Dec. 30, 2012
flASHback: Quiet start by legislators gave way to election noise
Dec. 26, 2012
Senate seniority, not vanity, important for isles’ future
Dec. 23, 2012
flASHback: Do you hear what I hear? ‘Tis the season to see folly
Dec. 19, 2012
Military assault weapons don’t belong on the streets
Dec. 16, 2012
flASHback: Year’s best quotes offered drama and not much else
Dec. 12, 2012
Small rites of a lapsed faith bring this Jew a bit of calm
Dec. 9, 2012
flASHback: Tax-and-spend Legislature is ready to hand out gifts
Dec. 5, 2012
Elections went smoothly till lawmakers took action
Dec. 2, 2012
flASHback: Obamas, election antics take a break for holidays
Nov. 28, 2012
Criticism of the UH regents cast by problem’s architects
Nov. 25, 2012
flASHback:Goings-on at the Capitol don’t pass the smell test
Nov. 21, 2012
Racial appeal from Caldwell was improper, disrespectful
Nov. 18, 2012
flASHback: PLDC puts public on hold as state admits other follies
Nov. 14, 2012
Caldwell has much to do if he is ‘to build rail better’
Nov. 11, 2012
flASHback: Blunder-filled election leaves GOP with the blues
Nov. 7, 2012
PRP’s extreme spending can’t be good for democracy
Nov. 4, 2012
flASHback: Tsunami fails to wash away political campaign garbage
Oct. 31, 2012
Suit against PRP’s ugliness might expose secret donors
Oct.28, 2012
flASHback: Hopefuls’ words drown out actions as races drag on
Oct. 24, 2012
Pressure from lawmakers could leave UH flattened
Oct. 21, 2012
flASHback: Candidates get unpleasant in contest for august office
Oct. 17, 2012
Group escalates mudslinging by tying Cayetano to GOP
Oct. 14, 2012
flASHback: UCLA studies a black hole but UH filled a money pit
Oct. 10, 2012
Rail’s operating cost must be on table, not under it
Oct. 7, 2012
flASHback: Growing train wreck at UH is impossible to ignore
Oct. 3, 2012
PRP mum on whose money it uses to attack Cayetano
Sept. 30, 2012
flASHback: UH can’t escape grilling, with more in coming days
Sept. 26, 2012
Grill legislators on abuse of power in UH debacle
Sept. 23, 2012
flASHback: Governor gets booed even as he tries to instill respect
Sept. 19, 2012
Political game has shifted from patience to pettiness
Sept. 16, 2012
flASHback: As Abercrombie seethes, state gets suckered again
Sept. 12, 2012
Primary mess shows need for statewide authority
Sept. 9, 2012
flASHback: Cacophony of candidates and coqui hits crescendo
Sept. 5, 2012
Government did big things once upon a long time ago
Sept. 2, 2012
flASHback: Lawmakers snap on gloves for probe of concert fiasco
Aug. 29, 2012
Self-serving city leaders steered rail off the tracks
Aug. 26, 2012
flASHback: UH takes its sweet time to say little except ‘sorry’
Aug. 22, 2012
Carlisle paid price at polls for beefing with Cayetano
Aug. 19, 2012
flASHback: UH deserves a big, fat ‘F’ in wake of Donovan debacle
Aug. 15, 2012
More voters, factors come into play in next election
Aug. 12, 2012
flASHback: Political humor lifts spirits, dulls pain after the primary
Aug. 8, 2012
Voters listen as Cayetano fights the powers that be
Aug. 5, 2012
flASHback: New poll has Abercrombie with a win in the low jump
Aug. 1, 2012
Throwing mud at Cayetano is a failing tactic for rail hui
July 28, 2012
flASHback: State argues with itself over same-sex marriage
July 25, 2012
State government is flush; private sector, not so much
July 21, 2012
flASHback: State finances, lewd acts both come out in the open
July 18, 2012
The heat is on for Hirono, famous for weak finishes
July 14, 2012
flASHback: Hawaii’s newsmakers find money talks – and walks
July 11, 2012
Questionable connections litter embattled rail project
July 7, 2012
flASHback: Inouye plans to become Senate’s ageless wonder
July 4, 2012
Words for contemplation on this Independence Day
June 30, 2012
flASHback: PR problems plague both Lanai sale, Honolulu rail
