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Sanity finally prevails on ‘don’t ask’

December 20, 2010

Now that the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on gays in the military has been repealed, we can reflect on the absurdity of a 17-year official national policy that was effectively to look the other way.

All signs were that the federal courts were going to strike down this dubious policy if Congress didn’t act first.

Given that, and the fact that the the Pentagon’s own study showed that a large majority of troops see no problem with allowing openly gay people to serve, it would be foolish for opponents to try to drag out the inevitable.

If we really care about the morale of our troops, the way to go is a smooth and measured implementation with plenty of education along the way.

It was sad to see opponents waving their arms and spouting tired arguments about how allowing gays to serve is a threat to combat troops — the same arguments that were once made about allowing military service by blacks, Japanese Americans and women.

It made no sense to to deny any of these classes of willing, law-abiding Americans the right to join in defending their country. Chalk this up as a victory for national sanity as much as gay rights.


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