Guv signs pay bill; Hanabusa continues house hunt

Catching up on a couple of things …

With no fanfare, comment or drama Gov. Neil Abercrombie wisely signed HB 575 to continue 5 percent pay cuts for legislators, administrators and judges for two more years, matching the cuts being asked of unionized public workers.

The measure also continues a freeze on all step increases top state officials would have received since Jan. 1, 2009; if the governor had vetoed the bill, on July 1 legislators would have received 12 percent raises, administrators 17 percent and judges 28.5 percent.

What seemed a simple matter at the beginning of the legislative session became bogged down in maneuvering between the House and Senate and failed to pass out of conference committee.

In the session’s final days, the House accepted a Senate version that many members thought was legally flawed to avoid the public wrath that would surely come if elected officials got pay raises while demanding sacrifices of everybody else.

Abercrombie’s signature suggests the attorney general thinks the measure is legally defensible, and hopefully, we’ve heard the last of this for a couple of years …

U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa continues to plug away at keeping her campaign promise to move into the 1st Congressional District she represents.

According to her spokeswoman Ashley Nagaoka, Hanabusa has been holding open houses to sell her Ko Olina home, with the intent of using the proceeds to buy in CD1.

“Until that happens she will have to rent an apartment,” Nagaoka said. “She has narrowed her apartment search down to one building in Honolulu, but I can’t give you the name of the building for security purposes.”

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8 Comments on “Guv signs pay bill; Hanabusa continues house hunt”

  1. zzzzzz Says:

    I wonder why Hanabusa doesn’t just keep her house, and run for the CD2 seat that Hirono will vacate. Isn’t Hanabusa a lifelong CD2 resident?

  2. Guido Sarducci Says:

    Hanabusa is waiting for redistricting. She hopes her home will become part of CD1.

  3. Richard Gozinya Says:

    I love it when our politicians campaign on how effective and efficient they are but somehow cannot figure out how to sell a house or rent an apartment – a job your average taxpayer with a job transfer handles all the time and without high priced staff assistance.

    Yo,Colleen, as they say in the real estate game,it’s nothing that the right price won’t handle. Keep your promises.

  4. WooWoo Says:

    Actually, zzzz is right. It does make sense for her to move (electorally, not physically) to CD 2.

  5. Cute Lunatic Says:

    And remember, the last I heard she said she was considering running for Akaka’s seat. Why, I don’t know. She has barely learned her job as US Rep. I think she needs to earn her shot at the Senate.

  6. zzzzzz Says:

    CL, your comments have echoes of the criticism of Ed Case for running against Akaka. If Hanabusa wants to run for Senate, let her run. The voters can decide if she’s earned the shot. At least she won’t have to sell her house if she wins.

  7. Kolea Says:

    Hanabusa’s current house is pretty likely to be in CD1 after the district lines are readjusted to incorporate more of CD2’s geography and population. There is no conspiracy at work. The population of CD2 has grown faster than CD1 and the borders must be shifted. Moving westward is the most logical solution, though some Republicans apparently hope to wrap CD 1 around Makapuu Point to Kailua in order to gobble up more Republican votes and making the district more friendly for their one credible congressional candidate, Charles Djou.

    It would be blatant gerrymandering of the classic sort, but there is nothing subtle about the Jonah-Dylan team currently being paid to run GOP Hawaii.

    As for the “simple” matter of selling her house and buying another, I wonder if those making snide remarks are familiar with the current real estate market? Real estate prices on the Ewa coastal plain have collapsed with all the foreclosures. Which of you folks would sell your home in such a market?

    I believe Hanabusa truly WANTS to move into town. It would be much more convenient for her to have an apartment in or near town, where she can pop into meetings, go into her office in the Federal Building and schmooze with movers and shakers. While she was a state senator, the old home served her needs. But she has outgrown it and it is now more of an inconvenience.

    But unless she were wealthy, of course she is reluctant to sell in this market.

  8. zzzzzz Says:

    Sure it’s a buyer’s market now, but is it any more so than it was when she promised she’d move if elected?

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