Plunking for Shane

I pretty much confine my voting to going to the polls on election day and have never been a fan of participating in shows like “American Idol” or voting in the online polls sponsored by news organizations.

So I was much surprised to find myself sitting with my iPad last night casting vote after vote to help Maui boy Shane Victorino of the Philadelphia Phillies play in the All-Star Game next Tuesday in Phoenix.

Victorino is competing against four other standouts for the final spot on the National League roster, similar to the spot he was in two years ago when he won the voting and made his first all-star appearance.

Major League Baseball lets you cast as many votes as you like as long as you’re willing to keep punching in a five-digit validation code, and by time my finger got tired, I must have cast a couple of hundred ballots for Victorino.

It was partly about supporting the local guy, but mostly it was an expression of respect for the way Victorino plays the game and carries himself.

He’s arguably the most accomplished and durable baseball player ever to come out of Hawai‘i. He plays centerfield for a team that’s always competing for a championship and won it once, contributing something every game with his bat, his golden glove and his hustle on the bases.

Off he field, he’s a class act who treats everybody with respect, takes being a role model for young people seriously and makes numerous community contributions in both his home state and adopted city.

He’s paid millions like other premium players of the modern era, but you get the feeling he’s one of those throwback guys who would play just as hard for free out of love of the game.

You can vote for Victorino until balloting ends at 10 a.m. today Hawai‘i time. The easiest place to find the ballot is at

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4 Comments on “Plunking for Shane”

  1. zzzzzing Says:

    Looks like your voting paid off – he’s in!

  2. David Shapiro Says:

    I used my wife’s email address instead of my own and just noticed that I forgot to uncheck the box and gave MLB and the Phillies permission to send her promotional spam 200 times.

  3. Mike Middlesworth Says:

    No good deed goes unpunished, as they say….

  4. zzzzzing Says:


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