Birthday predictability

Today I have the pleasure of celebrating the birthdays of not one, but two, granddaughters and I’m not going to pollute the day with politics.

Sloane and Nakaylee were born exactly one year apart; Sloane is turning 8 and Nakaylee makes 7.

We have an unusual number of doubled-up birthdays in my family, including one I share with my brother Rick, who was born on my 9th birthday in what was truly the best birthday gift I ever received.

Rick’s wife Juanita shares the same birthday as our father, and their daughter Corryne had her first child Tristan on her own birthday.

We also have an unusual number of people born on the 2nd of various months, which leads to a conclusion that we’re a family of either amazing coincidences or a predictable annual schedule of knocking boots.

Anyway, I couldn’t think of a better way to send my best wishes to Sloane and Nakaylee than a combination of The Three Stooges and the Beatles.

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  1. Cute Lunatic Says:

    Happy Birthday, Sloane and Nakaylee!

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