated about being responsible for it.

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9 Comments on “Bin Laden’s end brings welcome closure”

  1. Kolea Says:

    Obama’s death is good news. Whether it provides “closure” depends upon how the USG responds to the event. In broad outline, it provides an opportunity for Obama to declare , excuse me, “Mission Accomplished,” mumble some farewells and start backing out the door.

    Or we can decide to stay around until every Afghan village has a Rotary Club, A Sunday school and a McDonalds.

  2. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    Kolea – what does USG stand for?

  3. Kolea Says:


    “United States Government,” used when the emphasis is on government actions and not necessarily the people of the United States.


    I do not easily succumb (I don’t THINK) to conspiracy theories, but the Daily Telegraph (UK) is saying the photo of the dead Obama has undoubtedly been Photoshopped. Their evidence is pretty convincing.

    This does not mean that Osama bin Laden is not dead, but I can already hear the calls for his “long form death certificate.”

    If the USG did Photoshop the death photo, perhaps to make it more recognizable and convincing, they REALLY, REALLY screwed up big time. There goes the “closure” we are hoping for.

    Go to the Telegraph’s website, examine the photos and draw your own conclusions. Let me know what you think. (But only after looking at the photos, please):

  4. Kolea Says:

    Ooops. I mixed up “Obama” and Osama in the earlier comment. Major screw up!


    The death photo is clearly a fake, but it does not appear that the photo came from US government sources. Now that it is circulating on the Internet, the USG may have to consider releasing the authentic photos to counteract the effect the fake photo is likely to have in feeding the hope among militant Islamists that Osama is not really dead.

    On a separate point:

    Now that Osama is dead, it would be a real triumph of all that is good in the US legal system if Khalid Shaik Mohammed were to be tried in a civil court in New York City. The constitutional requirement for a public trial is not simply a “right” for the defendant, it helps convince the public that the trial is fair and the evidence is convincing. Holding a military tribunal with fewer legal protections of due process and less transparency works against our national interest in demonstrating the resilience and strength of the US judicial system.

    With the death of Osama and the trial (and assumed conviction) of the mastermind of the 9-11 attacks in New York City itself, would be much more effective in demonstrating the triumph of NYC in overcoming the tragedy without allowing the terrorists to distort our standards.

  5. Michael Says:

    Terroism is much alive. Osama Bin Laden may be dead but those in ranks will rise up. Millions of so called terrorist, I believe can be considered Weapons of Mass Destruction.
    The damage Osama bin Laden has set out to do, has been done. America is in financial ruins.

  6. WooWoo Says:


    In this particular situation, I have much more faith in the military tribunal system than our civilian courts. The way that the case of bin Ladens driver was handled by the presiding officer and the military jury was light years better than what I think we would get out of our civilian system. If you recall, all of the major charges against him were rejected and evidence obtained through coercive means was barred. He was essentially freed for time served.

    Plus, I think it’s ludicrous to classify KSM’s actions as a civilian crime. It was an act of war, even he says so.

  7. Richard Gozinya Says:

    My dear old departed Dad used to say that there were some sumbitches that just needed killin’. OBL fit that description.

  8. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc Says:

    On that Tuesday morning in September 2001, my SigOth woke me up shortly after 5 am to tell me what had happened in New York City.

    Without any hesitation, my first words were, “That’s something Osama Bin Laden would do.”

    I had a lot of different people tell me that it was not a done deal as to who created the terror, but I knew then who caused the situation which would have an incredible impact on my personal life 5000 miles away and a decade later.

    I cam glad that he is dead if for no other reason that the women whose lives he #$%@*&^-up over the past 40 years can finally Rest In Peace.

  9. shaftalley Says:

    vigilante murder.

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