Dec. 28, 2014
flASHback: Election year saw unknown elevated to state’s top job
Dec. 21, 2014
Eloquence of our leaders never fails to spice the year
Dec. 14, 2014
Use sale of HEI to ensure state’s clean energy future
Dec. 7, 2014
Ige has potential to bring peace back to isle politics
Nov. 30, 2014
flASHback: After Abercrombie ousted, Ige faces party challenges
Nov. 23, 2014
Abercrombie’s swan song falls short of being graceful
Nov. 16, 2014
Humorous bonding moment teaches unexpected lesson
Nov. 9, 2014
Affable Ige must now show he can firmly take the lead
Nov. 2, 2014
Elders’ plush world comes at expense of youths’ future
Oct. 26, 2014
flASHback: Gubernatorial candidates blowing smoke in October
Oct. 19, 2014
Gubernatorial rivals play guilt-by-association game
Oct. 12, 2014
Upcoming elections to see generational shift in power
Oct. 5, 2014
Cachola scores re-election despite a dubious record
Sept. 28, 2014
flASHback:Politicians not on the ballot invoked by party messages
Sept. 21, 2014
Pitiful state of main roads reveal government gridlock
Sept. 14, 2014
Bills would benefit the city, but also help the homeless
Sept. 7, 2014
Isle Dems in Congress must stay alert to their situations
Aug. 31, 2014
flASHback: The haves and the hapless propel the August primary
Aug. 24, 2014
Rush by city, not lawsuits, to blame for rail’s expense
Aug. 17, 2014
Rebranding got gov to top, but then he just messed up
Aug. 10, 2014
UH leaders should assess need for Manoa chancellor
Aug. 3, 2014
Some thoughts on politics in preparation for the vote
July 27, 2014
flASHback: Election engines revved up in weeks before the primary
July 20, 2014
Old leaders need to make room for younger talent
July 13, 2014
Employing can-do attitude can turn entire day around
July 6, 2014
Cayetano’s negativity taints heated race for U.S. Senate
June 29, 2014
flASHback: Teacher fights, sound bites steam up start of summer
June 22, 2014
Races for legislative seats lack the thrill of top tickets
June 15, 2014
At new luxe Kakaako condo, only the richest need apply
June 8, 2014
Keeping Superferry afloat still doesn’t seem feasible
June 1, 2014
Perseverance pays off for family’s 3 graduates
May 25, 2014
flASHback: Money drives politicians, sometimes to the grave
May 18, 2014
Take cue from Hawaiians and end enrollment effort
May 11, 2014
Protesters of UH candidate didn’t bother to listen first
May 4, 2014
Gabbard looks the dupe as sole Dem on bipartisan trip
Apr. 27, 2014
flASHback: Plant, political happenings produce powerful stench
Apr. 20, 2014
Obamacare fiasco bursting with officials’ incompetence
Apr. 13, 2014
Attacks on BOE chairman amount to religious bigotry
Apr. 6, 2014
Prison changes a hard sell with guards playing hooky
Mar. 30, 2014
flASHback: Justifying bad behavior and forging on is just fact of life
Mar. 23, 2014
Wonton soup saves the day in another bout with illness
Mar. 16, 2014
Housing First is a key start to tackling homelessness
Mar. 9, 2014
Abercrombie’s about-face on HCDA rewards war chest
Mar. 2, 2014
Abercrombie gains an edge in wider gubernatorial field
Feb. 23, 2014
flASHback: Renewed rivalries and rants are like watch, wince, repeat
Feb. 16, 2014
Once a beacon, UH dulled by the dim bulbs in politics
Feb. 9, 2014
Mayor’s campaign promise on rail is a mixed bag so far
Feb. 2, 2014
Slim, casual memoir offers enriching look at late judge
Jan. 26, 2014
flASHback: There’s so much folly to find just a month into new year
Jan. 19, 2014
Overbearing legislators are tarnishing their images
Jan. 12, 2014
Starting anew by taking the words out of my mouth
Jan. 5, 2014
Isles must halt desperate push for Obama’s attention

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