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Hooser rips Aiona, bucks for state job

October 14, 2010

Former state Sen. Gary Hooser has moved his blog to and promises to update it more often now that he has time on his hands in the wake of his unsuccessful race for lieutenant governor.

He comes out firing, with his first post calling Republican candidate for governor James “Duke” Aiona “a right wing religious zealot” who “believes that everyone who does not agree with his particular theology is going to hell.”

You see, Duke is the “righteous one”. Duke has been chosen by God to save Hawaii from burning in hell. Visit the churches hosting the Duke signs out front and they will tell you this. They will tell you that God has sent them a sign, and that Duke has been chosen by God to lead us all down the path to righteousness.

So how can it be possible that 48% of Hawaii residents are ready to elect him as Hawaii’s next Governor? Are people so shallow, so busy and so uninformed that they will vote for him just because he’s young, he’s Hawaiian and he’s pretty? Is it the religious dogma and tea party frenzy of the “new right” that drive his numbers? Has our democracy become so broken and so driven by money, marketing and media that substance matters not at all?

It is on days like this that I wonder. I wonder about the wisdom of our forefathers. I wonder if perhaps our system is broken and in need of radical perhaps revolutionary change.

Hooser’s post drew the ire of Republican spokesperson Erin Kealoha, who e-mailed: “I know you’ve written about Jonah’s now infamous letter to Christians and the role of religion and politics in Hawaii, especially so I had hoped you might be willing to share the other side of the story, especially with some inflammatory, loaded words coming from a former State Senator and LG candidate to criticize a candidate for their faith.”

Noted, but to be honest, I was more interested in one of Hooser’s final posts on his old blog in which he appeared to be encouraging a Kaua‘i group that’s promoting his appointment as chairman of the Board of Land and Natural Resources in a Neil Abercrombie administration.

The Kaua‘i environmental blog Island Breath provided sample letters to be sent to Abercrombie lobbying for Hooser to be given the job. A publisher’s note suggested Hooser was down with the idea:

After his defeat in the primary we spoke with Gary on this issue and he was interested in the idea. He said it would be like taking the lemon of losing to Shatz and turning it into lemonade. So many of Hawaii’s problems go back to the mishandling of our resources by the DLNR. On Kauai that includes PMR, GMO and Kokee land leases as well as Kalalau and Napali Trail land management (just to name a few). We hope that Malama Kauai, the Sierra Club, Surfriders organization and others will join in urging Neil Abercrombie in appointing Gary to lead the DLNR.

In his own blog, Hooser said he appreciates the confidence and is “willing and open to serving wherever our Governor may need me, but for now he needs me and everyone else working very hard to make sure his election is successful.”

If Abercrombie is elected, we’ll see if he thinks it a good fit to put a guy with little administrative experience and a tendency to bash the opposition in charge of one of the state’s largest and most multi-tentacled agencies that runs by necessity on diplomacy.


Another interesting new local blog worth noting is FreeCatholic808, a personal expression  by PR executive Dawn Morais Webster that explores “the intersection of religion and politics” and gets in the face of the Catholic hierarchy on policies she finds authoritarian and repressive.

It’s thoughtful, provocative and well-written; one recent post described a gathering of LGBT Catholics celebrating Solidarity Day Mass in an Episcopal Church and another took the Hawai‘i Catholic Herald to task for refusing to run a letter from the parents of a gay man.

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