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No more New Year’s kaboom? Don’t count on it

January 3, 2011

As I sat outside in the first minutes of the new year, with exploding rockets so loud that conversation was impossible and smoke so thick I could barely make out the kids running around in the street, I couldn’t believe it was the last year for fireworks on O‘ahu.

I don’t say that with any sense of nostalgia, but because I really don’t believe it’s the last year; there’s no guarantee that the weak compromise of a fireworks ban passed by the City Council will have much of an impact.

The aerial rockets that are the source of most of the safety concerns will be no more illegal next year than they already were this year, and you saw the great job of enforcement we had this year.

The noisy, smoky and ubiquitous red firecrackers will still be legal with permits under the new law in a bow to “cultural” sensitivities.

The new ban mostly covers the sparklers, fountains and spinners that small kids enjoy and are probably the most harmless part of the pyrotechnic mix. Many folks seemed to buy extra this year to stockpile for next year.

It’ll be interesting to see if police bust 10-year-olds waving sparklers while continuing to give a pass to the guys shooting off dangerous aerials in between heavy drinking.

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