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A Father’s Day tie

June 17, 2011

I’m taking the day off in honor of Father’s Day, and I leave you with a timeless Groucho Marx tribute to the occasion:

Monkey business gets a new look

February 11, 2011

The Atomic Monkey is back.

The website by former city IT employee and ad man Keith Rollman made news during last year’s governor’s race when the Mufi Hannemann campaign had to disown it for its over-the-top ridicule of Neil Abercrombie and ask Rollman to take it down.

Now he’s relaunched it as a general-interest humor blog covering local and national topics — and his recent items on the toy gun ban, the hoary bat resolution and the City Council’s attempt to censure Rush Limbaugh were pretty funny.

Rollman has technical and artistic talents and he puts together a slick package of original cartoons, funny pictures and Onion-like sendoffs combined with links to canned material from The Onion and

If he keeps it light and spreads out the barbs, it’ll find a following among those who like their political commentary pointed.


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