June 27, 2012
Biography of former justice exudes intellect, integrity
June 23, 2012
flASHback: Billionaires, BOE and bears get their place in the sun
June 20, 2012
Contingency fund helps city hide true cost of rail project
June 16, 2012
flASHback: Politicians’ values in vogue as Senate race heats up
June 13, 2012
Future of rail, development hinge on mayoral election
June 9, 2012
flASHback: Isle politicians think green while celebrating birthdays
June 6, 2012
City officials do the do-si-do on repaying $450M rail loan
June 2, 2012
flASHback: Trash talk persists despite insistence upon teamwork
May 30, 2012
It’s time for Hirono to stop hiding behind her mother
May 26, 2012
flASHback: Candidates flood election fight with ca-ca-cacophony
May 23, 2012
UH tunes out concerns over chancellor’s worth
May 19, 2012
flASHback: ‘Corpse flower,’ Legislature giving off a similar stink
May 16, 2012
Vote highlights Democrats’ stranglehold on isle politics
May 12, 2012
flASHback: Disney cruise ship brings more characters into town
May 9, 2012
In no way was Cayetano foul, ‘for crying out loud’
May 5, 2012
flASHback: Mayoral race heats up as legislators clock out
May 2, 2012
‘Stooges’ proves goofballs can be lovable, effective
April 28, 2012
flASHback: Fears and threats find way onto legislators’ agenda
April 25, 2012
List of potential landfill sites has town throwing a hissy fit
April 21, 2012
flASHback: State lawmakers let loose as office hopefuls get bold
April 18, 2012
Dalai Lama’s message lifts hearts weary of daily discord
April 14, 2012
flASHback: High aspirations come crashing back to Earth
April 11, 2012
Rail development proposal fails to give public a voice
April 7, 2012
flASHback: Political mess deepens as sewage sludge returns
April 4, 2012
Democratic Party’s denial of Thielen is power play
March 31, 2012
flASHback: Public figures pursue truth, justice and more hostess bars
March 28, 2012
City’s rush to build rail unrealistic, unnecessary
March 24, 2012
flASHback: State officials’ latest beefs are either slimy or whiny
March 21, 2012
With federal funds in limbo, public may pay more for rail
March 17, 2012
flASHback: Caucuses share limelight with costly Senate ejection
March 14, 2012
U.S. Senate hopefuls too old to ever gain much seniority
March 10, 2012
flASHback: Trying to weather the storm — and lawmakers’ actions
March 7, 2012
DOE must upgrade thinking and implement laptop plan
March 3, 2012
flASHback: Money, meters and microbes are on isle politicians’ minds
Feb. 29, 2012
Carlisle must win voters with action, not just words
Feb. 25, 2012
flASHback: Mayor holds down folly fort while Abercrombie flies off
Feb. 22, 2012
Inouye’s support could mean little for candidates
Feb. 18, 2012
flASHback: Politicians and Warriors navigate tangled roads
Feb. 15, 2012
City needs to give more substance, not PR, to rail
Feb. 11, 2012
flASHback: Fans’ boos bring Pro Bowl step closer to saying aloha
Feb. 8, 2012
It’s about time principals made good on contract IOU
Feb. 4, 2012
flASHback: Local politicians pursue charitable contributions
Feb. 1, 2012
Protest singer Ochs helped shape political writing style
Jan. 28, 2012
flASHback: Say’s no-talk-stink bill would pack state prisons
Jan. 25, 2012
Teachers have lost respect in drama over labor talks
Jan. 21, 2012
flASHback: Why pay for ‘A Taste of Ag’? (It rhymes with ‘shmethics’)
Jan. 18, 2012
Moxie and ‘magic’ make Disney’s Aulani a success
Jan. 14, 2012
flASHback: A few words from the wise offered to isle politicians
Jan. 11, 2012
Criticism will grow if UH continues to hide salaries
Jan. 7, 2012
flASHback: City’s ordnance ordinance fails to fill HPD’s cellblock
Jan. 4, 2012
Public confidence in rail suffers yet another blow

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